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Thread: 6/27 Show Thread: Episode 6 *West Coast Spoilers*

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    Re: 6/27 Show Thread: Episode 6 *West Coast Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by Midol View Post
    The highlighted is why the whole thing seemed fake to me as well.

    Well into the show, when the rumours/spoilers were starting to switch to Emily, I had a few, poor unsuspecting, non Bachelor friends act as my own private focus group (including several males). Now obviously, I was way beyond spoiled and knew how well this show is manipulated/edited, but I wanted the opinion of those upspoiled people to see if what I thought I was seeing was because of my own bias or if other...sane...people thought the same.

    They all agreed, going so far to say that they had absolutely no chemistry...together...althoug h pretty much everyone agreed that Brad was coockoo for Emily but she just seemed totally bored. They also agreed (with each other and me...although I didn't tell them that), that these two people had nothing to talk about and any physical contact between them was the most awkward thing any of them had seen. One kind gentlemen went so far as to ask me if they (the producers), were forcing Emily to kiss Brad as she obviously had no interest. I just said I didn't know but he innocently came out with "is she trying to get her own show?"

    Out of the mouth of babes!
    Thank you for this. Sometimes it's easy to get wrapped up in spoilers (I know!) so that you lose your perspective. Suddenly you're seeing things that fit the spoilers rather than what's there. I remember during Brad's season, everyone was raving about the HT date with Chantal. He had such great chemistry with her father! Ahhhh! It's so obvious that she's the F1. And then it leaked that Emily was the F1, and suddenly everybody switched. People who had been raving about Chantal suddenly declared that it was obvious that Emily was F1, can't you see the chemistry between them? It's enough to make your head spin. So it's great to get some input from outsiders who are watching this show unspoiled. And please, Midol, I would love to hear your friends' perspective again when this season is over.

    And I couldn't agree more about the children, either. This has bothered me since Jason, the single father. These poor children are dragged on camera to spend time with strangers that they may never see again, and you expect them to be all lovey-dovey like this is a soap commercial? I just want to hide my eyes whenever this happens on this show. That's another reason why I won't watch if Emily is the next Bette. I will not watch little Ricki get exploited for another season.

    AlwaysVeg said:

    She's pretty much been spoiled her whole life by having money handed to her and living with fame (by virtue of her connection with the Hendricks), that she is not going to settle for anything mundane or ordinary. I'm pretty sure she has her sights set on more exciting and lucrative endeavors.
    That's why I feel she would be the phoniest Bette ever. Even if, say, they had a guy with a six-figure salary, a lawyer or some other big shot, would that really be enough after being NASCAR royalty and living off all those millions? I just cannot see that happening. Didn't she start dating Ricki when she was a teenager? That's a lot of time to get used to being spoiled, and so it would be VERY hard to suddenly give that up and go back to being ordinary.
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    Re: 6/27 Show Thread: Episode 6 *West Coast Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by norealityhere View Post
    I think this show is pretty staged overall.
    However, it did appear that Brad was totally smitten with Emily when he met her. He acted like a kid in middle school having his first crush.
    Emily, on the other hand, had absolutely no feelings toward him. There was no chemistry and Emily seemed like she was taking advantage of the situation for her 15 minutes.
    I have no problem with that, as most of these people seem to go on the show for similar reasons.
    I just felt that Emily was the dullest, most vapid woman I'd ever seen on a reality show. I do think she's extremely pretty - when she doesn't wear a ton of makeup or have that fake blond hair. I just think she's a woman who learned, at a very early age, to use said looks to get what she wants. I just pray she's not the next 'bette. Please, Mr. Fleiss.......
    I never thought Emily was into him either and said so many times..but I also said when the break up comes....that Brad would come out and say it was totally 100% his fault..and thats exactly what happened...I was just off on the timing I thought we would get the announcement around the royal wedding when everyone's attention was elsewhere
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    Re: 6/27 Show Thread: Episode 6 *West Coast Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by sunny196 View Post
    I thought Emily was cute, but never beautiful. This is probably a flaw in myself, but I always have trouble believing someone is emotionally genuine when they are ingenuine physically. To me she always looked "fake." Caked-on make-up, colored-out hair, over-tanned, and even her teeth seem like their capped or something because she's constantly trying to move her mouth over them in an uncomfortable way. I always think if I were male I would want the less make-up, no fake boobs, nails, teeth, no tanning... Probably just me though.
    I'm a guy and I 100% agree with what you said. Emily is pretty in the sense that a mannequin is pretty. But I'd never want to be in a relationship with someone like that.

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    Re: 6/27 Show Thread: Episode 6 *West Coast Spoilers*

    Not sure if this tweet is a spoiler or just a teaser...

    From Fleiss, posted yesterday: "Tomorrow night's show contains a revealing clue to the eventual outcome of Ashley's quest for love..." Am I supposed to read anything into his ending the sentence with ellipses?

    Since we can't speculate, at least we all can think about it and discuss it in the thread after the show!


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    Re: 6/27 Show Thread: Episode 6 *West Coast Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by Ellen View Post
    She may be a "wonderful person" and "great mother," but she's a lousy TV personality for this particular genre. Ditch her, please.
    (...along with any other "unavailable" single parents -- even if just for the kids' sakes. Please.) Emily for the Bachlorette!! She may be a pretty blonde, but has that baby, annoyng voice.
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