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Thread: 6/20 Show Thread: Episode 5 *West Coast Spoilers*

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    Re: 6/20 Show Thread: Episode 5 *West Coast Spoilers*

    The show should be renamed..."The Bentleyette". Put Bentley in every episode degrading Ashley behind her back and then making out with her when she comes wimpering up to him. "The Bentleyette" would have built in drinking games such as how many times will Ashley kiss him per the number of times he says Ashley isnt his type. There could be Vegas gambling on whether or not they sleep together. The finale could be the two of them in bed when the tv turns on, and all the on-camera talks of Bentley telling the audience that he thinks she is fugly. What a ratings bonanza!
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    Re: 6/20 Show Thread: Episode 5 *West Coast Spoilers*

    My eyes were rolling up into my head when they showed the Bentley preview. What do you think ABC had to promise Bentley to get him to fly to Hong Kong? That boosted his over inflated ego even more I'm sure. It sure sounded like the guys were angry that she is still "involved" with him. Can't blame them.

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    Re: 6/20 Show Thread: Episode 5 *West Coast Spoilers*

    Really, I think "the guys" (because, clearly, anyone involved in their paychecks doesn't think of them as "men") would be idiots if they remained emotionally involved with the insecure dentist. I would hope that they're in this for the -- ahem -- "wrong" reasons (i.e.: publicity, a TV career, media whore...); otherwise, they're just plain stupid.
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    Re: 6/20 Show Thread: Episode 5 *West Coast Spoilers*

    Ashley wasn't one of my favorites on the Bachelor but I tried to keep an open mind. I am not enjoying this season. I find Ashley boring and whiney. She got some great guys left and all she can talk about is Bentley. She probably spent a total of a few hours with him. She needs to let it go.

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    Re: 6/20 Show Thread: Episode 5 *West Coast Spoilers*

    I sure hope she ends up alone...I wouldn't wish her on ANY of the remaining men, she really needs therapy first to resolve some major rejection and abandonment issues she has going on. And...if she comes clean with the remaining guys next week (as it appears in the previews) and tells them that Bentley is there and she needed to hash some things out with him (mostly her feelings) then I really don't feel sorry for ANY guy who ends up with her. Why in the world does she need to even tell them that Bentley is there if she ends up resolving her ridiculous notion that HE is the one for her? Unless she doesn't resolve it and she is wearing her heart on her sleeve about Bentley while she is on dates with the others, so she feels she needs to justify her behavior. Such a silly girl....

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    Re: 6/20 Show Thread: Episode 5 *West Coast Spoilers*

    I dont think Ashley was anywhere near ready for this how, or for a relationship on TV or in real life for that matter. She clearly has huge issues with insecurity.
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    Re: 6/20 Show Thread: Episode 5 *West Coast Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by Somerset View Post
    Ashley wasn't one of my favorites on the Bachelor but I tried to keep an open mind. I am not enjoying this season. I find Ashley boring and whiney. She got some great guys left and all she can talk about is Bentley. She probably spent a total of a few hours with him. She needs to let it go.
    She wasn't mine either..and yet I thought she was better with . and for Brad than Emily.What do I know
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    Re: 6/20 Show Thread: Episode 5 *West Coast Spoilers*

    Am trying to think ... is this the worst we've ever seen a Bachelorette look on the show? Jillian was pretty bad, but this is so much more of a trainwreck.

    I just hope Ashley really learns from this. I feel sorry for any man there who becomes truly emotionally invested.

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    Re: 6/20 Show Thread: Episode 5 *West Coast Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by Anemic Dog View Post

    The Muay Thai segment bothers me. I realize there's a strong possibility it was all staged, but I will assume from the marks all over one of the guys that at least some of it was real.

    It bothers me for three reasons.

    1) It perpetuates the Ugly American image. Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand. It has its roots going back to how the royal guard was selected. The Thai take it very seriously, and to step into the ring is an honor. Adults do not do so without significant formal training.

    To see American tourists flopping about in the ring is a disgrace. I suppose American television money will purchase a lot of disgrace, but it shouldn't have happened.
    Having lived abroad for a few years, I am even more acutely aware of how bad tourists make a bad impression on a host country. Thank you for mentioning this.

    2) A training segment could have been conducted without risk of serious injury. It could have stopped there, and the men would have learned something of the Thai culture. But Muay Thai combat is all about striking - it's a form of stand-up combat that teaches striking with fists, elbows, knees and feet. Defense is very difficult. Bouts are quick and often decisive.

    It's irresponsible for amateurs to step into a ring without that formal training. And despite what that clod said about Ames not having fought, so he can't take a punch, a concussion is something else entirely. Taking a punch is difficult, because your body is telling you it's worse than it is. A concussion is worse. It can and does cause permanent damage.
    That must have been one dooozy of a punch, since he had head gear on to protect him. This segment was just wrong on so many levels, like the roast. I agree with the points that have been raised.

    1. Why did TPTB think that their viewing audience would want to see this? I would have been happy just seeing the sweaty bodies during the training session. I cannot stand boxing; to me it's nothing but glorified street fighting. I cringed during most of this segment.

    2. While I lived in Britain, hubby and I both volunteered for an organization called St. John's, that provides first aid services to public events such as sporting events. Because of that, I just wanted to die watching poor Ames' fight. As soon as it became clear that he was wobbly in the ring, Ashley should have immediately stopped that fight and gotten medical help for him. He was clearly injured and should not have been left alone (even though he sat with the others afterwards they were concentrating on the next fight). Hubby and I have literally stretchered players off the field for acting as woozy as Ames did. You said it perfectly, Anemic. A concussion is a brain injury that can cause permanent damage. That's why Ames, bless his heart, was still "out of it" that night. He shouldn't even have come to that bloody party. He should have stayed in the hotel resting.

    If this had been a real Muay Thai ring and not a purchased circus sideshow, Ames would not have been allowed to fight. He wasn't even taught to keep his guard up.
    Poor Ames. I wish he would leave this show and come home and get some sympathy from a real woman. Ashley sure doesn't deserve him. I wish I could just reach through that screen and give him a big hug.

    That reminds me. Somebody said that the producers set him up to be a wimp by giving him the pink shorts. If I remember correctly, didn't one of the guys say that Ames was too nice, that the other guys just pushed ahead of him to grab their gear and left him with the pink? Way to go, guys. Great example of civilized behavior there.

    3) I have no respect for Ashley at this point. Encouraging the men to engage in untrained combat was reckless and uncaring. Being strong and defending a woman is very positive, but it's only for extreme circumstances. That she would go along with this ugly spectacle, even if it was staged, says a lot about her as a person.
    Amen, amen, amen.

    I actually had a tad bit of sympathy for Ashely after William's revelation. However, that was way out of line to just dump Ben unceremoniously without allowing him to defend himself. Even then, she might have been overreacting. He said that he had been joking. He might have said something to the other guys like, "Well, if this doesn't work out, guess I'll have to hit the online sites again when I get back." I mean, if he had been actually hitting the internet in the house, wouldn't the producers have just thrown him out. To me that was just another huge sign that Ashley is so not ready for a relationship, and why I have lost all sympathy for her.

    William, William...I like what somebody said here. "They'll always have Vegas."

    Geesh, did y'all notice the reactions on the mens' faces when Chris came to greet them for the rose ceremony? They were as glum as prisoners going to their execution. That said it all right there for me. They aren't enjoying this, either, and probably wish they could go home already. They're probably watching this now thinking, "I am so lucky that she didn't choose me as F1."
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    Re: 6/20 Show Thread: Episode 5 *West Coast Spoilers*

    There hasn’t been ONE good reason to watch this season. Except that maybe it’s just old habits die hard – watching this show has become an OLD habit.
    Many people are asking the question (legitimate), why don’t the producers just show Ashley the comments made by B…. so she can move on? My thoughts are that they can’t, because they haven’t got those comments all diced and sliced and manufactured into what we are seeing now. Did he say those things? Probably. In the context we viewers saw? Probably not. After filming is all done, the editors go to work with their splicing and dicing, their voice-overs and in-cameras, to create the show we see on our screens. At the time everything was ‘going down’, none of this creative editing had taken place- thus they have nothing damaging to show her – yet. Ashley has even told us, (whether it’s believable or not), that she is seeing the show for the first time, just as the audience. Yes, she experienced the filming. But how it was put together, she’s just now finding out.

    You, and me, and many others, will tune in next week to see (gag) another episode of Ashley making herself look stupid over B…. We say we won’t – but we will.

    I wasn’t impressed with Ashley the last time, and I’m certainly not impressed this time either. Whatever her reasons, (financial or otherwise), she took on this project, and became putty in the hands of the producers. Was she really smitten by B… ? Maybe. More than likely, she knows the ‘jist’ of the story-line, and is going along with it because, she really has no choice. We can probably write the script, from next week on out. She’ll get her ‘closure’. B… will be gone. There’ll be tears, promises, and the men will rattle the cage and proclaim they want out too. But they will stay. The show will go on. Ashley will ‘find’ love. She’ll be proposed to. She’ll accept. (for the time being, anyways). And after all is said and done, those fans of us who are left will be swooning and declaring our devotion to yet another doomed ‘couple’. Sigh….

    I have just one more rant: okay, maybe two. I don’t care for this new format, AT ALL. I’ve noticed that the number of posters has dwindled to a handful. Where there used to be hundreds of pages, there are now only a few dozen. We used to analyze fingernails, moles, freckles, eyelashes, earlobes…etc. etc. and it was, for the most part, FUN. The screencaps were eagerly awaited every week, and the experts (Mr. Wright, for one) could tell us location, hotels, beaches…Now it’s just a few people talking about what we just saw. I no longer even bother to tape it.
    Second rant, what’s up with this website? It literally takes 5 minutes or more, just to load the program. This morning I spent more than ½ hr just waiting for the pages to load. I’ve got a new computer, huge amounts of space, everything else works super duper fast – but this website is slower than molasses in January.

    The End.

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