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Thread: RYAN P *No Spoilers*

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    Re: RYAN P *No Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by BuckeyeAddict View Post
    I have a feeling the producers were eyeing Ryan as a potential Bachelor lead early on. They may have told Ashley to keep him for awhile so women would have time to fall in love with him. It's just too weird that he'd keep getting special roses, but yet no 1-1 date until this stage of the game. Especially when other guys were getting their 2nd 1-1 dates. On top of that, she ended up dumping him during the date, even though she wasn't supposed to. I have to believe she had serious doubts before they even went out. And the time Ashley was reassuring him that they were progressing well even without a 1-1 date, she didn't even look like she felt what she was saying. Her face looked completely uninterested.
    You beat me to this point!.... the same thing occured to me regarding several of the nicest, like Lucas, Mickey & Ames.... any thoughts on how Ryan would do as the next Bachelor?
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    Re: RYAN P *No Spoilers*

    If it's true that he was being given a test-drive early on in the season, I wonder just exactly HOW early...? If it was at the original casting, and Ashley was told she HAD to keep advancing him up to such-and-such week, that would make a lot more sense
    (A lot more sense than her giving him special roses and yet completely skipping him for dates.)
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