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Thread: BENTLEY *No Spoilers*

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    Re: BENTLEY *No Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by Arielflies View Post
    As you read down the pages of the site, you discover that it really is a satire. I found myself laughing out loud.
    Good. I'll admit I was on the phone while looking at the site, so didn't pay as much attention as I should have.
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    Re: BENTLEY *No Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by Columbia, MD View Post
    And isn't it funny how this bad boy, heavily edited or not, has garnered more attention than all the rest of the Bachelors on Ashley's show? What does this say, people?
    It says they haven't shown us anything else to talk about. So we're doing exactly what they want -- talking about Bentley.

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    Re: BENTLEY *No Spoilers*

    I saw Bentley's ex-wife on Access Hollywood. They showed his daughter, too. She made a couple of snide remarks. She alluded to the idea that it's ridiculous that Ashley would be in love with him after spending "a total of 63 minutes" with him. When Billy Bush asked her what she would say to Ashley, she turned it all around and made it about her discussing how difficult this has been for her and essentially blaming Ashley. She also claimed Bentley was, "having fun with it." She said Bentley is really good with their daughter and she lets him take her whenever he wants b/c in her words, "I'm one of those cool ex-wives." She came across as narcissistic, IMO. I think she is trying to get air time to sell her "Cozy Couture" headbands. Billy Bush asked her if she would consider being the next "Bachelorette" to which she said she hadn't considered it but would definitely think about it if the producers approached her. As a shallow aside, she is way prettier in photos I've seen than she is on t.v. She has a very small forehead.

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    Re: BENTLEY *No Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by OneSillyGirl! View Post
    She came across as narcissistic, IMO.
    Maybe that's why she & Bentley didn't work out - they were too busy talking/thinking about themselves...
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    Re: BENTLEY *No Spoilers*

    I saw a short clip of the interview online. I was surprised that she has the same "look" as Emily, at least that Emily had on the show: Overly bleached long platinum blonde hair, heavy dark eye makeup, small petite build, young face, dimples. To the point that at first glance, it could have been Emily.

    I could see that Bently definitely has a taste for a certain look in women & they both had it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ButterflyFaery View Post
    I don't agree I think leaving her with the dot dot dot was a head game and left her believing that he really cared when we all know he didn't....I do consider that emotional abuse
    I don't know if these actions themselves rise to that level, but he certainly does seem like the kind of guy willing and able to play an emotional abuse game. Even taking out the voice overs and ITM's that could have been recorded who knows when, he went out of his way to seduce Ashley and give her a false impression. The only half-way honorable thing he did was take himself out of the show. I just don't get what drove him. It seems he can be a nice guy, but he made a choice to go on TV as something different. Why? He played it for a while, and then wasn't willing to keep playing it? Why? Is he one of those "all publicity is good publicity" believers, or did he see himself unable to resist the urge to win at all costs, and actually disliked that in himself (the wolf who took himself away from the sheep kind of thing)? Or is he just a total narcissit and egomaniac who has no idea normal peolpe don't respect that? I really didn't want to crucify him, but it did seem pretty damming.
    Quote Originally Posted by J.D. View Post
    Oh please. Local news here just showed intereviews with Bentley's best friend and ex-wife. Both of them said Bentley is a great guy and that's just his sense of humor. That we just didn't "get it". Hmmm.
    Yeah, well, plenty of kids think it's funny to put a geek's head in the toilet, too. Being over the top in an ITM is one thing. Makes for good TV, and I try very hard watching this show to keep ITM and voice over information in it's proper box. But he ACTED on those comments and ideas, to Ashley's detremint. THAT is not funny, and this has nothing to do with me not "getting" it. If the people who know him think that part is funny, they are selfish, insensitive, narcissits. Pretty simple, really. But, to be fair ... not having read it from the horse's mouth, I don't know that that is what they are saying.
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    Re: BENTLEY *No Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by ButterflyFaery View Post
    sorry but from my point of view what he did was heap emotional abuse on her....and I don't consider that as a sense of humor
    Nah, that's not emotional abuse. He bad-mouths her, he makes fun of her, he's disrespectful about her: that I agree with. These phrases that people use like "bullying, haters, emotional abusers," just go too far. He admitted he was doing what no one had done before....just like Wes and Justin did. Obviously, it's important to these immature boys to make their mark....or should I say Mark their territory??
    He was rude, mean, unkind, etc etc but to say emotional abuser implies that Ashley played some part in it and she was actually totally unaware of what he was saying.
    Quote Originally Posted by Critical View Post
    Well, this was inevitable: The Bachelorette’s Bad Boy, Bentley Williams, Actually Has a Fan Club - TIME NewsFeed

    The fan site is probably run by a bunch of women who write love letters to inmates on death row or frat boys who want to be just like Bentley.
    Yeah, look how even the Menendez brothers met and married women while in prison for murdering their parents. There's all kinds out there. Who would marry someone in prison for murder???
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    Re: BENTLEY *No Spoilers*

    Bentley, I think, hated the concept of shows like The Bachelorette and wanted to make fun of it. He wanted to make a 'statement' re his disdain by belittling and insulting the star but it backfired badly. Practically everything he did was deliberate. I think he found the 'journey' stupid and ridiculous so he did what he did. Also, the fact that he was supposedly attempting to reconcile with his wife spoke about his emotional/psychological state at the time he signed up. He reportedly had a crush on Emily who closely resembled his wife but would he pursue her if she was the bachelorette? Based on his background, he probably would for fun but I doubt he would really go for her. Emily is an unwed mom (I have nothing against unwed mothers ... I have friends who are) and Bentley is supposedly a staunch Mormon who does not subscribe to premarital sex. His comment on Ashley's 'straddling' him showed his disdain for women with values so unlike what he's been taught. His comments and actions in the show expressed his obvious disdain ... and not so flattering view of the show and he probably signed up so he could mock or ridicule the show and the concept. Bentley's very naive ... and still very bitter. He essentially committed 'suicide' by acting out this bad energy in him. Poor guy! I don't think he is a bad person; just very naive, bitter, sarcastic, and immature.

    I watched his wife's interview with Billy Bush. She's, by the way, 4 years older than Bentley and seems 'sassy' like her 'ex'. Anyway, I hope Bentley takes the time to address his issues. He has so much to offer and he's way too young to remain bitter over a failed relationship. I wish he gave Ashley the chance as, I think, she would be good for him. She's very accomplished _ very well-educated just like him and she seems to really like him. As regards her falling for him in 9 days, hey, i married my ex 2 weeks after our first meeting and that marriage lasted for many years ... and we've remained friends. It's possible to fall in love that quickly. Love sometimes comes like a thief, it comes at the most unexpected moment ... often catches one off-guard. Just my 2 cents!
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    Re: BENTLEY *No Spoilers*

    Has anyone seen anything from Bentley defending his actions? Saying he was "taken out of context"? If the guy isn't even TRYING to offer his side of the story, then I don't believe there IS another side. The guy is a pig.
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    Re: BENTLEY *No Spoilers*

    This whole Bentley thing has made me like Ashley can you "love" someone you barely know? the fact that Chris Harrison says she was "warned over and over" makes me wonder about her thinking process. Bentley's an ass pure and simple, he was not taken out of context, that's ridiculous, he also wasn't kidding when he was talking about Ashley.
    Not sure I even want to watch anymore since my respect and liking for Ashley has now dimmed quite a bit.
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