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Thread: BEN C *No Spoilers*

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    BEN C *No Spoilers*

    Ben C., 28, a lawyer from New Orleans, LA

    Are you comfortable wearing swimwear in public? Yes, please just Photoshop out my love handles (Joke) Seriously though, I do have love handles.

    What kind of music do you listen to most often? Hip Hop, Classical, Pop.

    What is your favorite sport? Soccer, I'm obsessed with playing and watching.

    Where did you grow up? Paris, France (Ages 1 -2), Tokyo (Ages 2-3), London (Ages 3-13), Lake Charles, LA (Ages 13-17)

    Tattoo Count: 0
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    Re: BEN C *No Spoilers*

    Yay Ben C! He is my second pick behind JP. He seems so nice, classy, really into Ashley, loves to dance, speaks French he seems really interesting. I think he would make a great pick for her. I'm excited to see how their 1 on 1 goes next week.

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    Re: BEN C *No Spoilers*

    Really cute and seems nice.

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    Re: BEN C *No Spoilers*

    I like this guy but has anyone else noticed his jawline? One side is normal and other looks like he's got a baseball in his cheek.
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    Re: BEN C *No Spoilers*

    I love Frenchie. However, he seems like he's on speed! Slow down a little, please, Ben! His smooth French tongue gives him a distinctly romantic edge, but his tasmanian-devil-intensity speedy-speech negates that romantic advantage.

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    Re: BEN C *No Spoilers*

    What was up with his response at the RC? I guess an un-enthusiastic "yeah" was all he could muster.

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