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Thread: 5/30 Episode 2 Recap: Vegas, Baby!

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    5/30 Episode 2 Recap: Vegas, Baby!

    In last week’s recap I missed including a piece of irony when masked Jeff told Ashley she was beautiful during the meet and greet. I also didn’t include the part in William’s introductory clip where he says that he has been the stepping stone for girlfriends who went on to find true love and marriage with their next boyfriend. Remember the movie, Good Luck Chuck from 2007…exactly. It’s not hard for William to attract women, just to keep them. Read on to discover how the producers give William his own taste of irony. And then there is Bentley.

    It is later in the morning after a very late night first rose ceremony when Chris calls all the guys to gather in the living room. He gives his opening speech about how the dates will work and, at the end, he drops the first invitation card on the coffee table and leaves saying he hopes to see all of them at the next rose ceremony.

    The card lies there like a harbinger for good or evil from the looks on the faces surrounding it; but, finally, Ames picks it up and reads, “William – want to make a splash in Vegas? I do – Ashley.” With dimples flaring, William can’t contain his happiness that he gets the first date.

    As Ashley drives down the hill to pick up William, she reflects on her experience so far; finding these to be the most attractive group of guys on the show, and worrying that not all will choose her if she chooses them. She thinks that William is the perfect guy for this first date as he will make light of any situation.

    Jealousy rears as Ashley, in a short white form-fitting dress, enters the mansion declaring that it is so good to see them in normal clothes, i.e. T-shirts, shorts and flip-flops. They all gather outside to watch William open the driver side door for Ashley, and William loves looking in the rear view mirror as the guys recede into nothingness.

    Masked Jeff Part 1

    MJ: I’ve taken the stealth approach and I feel like a lot of the guys are just riding around in cabs; so I feel I can stay high up above (edit: like a bat) and watch down below and see what’s happening.

    Ames: Now that we’re in 90 degree weather, do you wish you had worn a white mask?

    MJ: Yah, I wish I had worn a white mask.

    The Chapel of Love and a Water Park

    This is the Bachelorette so a private jet whisks them to Las Vegas where a limousine drops them off at the Bellagio Hotel. The producers aren’t practicing stealth when Ashley and William exit the limo as a small crowd of young women recognize her and take pictures. William gets a taste of being a celebrity and rather enjoys it.

    Testing…testing…1…2…3…is William ready to get married? Apparently his ex-girlfriends were ready as soon as they parted ways; but is William? Ashley drags a befuddled suitor through a cake tasting and ring shopping before ushering him into one of Las Vegas’ wedding chapels. William, who had decided to play along with this bizarre experience, finally freaks out wondering if this is real.

    One sweet touch - once he gulps and agrees to go through with the ceremony before a be-robed minister - is to hand Ashley a vase of flowers to make up for the missing bouquet for her walk down the aisle. Harp music plays and William, surprisingly, says I Do, much to Ashley’s chagrin. A flustered Ashley says, I Do Maybe in the future. Was she surprised at how real it all seemed? No need Ashley, as you didn’t sign any paperwork required by the State of Nevada. With instruction from the minister for William to kiss his almost bride, they share their first kiss and disbelief that they did it (almost.) After he carries Ashley through the hotel lobby, they separate to get ready for the evening portion of their date.

    Ashley seems ecstatic with William after the day portion where they got married – not, and can’t wait for what is to come after dark. What does come is a special treat produced by the Bellagio at their dancing waters arena. The dressed up couple row a boat across the pond to a table set on a pedestal (I hope it doesn’t get swamped like what happened last season) disembark, wave to fans standing against the balustrade and enjoy their food. But, that pesky rose on a platter sits on the table like an elephant in the room. After hearing William’s sad history with his father, a touched Ashley presents the rose, he accepts and the dancing waters erupt. Fade to a kiss and black.

    Masked Jeff Part 2

    MJ: I’m really looking forward to my first date with Ashley so I can reveal who I really am on the inside and outside. Ashley will be definitely surprised. I know she will fall in love with me.

    Dancing with the Jabbawockeez

    Blake brings in the group date card to some cheers and applause. He reads, “Constantine, Ryan M, Chris, Ben F, Nick, Bentley, West, Lucas, Stephen, Blake, Matt and Ames; in sin city boys will be boys – Ashley.” The five remaining appear crestfallen. JP states that not getting a date this week would suck as he wants to spend time with her.

    The lucky twelve arrive in Vegas ready to party with Ashley. She, however, has different plans for them. (All right, I know she has nothing to do with planning the dates, but I’m going with the flow, here.) She leads them down a hallway at the Monte Carlo to a theater where Jabbawockeez perform. As they take in the techno dance during rehearsal, she slips away only to reappear as part of the routine. She then informs them that they will be split into teams of six in order to choreograph and perform their dances for members of the dance troupe who will judge which crew will stay and perform during that night’s show. The other crew of six will fly back immediately to L.A.

    Ben F, of No Rhythm Nation, comes up with the concept for doing a rose ceremony where Ashley ends up in the middle. Constantine, of The Best Men, decides to go with a wedding where the bride doesn’t arrive until the very end. No Rhythm Nation (Blake, Ben F, Bentley, Lucas, Nick and West) win consent to stay while The Best Men crew head for the airport expressing their disappointment. Meanwhile the winning crew has three hours to rehearse and get ready to face an audience of one thousand.

    The non-rockin’ six arrive back at the mansion to the surprise of the dateless five. Stephen tells them that they were in the airport longer than they were in Vegas.

    SHOWTIME! No Rhythm Nation puts on Jabbawockeez costumes of an all black cover with a white mask and gloves and Ashley practices a routine of her own with the lead dancer. She is in hog heaven being able to do what she loves in front of a full theater.

    Ashley: This is incredible. I can see why they are America’s Best Dance Crew.

    They don’t perform their own routine, but become pieces of the opening of a number. They leave the stage quickly, but Ashley stays on to dance.

    Ben F: Ashley looked amazing. She is a very good dancer. You can tell she’s got some years of practice. Her body is so incredibly tight; she knows how to work it out there.

    After they clean up, everyone meets on one of the Monte Carlo terraces and finally get to party. Blake steals her away first to learn that while she watched him dance, she thought she saw a bit of herself in him; that a lot of dentists have similar personalities. She wonders if it would be two Type A personalities bumping heads. He responds that he likes order and precision and she admits to being a perfectionist. He says it would be twice as perfect, which cracks her up.

    West takes her from Blake so he can tell her the story of his wife’s death and convince her that he is healed and ready to move on. She shows sympathy and he doesn’t need to worry about her response.

    At the mansion, William regales and teases the guys with his Vegas wedding experience. He tries to draw them in that they actually got married. Funny, William? Not.

    Bentley’s competitiveness rises to the surface and he goes to a private room with her because he wants the rose.

    Bentley: Competing for her is the extent of my interest.

    And he plays the game…leading her on to think he is gung-ho for her with seductive touches and words. Ashley, though, is more than ready to feel and hear them. She asks him if it would be his daughter who would take him out of the show and the slimy toad liar says, yes, that would be it.

    Ashley: If you feel something for me, just please, please stick around; please, please, please.

    Bentley in a PI: It’s like the game is over before it’s even started. I might as well not even play.

    She gives the date rose to Bentley. Boo.

    Coin Flipping Madness

    Uh, oh, here comes a nasty spin on the Vegas theme for this date cycle. The next date card arrives, but rather than being for an individual date straight up, there is a coin with JP’s head on one side and Mickey’s head on the other. Ben C reads, “Love is a gamble – I’ll see one of you in Vegas – Ashley.” While masked Jeff cuddles up in a comforter, Ben C tosses the coin and much to JP’s dismay, Mickey’s head comes up and he flies to Vegas to join Ashley.

    She doesn’t know who is coming and waits anxiously at the airport for the reveal. She hugs Mickey and tells us that he is gorgeous. They walk into a wine shop where bottles are stacked to a very high ceiling. First they flip for color – white, then for who will ride the chair – Ashley, and then for who will man the pulley – Mickey. This is the gist of their date…two choices all along the way and the coin flip decides.

    They enjoy the wine next to a shark aquarium full of stingrays, and while there, Mickey wins a toss and asks her about the last time she cried. She says that it was having to watch herself go through last season and everyone judging her. It bothers her when people are critical, but it also makes her stronger. Mickey in a PI says that she has many of the qualities he is looking for in a wife. Duh.

    Masked Jeff Part 3

    A hawk flies overhead as MJ talks about being uncomfortable in the house; that it is not about being best buddies with the guys, it is about Ashley and him. *groan* The hawk lands…is it eying MJ for a take down?

    After that hawkish interruption, Ashley and Mickey dress for an evening at Mandalay Bay. Ashley, wearing jeans and a gold sparkle top, is happy that Mickey cleans up so well. They take their meal in a suite that overlooks the lights of the Vegas Strip, pulling themselves away from the view to eat, drink and talk. She learns that his mom died and he now has a step-family, but he learned a lot from his mom that positively impacted his life. But, even with that bonding experience, a coin toss will decide whether he gets the rose. Don’t freak out Mickey…if she brought out the coin, you are getting the rose no matter the flip outcome.

    Mansion time again and we hear JP tell William that he is frustrated, but the next time he sees her, he will have to take advantage of the opportunity, because he doesn’t want to go home.

    After being rosed, Ashley takes Mickey outside to the beach area and, across the water, Colbie Caillet breaks out in a song for them. They dance and embrace in the shallows and all is well.

    Rain Showers and Pretty Flowers

    The skies have opened and a heavy rain forces closure of the outside pool area during the Rose Party.

    Nick: It’s dark, dreary and tense and some guys are going to get sent home tonight.

    JP: I’ve been pretty disappointed and deflated because I’ve spent virtually no time with her. I’ve lost a coin toss for a 1 on 1 so I need to make an impression on Ashley. I’m going to be first tonight; no one is getting in my way.

    To make sure he can grab her, he moves to stand right next to her during the opening toast and tells her they have to talk. He tells her he can’t believe she left a 1 on 1 up to a coin toss; but then he pulls a coin from a pocket saying he has a crazy idea…heads, he gets a kiss – Ashley inspects the coin for trickery – it is tossed and comes up heads.

    Ashley: I’m not the girl to be the one to lean in for a kiss, but for some reason, I wanted to kiss JP tonight.

    They share two lovely kisses and Ashley tells him that they’ll have good times ahead. He smiles at this encouragement. She wants him to enjoy the experience and be patient. (Green light, JP, way to get a boost of confidence!)

    Meanwhile William gives a pep talk to the boys about winning; but somehow turns it on himself making sure he gets a rose next week as well. His little speech begins to annoy the others. West thinks he is covertly talking trash. After Nick teaches her a dance and sits down to talk with her, the newly annoying William takes her away. The guys then make comments how one who has a rose shouldn’t take time from those who don’t. No filter William tells Ashley he told the guys about their date and goes in for a kiss.

    Masked Jeff Part 4

    A somber MJ watches the action below from a stair railing, saying this is his time with Ashley. As the Phantom music plays, he states this the time he will finally reveal himself. Thunder rolls and we cut to commercial leaving a serious MJ to his plotting. Upon return, he catches Ashley on the staircase and sits with her on the hard cold steps. He tells her of a brain hemorrhage and a busted marriage. She makes him feel comfortable enough with her responses to the point where he reaches up to remove the mask…but…Matt interrupts and the mask stays. He remains masked Jeff and not Jeff.

    Dateless Ben C takes a fast talking aggressive approach telling her she is like a table in an unbelievable restaurant reserved weeks in advance. How romantic, Ben C…you have Ashley laughing her head off.

    Thunder cues annoying William blathering on even more about their date to Bentley, who questions him about the kiss. Here it comes…I don’t want to write about it, but it happened on the show. *sigh*

    Bentley in a PI says that he would rather be swimming in pee than planning a wedding with her. She’s just not his type. BUT, that doesn’t mean he won’t work on her emotions because her buttons are so easy to push. He thinks she will be open to a kiss because she’s interested and likes him, so he kind of wants to get down to it pretty fast. (All of this PI is from a time other than the Rose Party. Was it a pre-calculation, or reminiscence?)

    He picks Ashley up and carries her to a sofa in front of the fireplace and makes her groan with his kiss.

    Bentley once again in PI – wow, that was kind of phon…it started out good, but it sucked towards the end. But, it was like an expected feeling. I’d be lying if I said I was in this to the end. (Well, you’re lying to her, you slimy toad!)

    Ashley does have a little concern remaining about Bentley because of the text messages she received. Wait, Ashley, was it a phone call or text messages? Get your story straight. However, she sees such sincerity in him that her gut tells her to trust him. Oh, Ashley.

    The Order of the Roses

    William – date rose
    Bentley – group date rose
    Mickey – date rose
    Ryan P
    Ben C
    Masked Jeff
    Ben F

    Matt is bummed about leaving ahead of a man in a mask so he once again finds a cell phone and calls his mom to pick him up at the airport. Stephen is disappointed because he thought to follow the formula of friend first then love. Ryan M doesn’t think it is fair because he is a great guy.

    Previews: There is dancing in a park, kissing, a comedy roast group date that goes bad; and then there is the Bentley situation coming to a head. Chris Harrison advises tissue for next week, but maybe soft pillows to throw might be more appropriate.

    Out-take: With Phantom organ music playing in the background, masked Jeff swims, sits on the toilet, feels outside the group he doesn’t want to make friends with, and cleans to fill the time; wherever he can help. LIGHTEN UP, JEFF!

    Until next week when I’ll be throwing pillows.
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    Re: 5/30 Episode 2 Recap: Vegas Baby!

    Excellent recap. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: 5/30 Episode 2 Recap: Vegas, Baby!

    I agree. I missed this show and it doesn't even feel like, thanks to Arielflies excellent storytelling.

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