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Thread: 5/23/11 Show Thread **WEST COAST SPOILERS ONLY**

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    Re: 5/23/11 Show Thread **WEST COAST SPOILERS ONLY**

    Quote Originally Posted by PhoneGrrrl View Post
    The mask makes that guy's 5 o'clock shadow stand out even more. He looks more like a wolfman than a dude right now.
    I thought he looked like wolfman too, lol

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    Re: 5/23/11 Show Thread **WEST COAST SPOILERS ONLY**

    I like having a spoiler free discussion place but I miss having discussions on the photos of the upcoming episodes. My favs so far are Ryan P, Ben F, JP (yummy) and Constatine. Too bad Fleiss can't come up with different 'people we love to hate' and obvious plants that will be kept on to keep us tuning in so we can 'hiss and boo' at our tvs. Bentley is the same as Frank "I have a girlfriend back home" (Ali's season) and Michelle 'let's call down the other girls' (Brad's season); Jeff the mask is the same as Justin 'the wrestler' (Ali's season) and Madison 'the fang' (Brad's season). I am sure the bachelorette/bachelor when they go to deliberate before the rose ceremony name those they want to keep and are coached which additional ones to keep to make up the number of roses being handed out; it does not matter to the bachelorette/bachelor as they get those they really want to stay and the producers get their 'love to hate' or 'weird' characters to stay. Yup, I have been sucked into this season too, just tuning up my 'hiss/boo' voice for the tv.

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    Re: 5/23/11 Show Thread **WEST COAST SPOILERS ONLY**

    I could get behind a bachelor season for Ryan P., assuming Ashley doesn't pick him.

    Is there a reason there are no individual bachelor threads? Does this somehow come under sleuthing, and if so, please explain how?

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    Re: 5/23/11 Show Thread **WEST COAST SPOILERS ONLY**

    I was so excited about a spoiler free season on the boards. Only to be bored out of my mind last night watching Ashley. She has to be my least favorites out of all the main people they've had over the years. I did wonder if she irritated Fleiss though because there were some weird shots of her that weren't necessarily flattering. It reminded me of Jen's season and how they edited in some really not nice stuff she said and did like rolling her eye-balls. There's nothing specific that I can point to that made me think that, it was just an impression I was left with.

    The storylines of obvious plants, like with the b'lette keeping the guy everyone warns them about, is getting quite old. I really miss the Trista/Andrew/Meredith days. I'm shocked Ali & Roberto found each other amidst all the machinations.

    I will continue to watch the season for a few more episodes, but Ashley better improve in a big hurry.

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    Re: 5/23/11 Show Thread **WEST COAST SPOILERS ONLY**

    I missed the whole second hour and a lot of the first. Just got to see most of the guys come out of the limo.
    I thought most were nice looking and very educated.
    Wondered about the guy who's wife died in the bathtub, but that could be because I'm addicted to mysteries, Dateline, 48 Hours, etc.

    I was surprised to see Ashley do that interpretive dance. She was really quite good. Also surprised to see she teaches a dance / exercise class.
    Not sure if I like her hair extensions and the over application of makeup, but I did think she came across during the intros as pretty articulate and unrehearsed, esp. compared to Ali last year. Ali seemed like she was reading a script. At least, Ashley seemed natural.
    Didn't get to see her sit down and do cocktails with the guys or do the rose ceremony.
    It did seem like she got some pretty good guys, but then I missed Zorro, thank goodness!!

    I did have to cringe, though, when she talked about "Brad and I's relationship" from last season.
    Ali said the same kind of thing last year, as do most of the girls on this show.
    What is up with that? Do they really think it sounds right??

    I'm hoping to see the full show next week.
    Thanks for all the comments.
    I'm sure she's keeping Zorro and the guy who "wanted" Emily and not her, for drama. This show is totally producer driven and those touches appear every season with the revolving door of psychos, wannabes, etc. So, I won't hold anything against Ashley personally.
    On another note, I am so glad that Emily is not the 'bette'. Could not take an entire season of her even with a truckload of good looking guys.
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    Re: 5/23/11 Show Thread **WEST COAST SPOILERS ONLY**

    I had to go back and rewatch the premiere as I missed too much of it last night by multi-tasking and it was slightly more interesting the second time around.

    -I have picked out a few favorites and I hope they don't end up being a$$holes. So far I like Ryan P., JP, and both Ben's. Hopefully they last awhile so the show stays interesting to me and because they seem like good fits for Ashley.

    -Mask guy just makes me laugh. When they had him up on the balcony looking down with that music playing in the background about killed me. So funny.

    -Dudes named after cars immediately get a No from me. That means Bentley was already on my bad side before everything he said. That was just icing on the cake.

    -I like Ashley's brown hair, but I did want to fix her bangs several times during the show.

    -I must say though, I do miss spoilers/sleuthing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RoxyKnox View Post
    Hi!! I'm a long time lurker posting for the first time. I thought it was the best group of guys, I liked so many of them. I just googled to find the photos of the men and holey moley, there's a story about the death of West's wife coming out, saying that she died under bizarre circumstances after they'd had an argument. AND that the wife had been in rehab just before that; that their lives were a mess, with partying and drinking. Then again, this came from Star magazine and the UK Daily Mail, so consider the sources. Is posting the link allowed?
    That's very creepy about all the West info - you all have me seriously doubting the guy and he had been one of my faves! Adding to the suspicion is the fact that he's a lawyer/prosecutor or something - so probably pretty good at manipulating the system.... Yikes! Hope it's all just rumor and her death was a horrible accident/tragedy. Once the weirdos go home, I think she will have a great group of guys too. Right now it's hard to look beyond the mask guy and the "worst bachelor ever!" (<-commercial I just saw) UGH.
    Quote Originally Posted by LuvThisStuf! View Post
    I'm actually kinda happy that I don't care for Ashley as the 'bette. I'll be able to watch this show on and off and not really care who she chooses. She's a little too intense with all that forceful laughter (which I think she's using to mask her insecurities). Anyway, I just love that Ryan guy who got the first impression rose. I get the same vibe from him as I did Reid (silly Jillian). West creeps me out. We have a notorious case playing out in the courts here about a guy, former police sergeant, who's accused of killing his 3rd and 4th wives. I think wife #3 went "missing". That "drowned in the bathtub" story just struck a nerve when I heard it. And Bentley??? Please. I hope she picked him because TPTB told her to, because if it was her own idea then she's got major commitment issues. Oh, and the masked bandit - ahahahaha! He could be the richest entrepreneur with a heart of gold, but that mask getup says a whole lot about that guy. Icht! Just plain weird. He's so not for you, honey. Or should I say, Cupcake. (That was another weird statement from Ashley.)
    I completely agree - since I don't really care for her I don't really care how this season ends. If she's happy, that's nice. If she doesn't find anyone here, oh well. It's a nice, relaxing way to watch this season! I like it. And you're right on about her insecurities: I notice it when she's always putting her hands in front of her face or mouth. She does it as she's talking, she'll put a fist up by her chin or gesture with her hands up by her mouth. I also like your Reid reference - he totally grew on me in Jillian's season, and became one of my faves. Maybe this season the same will happen, though she has some I'm already warmed up to! And, the Cupcake conversation was kind of cute - though I'd never admit to wanting to be called something, like choosing your own nickname. Wasn't there a Seinfeld episode where George tried to make everyone call him something? It's awkward. So if JP finally does call her that, it would seem fake or forced - I wouldn't like it. It made me laugh how he got called that at work, and I could see how that would strike her as coincidental since that's her pet name - so it was funny I guess. And JP is so cute that I am engrossed in everything he says, so far!
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    Re: 5/23/11 Show Thread **WEST COAST SPOILERS ONLY**

    I like Ashley but I'm trying to remember what it was that sort of bugged me during her season... I think maybe she came off as a bit superficial. A little too perky at times and never very deep. And am I remembering correctly that she was the one who was all over the map on her feelings -- falling for Brad but reluctant and scared and hesitating somewhat, and generally confused?

    And I'm probably the only one in the universe who believes this, but I think 26 is too young to get married. People can change significantly between 20 and 30 and it is awfully difficult predict whether a couple will travel that path in compatible ways. I think back to the guy I dated when I was 24 and I have to laugh, now, at how much of a mismatch we would be today! But, that's just me. My mom married later in life, so it's probably in my genes.

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    Re: 5/23/11 Show Thread **WEST COAST SPOILERS ONLY**

    Quote Originally Posted by Baltimoron View Post
    I like Ryan, JP, and William so far. Who was the guy in the intros who was having the umbrella problems? Was that also William? So cute. I also kinda liked the butcher (Anthony?) who was eliminated. I would've liked to see him stick around.

    Obviously, Mr. Mask and Bentley are producers' choices to keep the show from being a complete snoozefest for the first few episodes before we get to know the rest of the characters. Does anyone really think that Jeff would be able to go on a regular blind date in a mask and not be laughed out of the building - let alone be accepted by his date? Of course not. And Bentley is the hired douchebag.

    I'd also bet Tim's snoring was dubbed.
    Tim's snoring was dubbed - they used my husband!!!

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    Re: 5/23/11 Show Thread **WEST COAST SPOILERS ONLY**

    I rewatched some of the show. Big mistake. All of a sudden Ashley reminded me of every 13 yr old middle school cheerleader I ever knew, with all the shrieking and squealing and affected cuteness. It's gonna be a long season with Cupcake. Her dress was lovely but too much for such a petite girl.. if there was ever a girl made for a short flirty cocktail dress, it's Ashley. And the hair: maybe I'm just too old, but I am so over the 'blow-dried in a wind tunnel' look.

    She's got some great guys, some Bachelor potentials. Just cant see why any of them would be interested in her.

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