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Thread: Bachelorette 6 - POST FINALE MEDIA THREAD

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    Re: Bachelorette 6 - POST FINALE MEDIA THREAD

    Quote Originally Posted by nycblond;4023731;
    I just read it and she said that Roberto gave her a pearl necklace! That must have been in Tahiti.

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    Re: Bachelorette 6 - POST FINALE MEDIA THREAD

    Chris just posted this on his FB
    Chris Lambton: For those of you kind enough to have donated, it is very much appreciated. Together, we have raised over $5,000 towards a very worthy cause!Falmouth Road Race :: Compassionate Care ALS
    2006 Falmouth Road Race to benefit Compassionate CAre ALS is run on a SWEET fundraising site by Blue Sky Collaborative
    "People throw rocks at things that shine and life makes love look hard but my choice is you" -Bremily

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    Re: Bachelorette 6 - POST FINALE MEDIA THREAD

    Quote Originally Posted by nycblond;4023731;
    Oh, this is one of the cutest video. I'm just melting with Roberto. I really hope they make it. Thanks.
    Sometimes nothing needs to be just know there's a connection. Ali/Roberto.

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    Re: Bachelorette 6 - POST FINALE MEDIA THREAD

    Quote Originally Posted by nycblond;4023731;
    Eeeek! They are so cute when they are asked if it's true love and the both respond "absolutely" together!!!!
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    Re: Bachelorette 6 - POST FINALE MEDIA THREAD

    Another interview for US magazine
    News - Ali Tears Up Talking About Engagement to Roberto - Movies, TV & Music -

    Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky can't help getting emotional when talking about her engagement to Roberto Martinez.

    "Every single time I watch the proposal, I cannot help but tear up. It's just so beautiful. I don't know, it makes me really happy," Fedotowsky told -- while tearing up -- at the Power Balance All-In for a Cure event at Drai's Hollywood Tuesday.

    VIDEO: Watch Ali dump Chris L.

    The former Facebook exec, 25, beamed while speaking about her fiance.

    "Roberto has this way of making me feel like I am the only person in the world. Not only the only woman in the world, the only person in the world when we are together," she gushed. "And he's kind, and caring, and so genuine. And just a good, good man. The type of man that, you know, any father would be glad to see their daughter with."

    She's not the only fan.

    "My dad loves him. Loves him!" she told Us of her beau, who is of Puerto Rican descent. "My dad also... his girlfriend is from Puerto Rico so he…sort of also he realizes from his culture the values in [Roberto's] culture…his girlfriend projects those same qualities that he saw in Roberto. So he's like I know that... she brings me to a wonderful place in my life and that Roberto will do that for you."

    PHOTOS: Ali's most romantic Bachelorette moments

    Fedotowsky plans to walk down the aisle "sometime very soon," she says.

    As for who will be there, Martinez tells Us, "I think as long as we have the important people there, which is my family, but I have a big family. It's going to be big."

    Up next for the couple: Kids! Even though Fedotowsky has said they plan to hold off for a bit, she tells Us they "absolutely" want to start a family.

    Fedotowsky admits there was "a lot of pressure to pick someone in the end" of the Bachelorette.

    PHOTOS: Hot Bachelorette bikini bods

    "Some people were really supportive for my quest for love in the beginning and then when they heard the rumors that I was single, so many people turned on me all of a sudden. I thought 'Oh my goodness, imagine if I didn't pick anybody, imagine if he wasn't there," she tells Us. "I think that's what happens to a lot of people. The one really isn't there and maybe they pick just to pick. Because of that pressure... if he wasn't there I don't know what I would do. I think I'm supposed to be with him. I'm just... we're going to make it."

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    Re: Bachelorette 6 - POST FINALE MEDIA THREAD

    Quote Originally Posted by nycblond;4023731;
    OMG-- they just make me smile and laugh!! They are so cute!! Thanks for posting this nycblond!!

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    Re: Bachelorette 6 - POST FINALE MEDIA THREAD

    Quote Originally Posted by asher13;4023452;
    If you read what I wrote I never stated their relationship was artificial or fake, I said IMHO they are not in love, they are in lust. Just because 2 people are all over each other I do not consider that indicative of the level of love they are feeling but the level of heat they are experiencing. I would actually prefer to watch 2 adults have a substantive conversation revealing who their inner selves are, I never saw any between these two, ever. I don't question that Chris would ever says anything negative about Ali as he is a true gentleman and was probably in shock,,, how could he not be this was a woman who the day before was wrapped around him like a pretzel, him carrying her, making out (with tongue) As for Trista,this original Bachelorette up until a week ago was totally team Chris, why wasn't she seeing the A/R connection? however, she is part of the franchise as are all the participants, MF owns them on some level. These are company men and women.

    You know we all love the idea of the real honest to goodness love story, thats why we watch, but I will not lower my standards or not call foul when I see it, because there are REAL people involved, I am still furious how MF completely exploited the Lambton family and their personal tragedy... despicable! It has really soured me on this series and I have watched every single one of them, (claiming temporary insanity) even Blob's.... and had such hopes for Ali, UNTIL I got to know her better. I like her Mom and sister better!!

    But I do think she had the best group of men ever!
    I get what you are saying. These two are in that euphoric place in their relationship where lust is no doubt at a hightened state right now. We have witnessed this display of PDA from others before them to only see these relationships fizzle at the end.

    So, now they are both expressing an interest in doing DWTS - which I don't think is a good idea if their relationship is to be their number one priority. It is a fact that DWTS does require a LOT of time spent in learning the dances and rehearsing with their professional partners. As past contestants have stated, it does take a tremendous toll on them. Assuming that Ali and Roberto would choose to commute back and forth, Ali herself said that it is a 2-hour commute from SD to LA - I am assuming that that is just a one way trip.

    Yes, the money might be good for them in the short term, but that will throw Ali and Roberto right back where the paparazzi will be camped out wanting to follow their every move. So, which is it - trying to live a normal life or extending their 15 minutes of fame in Hollywood? I hope that they choose wisely.
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    Re: Bachelorette 6 - POST FINALE MEDIA THREAD

    Quote Originally Posted by nycblond;4023731;

    Here's text for any who can't watch video & direct link to video by itself:

    EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: 'Bachelorette' Ali And New Fiance Roberto Talk About True Love

    Still glowing in wake of their televised engagement on The Bachelorette, Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez spoke exclusively to and said they “absolutely” found true love!

    “It’s amazing!” Roberto gushes and kissed Ali for our camera!

    “I knew he was the one I wanted to be with,” Ali exclusively told at Drai’s at the W in Hollywood where the happy couple was attending a charity poker tournament benefitting ovarian cancer research.

    “I remember just waking up with him with a huge smile on my face. I was dancing through the courtyard! His proposal was beautiful; it couldn’t have been more perfect!”

    Roberto told us what his favorite moment on the show was: “Walking up those steps and seeing her at the end, seeing her smile and kissing her, knowing that this is all ending the way that I wanted it to.”

    Ali was sporting her $50,000 Neil Lane engagement ring and looked sexy in a little black dress. “It’s classy, it’s beautiful, it fits her perfectly I think,” Roberto said about the rock.

    Ali and Roberto gave a glimpse into all the personal things they did for each other while filming the show, and falling in love! “Roberto gave me a pearl necklace,” Ali confessed and then talked about her search for the perfect things for him and his family.

    “I wanted to make sure the gifts were really personal and he said his mom likes coffee and his dad likes sweets so I got his dad chocolate in Portugal. I walked the cobblestone streets of Lisbon to find that coffee!”

    Roberto agreed with his new fiancée. “We worked hard for that stuff! I think the chocolates were gone by the end of the night at the home town visit.”

    Clearly in love with his new fiancée, Roberto spoke about what Ali will look like in her wedding dress. “If she can look any more beautiful than the day I proposed to her then she is going to look gorgeous. She always does. Always.”

    Check out’s exclusive video to see Roberto and Ali smooch and to find out they’re planning to honeymoon!

    Direct video only link:

    Article Player

    Love ideas for Thailand honeymoon & Ali doing '500 days of Summer' dance, :LOL

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    Re: Bachelorette 6 - POST FINALE MEDIA THREAD

    Quote Originally Posted by nycblond;4023685;
    From US:

    After he was rejected by Fedotowsky, landscaper Lambton declared on the After the Final Rose special, "I'm ready to fall in love. I'm ready to find the perfect person." Well, it seems he'll be getting another chance to do just that. "The next Bachelor is Chris, for sure," a source reveals to uS, adding that ABC producers are already scouting bucolic backdrops near his home in Cape Cod, Massachusetts for the next season (set to premiere in early 2011).
    WOW! I am so happy for Ali and Roberto. Seeing them in the finale and all the media since their engagement has been an inspiration to finding true love.
    Now this just tops off the week! I have been a Chris L. fan throughout the Bachelorette season. Now I get to see a possible true love story unfold again. My 2011 winter Monday nights are going to be warm and cozy!!!!
    I can't wait watch it all unfold with all of you on fort. I love your posts, sleuths, and ideas. I'll be lurking until then.

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    Re: Bachelorette 6 - POST FINALE MEDIA THREAD

    Quote Originally Posted by sunshine08;4023740;
    Oh I fall in love with the wrong one every time. Guess I'm just a dumb*#! like that.

    I won't be watching next season regardless, b/c I got my heart broken this season. I will DVR it and watch it once I know the ending though That way I don't have to watch all the stupid drama, which I hate anyway...
    I'm dumb like that too! This is a great idea on how to watch the show!

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