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I agree with this. I know that at one point one of the bachelors did an interview and said that by the end of the first night they knew who the final 4 would be, but not necessarily the final 1. I'm not sure about Chris's edit - I'm not sure that he's getting the friend the edit. She does seem more giddy around Roberto; but, she laughs more with Chris - which is what she says she wants. I think that there is chemistry with Chris, but they just progressed slower than she did with some of the other guys. I do think that Frank would have been her final 1, she basically said that in this episode when she was talking about constantly reassuring Frank. Based on this, it would probably be best for all involved if she chose no one, unless she really can see a future with either Roberto or Chris (both of whom I love)
Sometimes it's hard to tell what the people on the show are really like... because of how they're edited; because of the lines they are told to say; and because of the "role" they are assigned for the show. All that I can do is base how I feel on what's shown on TV, and what I read about what's really going on. I was surprised when Jake lost his temper during a recent interview. If he ever lost his temper during the filming of his season, it was edited out to present an idealized image. Maybe Chris and Roberto are who they seem to be... or maybe they are edited like Jake was. I think that at the beginning of each final rose show, when the bachelorette/bachelor says they don't know who they will give their final rose to, I think they know exactly who they will give their final rose to.