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Thread: 7/5 Show Discussion **NO SPOILERS**

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    Re: 7/5 Show Discussion **NO SPOILERS**

    Jake made his home and did not want Vienna to rearrange things just because she didn't have something to do. She said she couldn't get a job. She said she didn't want to move to LA. She couldn't potty train her dog. She said she needed attention. Drama queens NEVER get enough attention. Drama queens never have their way enough. Drama queens are always the victim. A house of women told Jake that... Vienna said she didn't want all this fame, and exposure. Oh no! not that..
    So now Vienna is in LA, does have a job, sought public exposure.....and I bet whomever points a camera in her direction, she will have her face right in front of it.

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    Re: 7/5 Show Discussion **NO SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by eclark;3971291;
    Jake made his home and did not want Vienna to rearrange things just because she didn't have something to do.
    It was supposed to be her home as well. Anyone, male or female, who has someone move in with them and then expects them to behave like a guest has serious issues. Yes, Vienna is immature and irritating, but Jake shows signs of being someone to be afraid of, and he is every bit (probably more so) the attention seeking famewhore she is.
    And so it begins, the end of times..

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    Re: 7/5 Show Discussion **NO SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by Rattus;3966628;
    If I were a guy dating Vienna, I'd probably go nuts too, but if I were a woman dating Jake, I think that I would probably be afraid. He is a weak, self-obsessed individual, and those are the ones that you need to be wary of.
    Exactly. They both have major relationship issues. Both of their criticisms of each other had some validity. Initially I sided with Vienna, but, as the interview progressed, I could see how Jake would get sick of her personality. Still, he came off as totally disingenuous, as far as his purpose doing the Bachelor in the first place.

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    Re: 7/5 Show Discussion **NO SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by CharmOffensive;3971276;
    Now that Vienna has cut the cord with Pavelka, ABC may feel bad for her like they did with Melissa Rycroft. Instead of offering Vienna a spot on Dancing With The Stars, it could offer her the role of the next Bachelorette! She's the new sympathetic female everybody feels sorry for just as Ali Fed was after she left Jake.

    This would be the ultimate feminist reversal where she could be completely in control after Pavelka tried to make her his doormat.

    She's vocal, blunt, controversial, and colorful enough to put some life back into the Bachelorette. She wouldn't have to be drunk all the time like Ali or as dressed down in multiple shades of black all season. She's blonde enough and slim enough to attract many bachelors or at least 25.

    Vienna Girardi: The Next Bachelorette.
    Please NOOOOOOOOO!

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    Re: 7/5 Show Discussion **NO SPOILERS**

    Vienna will never be the bachelorette. She's not articulate and not really attractive in a way that would make a large number of guys fall for her. Mostly, however, I don't think she's self-assured enough to do the show. I think it takes a strong woman, and I'm not sure Vienna is there yet.

    I really hope her new job works out and she gains some self esteem along the way.


    I just watched this week's show (online) + a few misc. videos of Ali on Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen. Couple of thoughts:

    KIRK: Kirk was far and away the most captivating. I loved how he said that after his illness, he saw things a little differently and realized that he was worthy of a great life, etc. His sentiments were incredibly profound and he expressed them in a mature, rational, and articulate way. He may not have the looks of Roberto or Chris, but in that moment, he was infinitely more attractive. And, Ali was realy listening. He had her attention in a big way and I was pleased. She seemed to have more of a connection with him than any of them the entire series that night.

    ROBERTO: It seemed as if Ali pulled away from Roberto several times when he went in for the kiss. But then, on one or more times, it looked like she instigated some of the kissing. Their date seemed kind of boring.

    CHRIS: I'm leaning toward a Chris victory. They had tons of fun and seemed to start opening up.

    FRANK: Who knows given all the speculation going. Based only on what I see on the shows, he still seemed pretty interested in Ali.


    On Jimmy Kimmel, Ali said she wants someone who keeps her interested when they talk and that its not at all about looks. Chris and Roberto don't seem to be big talkers. Kirk and Frank would fill this requirement much better, I think.

    Ellen DeGeneres picked Frank and Roberto (in a sort of quick way). Then, Ally closed her eyes and pointed to a picture randomly when Ellen asked her who she picked in the end. She landed in the middle of Chris L. and the singer.....can't remember his name. When she opened her eyes, she slid her finger to Chris' picture.

    Both Ellen and Jimmy said they thought Jake would pick Ali when he was the bachelor and they were bummed when she left because it ruined their predictions. They seem to have a good feel for this....I thought Ellen's predictions were amazing.

    In my very humble opinion, Ali looked way too happy on Jimmy Kimmel to not have found love. I think she'd be very disappointed if the experience didn't work out well, and she wasn't.

    Ali's voice and laugh are incredibly annoying. But, I love how she wore her hair during the Ellen interview. The long blond hair doesn't suit her as well of a shorter darker style.
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