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    TVGuide's Interview with Chris Harrison

    Week 3 of The Bachelorette reached new heights (and lengths) with Ali and her date Roberto walking a tightrope 20 stories high and Justin walking, on crutches, from the guys' mansion to Ali's quarters just to get alone time. So why are the guys hating on Justin, and why did Ali keep Jonathan the "Weatherman" despite their awkward kiss and his tears, yet choose to let go of Hunter? Host Chris Harrison weighs in. Why did Ali give Weatherman a rose?
    Chris Harrison: I don't know, I think it might be one of those things, and putting myself in the place of women, where it's almost defensive. Like Jillian [Harris] giving Wes a rose when you know full well you shouldn't. Everyone knows you shouldn't, but I don't think you want to be told what to do. Or maybe [it was] to put it in the guys' face because they made fun of him so much. I was surprised, too, that night. It might've been more pity than anything. Why do you think she axed Hunter?
    Harrison: There was nothing there. ... There was no chemistry at all and he'll be the first to admit there was nothing between them. She was like, great guy, love him, sweet as can be, but not the guy I'm going to sleep with. I don't think he was ever comfortable either and it was just one of those times where it's like: Yep, not here, moving on. For someone afraid of heights, Ali took her date with Roberto like a champ.
    Harrison: Of all places to have your first kiss, 20 stories over L.A.? That was a pretty damn cool place. What did you think about Ali and Kirk's kiss?
    Harrison: The video kiss was like: OK, we're done, and they kept going. That was awkward, but then he validated the kiss in the hot tub later that night -- that's where you're like: Oh, there's chemistry here. I think she's having fun on this roller coaster. Why are the guys so hard on Justin?
    Harrison: It's ironic as hell that this is like Vienna [from last season], where I don't think there is a particular reason why he's so hated. He doesn't do anything to curb that, but he never really did anything where you're like, "Oh you're an ass." I hear and see everything and he never did that. It's like high school and a clique and if you don't fit in that clique ... How was he able to walk to Ali's house to see her?
    Harrison: He asked. If it wasn't OK we would've stopped him and said, "No you can't," but he said, "I want to go up to Ali's." And producers said "OK, the only thing is you're on your own." He said fine, went up to the security guard that keeps everyone at the gate, and started walking up the hill with his crutches.

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    Re: TVGuide's Interview with Chris Harrison

    Quote Originally Posted by waywyrd;3929047; How was he able to walk to Ali's house to see her?
    Harrison: He asked. If it wasn't OK we would've stopped him and said, "No you can't," but he said, "I want to go up to Ali's." And producers said "OK, the only thing is you're on your own."
    This is going to start a whole new trend. Can you imagine a bunch of girls sneaking off next season, each thinking they're the only ones doing it? There will be nobody left at the mansion, they'll all be out walking the roads!

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    Re: TVGuide's Interview with Chris Harrison

    or "the streets," as the case may be. Sorry. Couldn't resist.
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    Re: TVGuide's Interview with Chris Harrison

    Bachelorette's Chris Harrison Calls Kasey's Love Tattoo Creepy

    It's one thing to walk a few miles on crutches to prove your love; it's another to do something permanent. In this week's Bachelorette, Kasey was determined to show Ali that his feelings were genuine after she questioned them. He went out and got a tattoo to resemble his promise to "guard and protect her heart." Host Chris Harrison spoke to about the tattoo and explained why Chris N. keeps getting a rose but has yet to get any screen time. So Kasey and the Weatherman didn't obey your ban on guitars for the season.
    Chris Harrison: See what happens, Kasey survived, but Weatherman got the boot. [Kasey] was so over the top with the singing and the "jump on in" line. You hear crickets, it's so uncomfortable. Why do you think Ali kept Kasey around despite the awkwardness?
    Harrison: He's a good guy and Ali sees him as a good guy. Maybe she doesn't see getting married to Kasey, but she doesn't fully know everything he has to offer. Deep down I think she probably knows, but just wanted to give Kasey another chance and I think she'll come to regret that once she realizes he has a tattoo.

    Bachelor's Chris Harrison: Weatherman's rose might have been out of pity I can't believe Kasey got a tattoo for her.
    Harrison: [Laughs.] There's nothing good to say about it. I would love to say, "Oh, that's cute or I get it," but there's nothing good or positive about getting a tattoo on behalf of a girl you're dating to prove your love or affection especially when you know she's dating 11 other people. Ali told him, "Relax, be yourself," and he goes out and gets a tattoo. He couldn't have misread her signals anymore. He did include a symbol for each guy.
    Harrison: That makes it worse. Including the 11 guys she's dating just makes it creepier.

    Bachelorette's Chris Harrison calls Roberto's appeal "the second coming of Antonio Banderas" Who is Chris N. and why does he keep receiving a rose?
    Harrison: There's just been so many other stories. ... a lot of them are really good, but with trying to fit everything in they get lost on the editing room floor. Same thing with Chris M. He just hasn't been a driving force in any stories we feel are worth cutting out something else. He's just an unfortunate victim of editing so far. Were you impressed with how Chris L. handled his semi-canceled birthday date due to Ali's cold?
    Harrison: It was almost better she got sick and saw that side of him. That's a guy who gave up his entire life in New York and his career to go be with his dying mom and take care of his family. He had a great birthday. Most guys would be like, "Oh, this sucks I didn't get my date," but he loved it. He's a great guy, and obviously Ali sees that. It seems like Frank is going to start to get a little overly jealous.
    Harrison: After their Hollywood date was so good, he was, like, "That's my girlfriend." And it sucks, I get it; you feel like you have a girlfriend and all of a sudden you don't. It starts to affect the way he's acting. He's no longer the cool guy ... now he's the jealous guy ... It's definitely changed him and the pressure's going to get to him a little bit.
    Bachelorette's Chris Harrison Calls Kasey's Love Tattoo Creepy - Today's News: Our Take |
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    Re: TVGuide's Interview with Chris Harrison

    Bachelorette's Chris Harrison calls Ali and Frank's Relationship "Obviously Flawed"

    As Bachelorette Ali and her final three suitors embark on exotic dates in Tahiti, Frank may let his doubts lead him to exit. But for viewers annoyed that they've already been spoiled by previews, Chris Harrison says, "If you think you think you've seen everything, you haven't." Plus: Was Roberto in his baseball uniform cheesy or adorable? What did you think of this week's episode?
    Chris Harrison: I love the hometown episodes because it takes the show in a completely different direction. When you involve families, it just changes it. All of a sudden you are exactly who you are in life, which is a good thing. Up until hometowns we're all travelling together, staying in the same hotel and there's some sort of camaraderie to the whole thing. Hometowns change everything because not only do you introduce your family, but you're separated. The only time they see each other from here on out is at rose ceremonies.

    Watch full episodes of The Bachelorette in our Online Video Guide Was Ali's decision to eliminate Kirk that tough?
    Harrison: I don't know if the decision for Kirk was bad, I just know overall it was a really bad night for her. She got down to this final four and it was a really good group of guys. At this point you're dumping someone who has given you no reason to, just introduced you to their family, and has done nothing wrong. In any other world, she wouldn't have quit dating Kirk, but at this time she had to choose someone and their relationship was just not as far along as the others were. Did his dad's taxidermy hobby have anything to do with it?
    Harrison: Ali had to decide, "Wow I met this great guy, now I'm back in Green Bay, Wis., this is who he really is. Is this something I can live with?" Can she live with this house of death looking up at her all the time?

    Bachelor's Chris Harrison: "You saw Jake for who he is" Do you think Ali and Chris L's connection feels the most "real"?
    Harrison: She always told me her relationships started really slow and as a friendship and then they evolved into something bigger, better and stronger. That's exactly what's happened to her and Chris. They started as friends and a lot of it had to do with the common thread of her losing her grandmother and him [losing] his mom. Then the relationship really took off in Lisbon. That was as awesome and emotional of a hometown as we've ever had. Chris showing up on the beach with the dog didn't hurt.
    Harrison: It was a J. Crew ad, it really was. You just want to stamp an American flag on it. I expected Lee Greenwood to pop up and start singing, "I'm proud to be an American."

    See photos from The Bachelorette What about Roberto's dad questioning Ali?
    Harrison: It was very real, wasn't it? Roberto's dad expresses more of a cultural difference of, "This is my son, he's our prize possession, he has a lot to offer, so I'm not worried about Ali, I'm worried about Roberto." I think it's a very honest reaction. That's how I would be as a dad. Any girl who comes in my house to date my son [has] to be good enough to date my son, not vice versa. That was a typical proud father moment. Ali sure sure did love Roberto in his baseball uniform.
    Harrison: I wasn't sure if it was cheesy or adorable, but most of the women seemed to like it. Obviously he probably wouldn't have done that on a normal date. It's part of the show and they had fun with it, goofing around. The way he did it and went about it came off fun and playful and not, "Hey, remember my good old days?"

    "Rated R" denies he had girlfriend during The Bachelorette I'm starting to wonder what Ali sees in Frank.
    Harrison: I always had questions about Frank with her. This goes to trying to figure out women, which never in a million years will I ever attempt to do. But is it trying to fix him? The relationship is obviously flawed compared to the other ones. I'm not sure what her motivation is, but there's this chemistry, they really like each other, but he makes it hard on her. ... When they're going they're as strong as anybody, but when they're not, he's complaining or worried. Maybe she doesn't even realize how much work it is. When you see them going they seem to have as much, if not more, chemistry than the other guys, but then when it's bad, it's really bad between them. We've seen a lot in the previews about Frank and Ali, so is there more to the story we'll learn?
    Harrison: Like with Justin, if you think you know everything, and you think you've seen everything, you haven't. That's why we weren't too worried about showing that something is coming because it's something you have to see, something you're going to want to hear and you have to experience to know what's happened. It's almost less about Frank and Ali and more about how it shapes the rest of our show. ... We'll have a lot to talk about next week.

    Bachelorette's Chris Harrison calls Ali and Frank's Relationship "Obviously Flawed" - Today's News: Our Take |

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