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Thread: Ali's Bachelorette Blog

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    Re: Ali's Bachelorette Blog

    Quote Originally Posted by VelvetRed;3927400;
    Geesh, apparently ABC/Fleiss hire 14 year old interns who didn't pay attention in school. It was a very painful read.
    I thought Ali was a 4.0 student?

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    Re: Ali's Bachelorette Blog

    So bummed we didn't get to see her and Chris play flip cup! Wonder if the handlers were cringing at her doing it in her dress???
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    Re: Ali's Bachelorette Blog

    I cannot get over the misspelled name, still. Why? Just. Why?
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    Re: Ali's Bachelorette Blog

    Arielflies: Thanks so much for bringing the blog here. I always have a hard time trying to locate it online.
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    Re: Ali's Bachelorette Blog

    Episode 4 - I Love New York

    June 15, 2010
    Ali Fedotowsky, the 25-year-old advertising account manager from San Francisco and former contestant on The Bachelor is now the star of The Bachelorette. Each week, she will share her thoughts about the episode that aired the night before. “You’re going to see me get mad, cry, be happy, stressed out,” Fedotowsky says of the current season. “The real me — the good, bad and the ugly.” Last week, she walked a tightrope with Roberto, had a controversial visitor and said goodbye to Hunter Wagner. This week, she brings the men to the Big Apple:

    What would The Bachelorette be without a helicopter ride? And let me tell you, it was terrifying. It was really windy that day, so the flight was not smooth at all. I wasn’t thrilled that the helicopter kept suddenly dropping when we were flying over hundreds of buildings in New York City! So scary! Once we landed, I had such a hard time figuring out Kasey. The first time he sang to me, I actually tried to play it off and started making up silly raps to make it seem like we were just playing around. When he sang to me for a second time in the museum, it was just too much. Kasey does have a huge heart, and I knew that I wasn’t ready to let him go. Plus we had a lot of fun! How cool was it that we got to run around in a museum with no teachers to tell us not to? I’ve wanted to do that since grade school! Being silly and acting like a kid with Kasey was so much fun. And did you see all the dinosaurs? Some of you may know that I have a strange affinity for dinosaurs. I actually like them so much that I made up a dance just for them. It’s called the “Dino Dance.” I will upload a video of it to my Facebook Page once the show is over so all of you can see my favorite dance.

    Speaking of my favorite things, let’s go ahead and add musicals to that list. I was absolutely thrilled that we got to be a part of The Lion King</em> on Broadway. The guys were so brave to put it all out there and perform on stage in front of [producer] Thomas Schumacher and me. In the end, Roberto won the date hands down and the experience I shared with him during the live Broadway performance was indescribable. We were both shaking and taking in every moment of the experience. I could have done without the harness under my outfit, though. It was so uncomfortable and not the most flattering thing in the world. Heck, if Roberto was still attracted to me after seeing me in that outfit with a harness underneath, then I think we’re in good shape. Ha!

    I was really under the weather once we got to the after party. All I wanted to do was go to bed, and I was so thankful when Kirk pulled me aside and offered to help me do just that. Once we got to my room, I passed out within five minutes. Thank you for taking care of me, Kirk! I don’t know what I would have done without you that night.

    The next morning I was still really sick. I remember literally crawling to the bathroom in the morning because I had no strength. Despite how I was feeling, I didn’t want to give up my time with Chris. I had been looking forward to this date all week and I wasn’t about to let him down, especially on his birthday. When Chris got to my place, I had Dunkin Donuts coffee waiting for him since we had previously talked about how that was one of our favorites things about the east coast. Seriously, I don’t know how I live without it in California. Chris brought me chicken noodle soup when he came to my house, and we both determined that it really must have healing properties because I actually started to feel better. In retrospect, I actually think it was him that made me feel better.

    Now let’s just touch on what I’m sure everyone is making fun of me for — my hair. Yes, I realize that my hair was all over the place during dinner, but I get a messy hair pass this time because I was sick. Although, I imagine you may continue to make fun of my messy hair throughout the rest of the season. I’ll be the first to admit, I do not know how to do my hair nor will I ever. Wait until you see what the weather in Iceland does to my hair in the next episode!

    Back to what’s important … Chris. We got a lot closer when he opened up to me about his mom. What an amazing woman. Chris told me that she was a nurse and very loved within her community. I am sure she is looking down on her son and smiling today. She raised a wonderful man.

    I cannot believe Joshua Radin performed for us! He is absolutely amazing. For the longest time I have dreamt that Joshua would perform at my wedding. It always seemed like an unattainable dream, but I cannot believe it basically came true! It wasn’t my wedding, but I will take a private concert with Joshua Radin any day.

    This rose ceremony was really tough because I was physically drained from being sick. The liquid in my glass was cranberry juice. No champagne for me! I needed to get better!

    Despite being sick, this was another week of amazing dates and dreams coming true. I am so thankful for this experience and the great guys who are joining me in this adventure.

    Until Iceland …

    –Ali Fedotowsky

    Tell us: Did Ali make the right choices this week? Was Kasey geniune when he sang to Ali?

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    Re: Ali's Bachelorette Blog

    In response to: Did Ali make the right choices this week? And...Was Kasey genuine when he sang to Ali?

    First, I don't think Ali made the right choices this week at all...Jesse was an awesome guy...I cannot figure out what turned her off about him. Was it simply the country boy vs. city girl thing? I dunno...

    Next, I don't think anything is genuine when it comes to Kasey, other than he's a genuine weirdo. His singing bad. I don't see Kasey surviving another rose ceremony. Especially after he shows Ali the tattoo on his wrist.

    She has mentioned his unbelievable, over the top personna on several occasions, asking him to tone it down and to just try to be himself...unfortunately I think he IS being himself...and the tattoo is yet another example of his extreme, and over the top strangeness.

    He's gonna be crying into his new tattoo on this Monday's episode I think...


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    Re: Ali's Bachelorette Blog

    Today's blog was very uneventful...
    Team Fleiss!
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    Re: Ali's Bachelorette Blog

    Episode Five: Greetings from Iceland!

    Ali’s Bachelorette Blog: Greetings from Iceland! - PEOPLE TV Watch

    June 22, 2010

    Ali Fedotowsky, the 25-year-old advertising account manager from San Francisco and former contestant on The Bachelor is the star of The Bachelorette. Each week, she blogs for and shares her thoughts about the episode that aired the night before. “You’re going to see me get mad, cry, be happy, stressed out,” Fedotowsky says of the current season. “The real me — the good, bad and the ugly.” In today’s blog, after spending time in New York City, Ali reveals just how cold it really was in Iceland, her thoughts on Justin, Kasey, Chris N. and more:

    Well it may have been cold in Iceland, but it was more than worth it. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. Iceland really is a spectacular country and every day I saw something totally different than the day before. I’m usually not a cold-weather kind of girl but it was breathtaking there. And speaking of cold, Chris Harrison, what were you thinking wearing only a sweater?! It was FREEZING outside! I think I had seven layers on. The guys’ poems were great. I was super impressed with Craig‘s poem. He is such a funny guy! Kirk‘s poem was so sweet. Poor Chris N. tried so hard and looked super nervous, but at the end of the day this is about finding love.

    Playing around in the sweater shop with Kirk was a blast. I love that I can be silly with him (I learned that his mother calls him Kirky — how cute!). It was actually his idea that we get matching outfits. Pure genius! We looked like such dorks; I loved it! Did you notice we shared the same mitten when we walked into the coffee shop? I felt bad that his hands were cold … and sharing is caring.
    A cool part of traveling is the cultural experience. Getting to see the men play the Icelandic xylophone and listening to their rhymes was so unique to witness, especially on a date.

    I’m really glad that Kirk opened up to me about his sickness. What a strong guy. He has been through a lot over the past few years and I am so grateful that he is here on this journey with me. What you didn’t see is that we actually went dancing after dinner at a little pub. I loved our day experiencing the local culture.

    Now, time to see what kind of adventure Iceland has to offer. I’ve always wanted to ride a horse, so this date was really exciting. How funny was it that Chris L. kept falling off the horse? Ha! Thankfully, Ty saved the day! The guide who was with us was really scared for a minute because we rode the horse on top of the cave. The horses were so heavy that we could have fallen through at any minute! Luckily, that didn’t happen.

    It is hard to tell when watching the episode but it was so cold outside and my gloves were not warm at all. I love that Chris gave me his. What a sweet guy. Since it was so cold, I am really glad that we got to head to the Blue Lagoon next. In case anyone is wondering, no, I was not wearing my bikini under the snowsuit the whole day. I would have frozen to death!

    The 2-on-1 date can be described in one word — awkward. But heck, we got to see the volcano erupt. I am so grateful for the experience. We got so close that we could actually feel the heat coming off the volcano on our faces. It was unreal. One thing that I was disappointed to see while watching this episode is how Justin was acting. He was a different person with me then he was with the guys or in his interviews. Plus, he was awful to Kasey and I felt really bad for him. Kasey is a nice guy with a huge heart. Yes, he can be super cheesy at times, but honestly, I love that he put it all out there. In the end, I had to let him go because I wasn’t feeling the same things he was. The last thing I wanted was for Kasey to feel bad about who he is, particularly when the tattoo he got will be with him for the rest of his life. And yes, I’ve heard the rumors that the tattoo was fake. Don’t believe everything you read, because I can assure you it was as real as can be. Also, just so you all know, we didn’t leave Kasey on the glacier alone. He went back to town with the other camera crew. I actually checked in with my producer later that night to make sure he got home okay. I hope he is happy right now and hopefully in love with a great girl.

    At the rose ceremony, I was so glad Frank pulled me aside right away. As I explained to Frank, I needed him to make more of an effort. I felt like I had been babying him lately and I needed him to step up and be a man. Nice work Frankie. And I must say that Craig‘s fake tattoo was HILARIOUS! Well done, Craig, well done.

    Then there is Chris N. I know you all are all wondering who the heck he is. The guys in the house actually called him Phantom because he was always so quiet. Chris N. embraced the name! What you don’t know about Chris N. is that he is a very active philanthropist. On the very first night he told me the he donated skateboarding ramps to less fortunate children in my name. What a great guy. We will miss you, Phantom!

    Until Turkey…
    –Ali Fedotowsky
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    Re: Ali's Bachelorette Blog

    Episode 6: June 28th, 2010

    Ali’s Bachelorette Blog: Catching Justin In a Lie - PEOPLE TV Watch

    Ali's Bachelorette Blog, The Bachelorette

    Ali’s Bachelorette Blog: Catching Justin In a LieJune 29, 2010
    Ali Fedotowsky, a former contestant on The Bachelor, is now the star of The Bachelorette. Each week, she’s sharing her thoughts about the episode that aired the night before. “You’re going to see me get mad, cry, be happy, stressed out,” Fedotowsky says of the current season. After saying goodbye to Jonathan and Kasey last week, Ali writes about Justin‘s secret, her Turkish dates with Ty and Frank and saying goodbye to another good guy:

    So let’s address the big pink elephant in the room and get it out of the way — Justin.

    First off, when Jessica called me, the first thing I said to her was “Are you okay?” I felt so bad for her. I had only known Justin for a matter of weeks; he had betrayed her for years. No woman should ever let a man treat her with disrespect the way Justin did. The reason I didn’t look super upset during the phone call is because I was not going to let him hurt me. I wouldn’t give Justin the satisfaction of thinking he could affect me. I wanted to be strong — for me, for Jessica, and for all the women and girls watching who have been betrayed by a man before.

    When I told Justin that he would regret this, I didn’t mean his lack of relationship with me. I meant that he would want a chance to explain himself — not only to me but also to all of you watching. As you all saw, he didn’t do such a great job explaining himself. I guess that is what happens when you’re caught in a lie. That’s all I really have to say about that.
    Let’s move on! How cute were the little wooden sandals Ty and I wore on our date? He actually made a joke, saying that the way we walk in the shoes is how we will walk when we are an 80-year-old couple. At dinner, learning more about Ty’s marriage was important. I had gotten the sense that Ty was expecting to have a very traditional marriage, where the mother stays home and the father works, and I don’t want that. I imagine a lot of the women cringed when they heard Ty make the comment about women being presidents of companies. Ha ha. Trust me, I cringed too. But at the end of the date, I realized that it was an innocent comment by Ty even though it came out in a funny way. He would want nothing more than to treat a woman right.

    Now let’s talk about the weird things that came out of my mouth! What was the 98 percent comment about? I re-watched that five times and I still don’t understand what I was trying to say. I think I was trying to say that the majority of the men I know that don’t have successful relationships couldn’t express their feelings the way Ty did. Dancing with him at the end of the night was so much fun. The musicians played some up-tempo music, and let me tell you, that boy can shake his hips!

    If any of you want to have a heart attack with your man, take him to olive oil wrestle in Turkey. Oh my goodness! I was so scared that the guys were going to get hurt. When we originally planned the date, we were going to have each professional wrestler wrestle two bachelors at a time. However, the guys got so pumped up once they saw the wrestlers that we decided to let them go one on one. The guys were pretty beat up at the end of the date so I sent a masseuse to the hotel to give the guys massages. I hope she took good care of them.

    My date with Frank was so much fun. He was the perfect person to explore the bazaar with since he has such a great sense of humor. He was like a kid in a candy store because of all the interesting things we saw that he could comment on. My favorite thing was the Turkish Delight. Yummy!

    The second part of our date took place at the Basilica Cistern. It was honestly the most magical place I have ever been in my life. I could barely breath when we walked in because it was so beautiful. Frank reminds me a lot of my friends back in San Francisco, so I feel very comfortable with him. In the same breath he also scares me. I feel vulnerable with him, and his lack of confidence in our relationship is scary. Frank said I swooped in and rescued him at the right time, but am I ready to rescue anyone?

    Also, I realize that the theme of my season so far has been about whether or not I feel like the man I fall for will love me back. Is this true? Yes, absolutely. But this doesn’t come from a place of weakness; it comes from being realistic about the situation I am in. Is it realistic to think that every single guy who came on the show would fall in love with me? No, it’s not. And I was shown just that at the beginning of this episode.

    It didn’t feel good letting Craig go at the end of the night because I liked him so much. He is funny, smart and interesting. I am almost smiling when I say goodbye to Craig because I know in my heart that we will end up being good friends after this. Looking forward to seeing him at The Men Tell All.

    Until Portugal …

    XO, –Ali Fedotowski

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    Re: Ali's Bachelorette Blog

    Hmmm. The epitome of the reason love isn't fair. Ali is almost smiling at dumping Craig because she's looking forward to seeing him again. Meanwhile, Craig is in pain.

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