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Thread: Funny clips from Ali - The Bachelorette

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    Funny clips from Ali - The Bachelorette

    Hi everybody

    In this season there are some funny elements, and I just edited a small clip to show you when Kyle makes the "eating the rose" segment, and then they flip to Craig R who looks awkward in the air while Kyle is saying that, and in addition to that, the mystical indian sound in the backround when Kyle says that !

    Just wanted to share that clip here if that is fine with the mods Couldn't we have a thread were we add funny youtube clips from the season ? Would love if someone would do it.. I am not very good at editing video and such...anyways.. enjoy here it is : ( I included when Jesse got out of the limo because I think that was funny as well when he says "hi", and she says "hi" back... its a funny segment.. cute really

    YouTube - funny thread clips

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    Re: Funny clips from Ali - The Bachelorette

    LOL, the "eating the rose" guy! I dunno if she made a good call or a bad call in sending him home, but I liked his shirt a lot.

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