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Local Bachelorette contestant shares experience
Posted: Jul 08, 2010 5:09 PM EDT
NASHVILLE, Tenn. Ty Brown is back in the Mid-State after being eliminated from ABC's "The Bachelorette" on Monday, just one episode before bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky visits each remaining contestant in their home town.

Originally from Franklin, Brown shared his experience on the show with News 2 on Thursday and spoke about his plans for the future.

"She made the decision that she made, and she's a great girl and I think she will be happy with one of the guys that's left," Brown said.

"If I wasn't going to be the last one standing there, and I kind of let her know this, maybe this should be my ending point," he continued.

As to why he was eliminated, Brown said that he believes Fedotowsky was worried that he wanted a traditional family and lifestyle because that is what he grew up with.

Brown, however, said that is not what he is looking for, but showed no regret about his experience on the show.

"I'm enjoying life right now. It's a lot of fun and always exciting," he told News 2.

Brown also added that the biggest thing he has taken away from his experience on "The Bachelorette" is the friends he has made.

"I made friends for life, I really did," he said.

Brown also said that he plans on focusing on his music career and playing a lot of shows in the area.

He has a new single called "Living in the Moment" that he wrote while he was in L.A. for the show.

Brown said the response to his single has been great.

"It's just been awesome," he added. "Everybody has accepted it very well. It's one of those things I am very proud of."

To listen to Brown's new single and find out where he'll be playing, check out his Web site at TyBrownMusic.com.