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Thread: 8/5 Bachelorette 9: Finale Part 2/ATFR **West Coast Spoilers**

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    Re: 8/5 Bachelorette 9: Finale Part 2/ATFR **West Coast Spoilers**

    Seattle IS very beautiful. I've been lucky enough to have been there to appreciate its beauty several times.

    LIVE there, though?

    No WAY.

    Not in THIS lifetime, or any other.

    It's FAR too gloomy, gray, and rainy, for my taste. Out of all of the several times I've been there, I can only recall ONE TIME that the sun actually made an appearance during daytime hours.

    And not for the WHOLE day, either!

    Honestly, having been there, I can well and truly understand why it's said to be the nation's suicide capital.

    No disrespect or offense to Seattle or its people is intended. I'm just calling it like I see it from my perspective.
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    Re: 8/5 Bachelorette 9: Finale Part 2/ATFR **West Coast Spoilers**

    Apparently ... Des and Chris are really trying to make it together.

    I have only been to Seattle once ... for business ... and my hotel room was on Puget Sound. The sound of the boats ... rocked me to sleep ... seriously.
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