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Thread: Micah - Season 9 **NO SPOILERS**

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    Micah - Season 9 **NO SPOILERS**

    Age: 32
    Occupation: Law Student
    Hometown: Detroit Lakes, MN
    Height: 5'11"
    Shoe Size: 9.5
    Tattoos: None
    Party Starter, Wingman, or "The laid-back one"?: Party starter
    Hot Weather or Cold Weather: Cold. I hate the heat unless I'm on vacation and a shirt is optional.
    Favorite Actor: Bruce Willis - 'cause he's a badass

    Micah - The Bachelorette Characters & Cast Bios - ABC.com
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    Re: Micah - Season 9 **NO SPOILERS**

    By reading this guy's bio, I feel sorry for him. I'm afraid he is going to blend into the background too much to impress Des. I think he's a wannabee cool/tough guy.
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    Re: Micah - Season 9 **NO SPOILERS**

    ... nothing here
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