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Thread: Episode Micro-Caps for The Bachelorette 9

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    Re: Episode Micro-Caps for The Bachelorette 9

    6/24 Episode 5: Cobblestones Can Trip You Up

    This episode is like the spiciest brat paired with the darkest beer. The brat is spicy enough to bring tears to your eyes and the beer dark enough to conceal secrets. Prost!

    Des and the boys travel across the pond to Munich, Germany, where the boys marvel at the old, but clean, buildings around town squares and then marvel at the modern hotel suite where they will be staying; lots of oohs and ahhs.

    Individual Date

    Des invites Chris to take a tour of the city with her. They are enjoying the silliness they find in the brat shop and the costume shop where each try on native wear. Chris sports some mighty fine legs beneath the shorts of the Lederhosen. They find a small brass band playing folk tunes and, to the watching circle of locals, do a marching strut to the music. Uh, Oh…the gargoyles are dripping more than bird poop as they watch the progress of Bryden shuffling his way through the streets. All he needs is a black cape to make this any eerier.

    You see…Bryden decided on that long plane ride that, in fact, he didn’t want to be there. He says ta-ta to the guys in the hotel and tracks down Chris and Des, pulling Des away for a talk. Chris isn’t happy, but he is philosophical as he can guess what Bryden will say and that Des will be upset. Yes, Bryden says good-bye and Des tries to put on a good face about it (she really liked the guy) but she tears up when talking in her PI. Chris lends an understanding shoulder and pulls her out of her funk so they can enjoy an evening meal in a palace and dance to a piano man. Kisses and cuddles and a rose complete their time together. Chris is falling for her. Chris writes poetry for her.

    Chris receives the rose.

    Group Date

    Kasey, James, Mikey, Drew, Brooks, Zak and Juan Pablo (John Paul or JP for reference) meet Des standing in the fog at the base of a gondola. They take the gondola up through the fog and clouds to the bright sunshine of the highest mountain top in Germany. While admiring the view, they hear yodeling and take turns trying to match the yodeler’s tones – unsuccessfully. They leave him to discover bright plastic sleds with raised steering handles lined up at the top of a very steep run. There is a lot of screaming and crashing as they all propel at high speed down the run. The fun continues with snowball fights and snow angels. This tired out group then repairs to an igloo type hotel built into snow mounds on the mountain.

    During their time together, Brooks is waxing on about taking in all the new experiences and she pulls him in for a kiss. Mikey takes her outside to build a miniature snow family and they are interrupted, much to his dismay, by a yodeling Zak. Brooks spies on a nesting James and Des because he says James is two-faced, but he can’t watch for long.

    Brooks (much to James’ dismay) receives the rose.

    Two on One Date

    The federal prosecutor, Michael is pitted against the single Dad (and bar owner) Ben. Michael’s mission is to prosecute Ben fully, the guy everyone hates. As an aside – when and how did Michael break his thumb?

    “Today, Ben will be found guilty of fraud in the impersonation of a Southern Gentleman.” – Michael

    (I’m sorry, I can’t stop laughing; this is just too funny.)

    Des figures that a perfect way to break the tension between the two men is to take a dip in an extremely cold lake. She missed that experience at Lake Louise and thinks this could be a bonding moment.

    (see above)

    When all three are in bathing suits and robes, shivering at lake side, she pulls a freak on them and leads them to a hot tug where they can enjoy being on the lake in comfort, though in swim suits. “Best invention, ever!” – Des.

    In the middle of the lake, Michael begins pushing Ben’s buttons and Des finds the situation awkward and uncomfortable. Ben doesn’t know if he can retain his Christian Man status if he has to defend himself.

    All dried out and spiffed up, they head to dinner. “I’ll have to say, that boat ride was not a lot of fun.” – Ben

    No Ben, it wasn’t and the meal isn’t going to be fun either. Michael continues his lawyerly examination while Des sits back looking bleak. He asks why Ben didn’t go to church on Easter Sunday with all of the rest of the guys. At his reply that it was a Catholic service, Michael goes in for the kill stating that there was a Mormon present, a Jew and other non-Catholics. Ben leaves the table and paces outside. Des tells Michael she doesn’t appreciate his tactics, and tells us she is in a mood to send both of them packing. However…

    Michael receives the rose.

    Ben’s final words in the limo are “Hollywood” and “I can’t wait until I can go public.” (He is now public and probably lining up interviews.)

    No Rose Party spoils Drew’s build up to an act of bravado in throwing James under the same bus that crushed Ben.

    Rose Ceremony

    Chris (Date Rose)
    Brooks (Date Rose)
    Michael (Date Rose)
    Juan Pablo

    Going for a limo ride – Mikey who thinks she made a mistake.

    Tidbits Uncovered:

    Chris is falling in love.

    Juan Pablo is the best yodeler.

    Mikey would move from Chicago for love.

    Zak considered the Priesthood after college, but sitting on a mountain top in the Alps convinced him otherwise. Now he hopes sitting on a mountain top in Germany will lead him to his love.

    Kasey and Drew woke up on the car ride back from the mountain to hear James telling Mikey that he pretty much runs Chicago and that, if he places in the top four, he would be the next Bachelor and be set for life.

    (Let’s review and remember that rap video – “For the Right Reasons,” okay?)
    ****************************** *
    Next Week – Barcelona, Spain! And James, James, James…oh, yes, the drama continues as Drew is like a dog with a bone on James betrayal.
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    Re: Episode Micro-Caps for The Bachelorette 9

    I didn't include this but Ben's exit pretty much solidified his bad guy status. First he is pacing and cussing up a storm, then sweet as pie when Des finds him. In the limo he gives us the show title if he were to be the Bachelor - "Texas Dad." Looks like he and James really are tarred with the same brush.
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    Re: Episode Micro-Caps for The Bachelorette 9

    Quote Originally Posted by Arielflies View Post
    I didn't include this but Ben's exit pretty much solidified his bad guy status. First he is pacing and cussing up a storm, then sweet as pie when Des finds him. In the limo he gives us the show title if he were to be the Bachelor - "Texas Dad." Looks like he and James really are tarred with the same brush.
    I know right?!? Ben came across as one of the more two faced contestants we've had in awhile. Definitely on the show to try to be the next Bachelor and up his bar business. Problem is, he's just not cute... personality wise or looks wise.
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    Re: Episode Micro-Caps for The Bachelorette 9

    7/1 Bachelorette Episode 6: Don’t Cry for Me Barcelona

    Eight hopefuls follow romantic, artistic Desiree to colorful and warm, Barcelona, Spain. On her opening ramble through the streets, she stops in at the recently dedicated Gaudi built cathedral and reflects. Just like Munich, she thinks that Barcelona is the perfect place to fall in love. Oh, Des, have you thought about stopping in at your local coffee house?

    The guys arrive and stop to sit at a café and enjoy a beer while they wait for Chris H to arrive with the date breakdowns. The editors couldn’t wait for Chris before placing Michael front and center with his gripes about James, saying all the remaining guys are furious with him; Michael, redux.

    Individual Date

    Des is hoping to build on her friendship with Drew since he is a guy who loves romance. Perhaps they’ll find it touring the streets of Barcelona. Drew starts off the date with a juicy kiss. That bodes well. That and the fact that he vowed to not let his animosity toward James ruin this date. **sigh**

    They sit in a deli, eating and drinking wine when Drew brings out his sob story. In his defense, she did ask about his family. Oh, dear, he just outed his father, who is a recovering alcoholic active in AA, by telling Des and thus the world that his father has cancer – something very few know. What is it about this show that confessionals become soooo personal? There is something about him she can trust and she wants to see where this can go.

    The camera focuses on some funky street musicians (sounded good) as they walk to the evening meal and the rose. Spare my blush…Drew, overcome with emotions, grabs her hand pulling her up from her chair at their secluded table setting and takes off with her down an alley forcing the camera and sound men to scramble after them. If he was hoping for privacy to indulge in a long, long kiss, he didn’t go far enough because they caught up. But, oh goodness, Des does enjoy this romantic side of Drew.

    Still standing in the alley, Des presents Drew with the rose. Still standing in the alley, Drew finds the words to tell Des what he overheard James say on the ride back down the mountain. Well that is a downer as Des gets bleeped a few times and tells us that she is disappointed in James because she thought he was an honest man. “These guys think they can get to top four to find fame, and it’s ridiculous,” says a girl who made it to top four and is now famous. Umm, whatever happened to that delicious meal left on the table?

    Group Date

    Loooove! followed by a drawing of a soccer ball graces the card with the names: Brooks, Chris, Michael, James, Kasey, Juan Pablo.

    She meets her group at the Barcelona Football Stadium (P.S. for Voice fans – this is the home stadium for Shakira’s boyfriend and father of her baby.) and before they enter there are PIs from Kasey, Michael and Des all addressing the James “situation.” Des doesn’t want to dismiss him out of hand.

    Juan Pablo sighs in ecstasy. The former pro soccer player feels at home. When Des brings in the professional women’s soccer team to give them a match, the only one showing them any respect is Juan Pablo. He knows they will be faster and stronger than this group of men. With “stand in one place” James as goalie for the guys, the women’s team, including Des, score ten goals to the guys’ two.

    Can we just skip the party portion of this date? You know what’s going to happen; and yes, the drama boys are out in full force.

    If I have to, here goes…

    Kasey, “James wants to be the next Bachelor so he can meet more girls and have more popularity. His main goal is not a relationship with Desiree and I’ve been waiting for the correct time to talk with James about the conversation he had with Mikey and tonight we’ll see what happens.”

    Brooks (who really enjoyed his time on the football field) toasts, “Here’s to kicking a soccer ball today and kicking it with Des tonight.”

    Des takes Chris to her room and they lie on the bed where she reads him one of her poems dedicated to him. Ahhh. The sweet part of the party.

    Kasey, Michael and Chris invite James to sit with them, then Kasey lays out what he heard between James and Mikey. Throwing it to commercial was James’ look of puzzlement. Okay – way to ratchet up the drama, editors.

    After two minutes of commercials, they re-enter the party with some more sweet time, this time with Des and Brooks.

    He is becoming emotionally invested and is very pleasantly surprised by their relationship.

    Shift back to serious guys talking serious stuff. James denies the content of the conversation and begins pointing at Michael taking the argument to him.

    James, “Michael, you go on this 2 on 1 date and you become this confrontational person I’ve never seen before.”

    Michael, “I haven’t been confrontational until I heard this, and it disturbed me.”

    Uh, Michael, may I say one word…Ben.

    Anyhoo, this shouting match continues until James stands up and declares, “I didn’t bring that up, Mikey did, so get that through your minds.” He then tells Kasey that Kasey is putting words in his mouth.

    The upshot…Kasey runs off to tattle to Des; Des sends them all back to the hotel without a rose, but keeps James behind to speak with him. Kasey thinks it’s all James’ fault that she didn’t give out the rose. Boo Hoo, Kasey, sounds like it is more your fault.

    Des tells James that she believes Kasey and Drew and brings him to the man-tears we’ve been promised all season. For such a big guy, he sure can cry pretty. He fights for his emotional life and wins another day. Des is overwhelmed and James is emotionally exhausted.

    As the guys chatter about their version of James reaction, James says he doesn’t know how he can live with them. As he enters the hotel room to view crestfallen faces, he says, “Gentlemen, good night.” He walks off to bed.

    Individual Date

    Zak is nervous heading into this date because of the James’ drama, but she greets him sitting on a wall with sketch pad in hand, which is a clue. They hug. She loves that Zak is excited about everything.

    They get set up in an artist studio with pads on easels and a gorgeous man (clothed) posing on a platform. They then played with sketching each other. Des, being an artist, wanted to see if Zak could express himself though art.

    Actually, he didn’t do all that bad. Well, yes he was; bad enough to have Des rolling on the floor with laughter. He was also laughing hard enough to not be able to talk.

    Well, I was a little premature thinking the previous clothed male model was the only part of the date…uh…the studio owner brings in a nude male and Zak’s eyes pop. When they begin sketching him, Zak has to place him in marble statue land to keep from freaking out. But, then, to keep her on her toes, he leaves and returns wearing a robe. He drops it to reveal in whitey tidies and strikes a pose.

    Desiree, “Zak took something as simple as an art class and made it so much fun.”

    They get all spiffed up to descend into a wine cave for dinner. Des loves that Zak listens and enjoys what one has to say. They discover a commonality in lifestyle, and enjoyment of kisses.

    Zak, “I’m absolutely in love with this woman and I can finally say that.”

    Zak gets the rose.

    We can’t stay with the loving stuff, but must shift to James and Drew having it out. More man-tears.

    James’ spin, “If I made it to the top four and Des doesn’t pick me the worst thing that could happen I would become the next Bachelor. That has nothing to do with my direction or where I want to go with Desiree.”

    Drew doesn’t agree. Actually, Drew is in lalala land as he tells James he shouldn’t even be thinking about any other reality than being with Des. Tight a** much, Drew?

    After that exchange, I’m siding with James. There is nothing he can say.

    Michael calls him evil and sinister…huh? Blown out of proportion, much?

    Des arrives and pulls James out of the room to deliver her feelings after a night and day to think about his situation. She chooses to let him stay after an emotional conversation. She doesn’t want to send him home on others’ words.

    Unfortunately, there are more words. I’m tired.

    No Cocktail Party

    Order of the Roses

    Drew (date rose)
    Zak (date rose)

    No more controversy as James and Kasey leave. I am sorry to see Juan Pablo go, but I understand as she didn’t spend much time with him.

    Oh, did you all enjoy the architecture and decorations in Barcelona? Next week we get to enjoy them on the Island of Madeira (off the coast of Portugal.)
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    Re: Episode Micro-Caps for The Bachelorette 9

    7/8 The Bachelorette Episode 7: “Have Some Madeira, My Dear?”

    The drinking word for tonight is EXCITED!

    Desiree and five of her suitors (Brooks, Michael, Chris, Zak and Drew) travel to the lush island of Madeira, which is off the north coast of Africa, but holds with Portuguese tradition. The waves crash against rocks as they ride into harbor aboard a schooner.

    With hometowns next week, Des wants to take this week of dates to find out how the guys really feel about her. Well, she has had a couple of shocks in that area, will this episode prove any different?

    Chris has already fallen in love with Desiree and says it would mean the world if she meets his family. Is he the one?

    This is the magical episode where there are no roses to be received or denied until the Rose Ceremony. There will be three 1:1 dates and one 2:1 date.

    Once again, this time from Drew, we learn that if you can’t fall in love here, you can’t fall in love, because this is built for love. Poor Los Angeles…every city since has been THE PLACE to fall in love.

    This an excuse for a vacation on a beautiful island for three girls who went through Sean’s season with Des; including Sean’s F1, Catherine. The other two are Lesley and Jackie. Ostensibly, they are there to help Des try to decide who is real and who is not…but, come on…it’s time to lounge in the sun and admire the scenery – ocean waves and Des’ guys as they play in the pool.

    Desiree does take this time to give a rundown on the guys wondering if Brooks is ready; Zak is reflective; Drew is sweet; Chris is supportive; Michael is smart. She tells them she is falling in love with more than one of them. Ah, Des, you got the scripted line in seamlessly.

    Individual Date

    Brooks is nervous because, except for the very first date, he has only been on group dates. For him, this date is crucial.

    They travel by smart car up the steep hills to an overlook. As they travel downhill through a forest, Brooks tells us he is in a more pensive state than he has been. They laugh that their relationship is between like and love. Consider the first part of their date as a light flirtation. Once again uphill, up through the clouds and she can’t wait to take it all in with him. Des, “I’m on the road to falling in love with him.”

    Cautious Brooks tells us that falling in love with Desiree would be awesome, that it is the entire reason he came here. “Sometimes, you are past like, but definitely not in love and I’m here in the clouds trying to find out how I feel.”

    They picnic in the sun with clouds billowing below them. A romantic setting for setting out the puzzle pieces – where to live, etc. Des loves that. They do decide that one of the pieces that does fit is that they are easy and natural with each other. As the clouds blow around them, Brooks says they are lost in the clouds.

    Des waxes poetic (the girl does love her poetry) in that they didn’t just break through the clouds, they had a breakthrough in their relationship.

    “Picture the best dream you’ve ever had and times that by ten and live in it. That’s where I am.” “This is the Fairytale that I came here for.”

    Quote pulled from the first night preview and revealed at this moment.

    At dinner Des tells us she is falling in love with Brooks and hopes he can tell her the same. However, Brooks is a little bit behind her in his emotional process. The evening ends on a parapet with exploding fireworks.

    Des “I can definitely see Brooks as THE ONE and it is exciting.”

    Uh…once again the cats of Portugal are featured characters. Ref: Ali's season.

    Individual Date

    Chris is going like a mariner to sea, and he is really, really excited. They stand on the bow of a yacht as it head toward open sea. They agree that it is so cool.

    They are actually on their way to a deserted island and Des is excited to be going with Chris because he has all the qualities. Besides qualities, Des says that they really do have the physical attraction down; this while we get the sexy scene of suntan lotion rubbing on lounging pads on a yacht. Sigh.

    They walk up a path on the island through spring flowers and rocky cliffs. They have a picnic on a field of blossoms and a conversation about who they are. This is an exploratory flirtation. Their mutual love of poetry expresses itself through a poem they write together and place in a bottle that will join the fishes of the Atlantic or get smashed on the rocks at the shore.

    Chris “I came into this thing a skeptic, but I think she is the one I could spend my life with.”

    During dinner Chris builds up the courage to say, “I love you.” It’s kind of hard to do when Des tells him she enjoys his boyish charm, however, through his nervous fidgets, he manages, in a poem, of course.

    Des thinks it is beautiful and rewards him with many kisses. BUT, while she could picture a life with him and could be falling for him, is she just because he declared himself?

    Des “It’s exciting.”

    Chris “Being in love is, like, exiting.”

    They walk their excitement through a garden toward the mellow tones of a woman singing “It is just you and I.”

    Individual Date

    Michael finally gets his 1:1 and he is excited.

    He gets the town ramble date. Des tells us he has the qualities of a loyal, trustworthy husband. For Michael it is a dream come true to have a full day of Desiree. Wow…if Michael were on a scavenger hunt for the perfect woman with 47 criteria, Des would have 48. Crushing much, Michael?

    They have a picnic lunch on a triangulated parapet overlooking a lovely pond with swans. He tells her that no matter what happens, he feels he was meant to meet her.

    She adds adventure to their date with a street toboggan run down a steep road, guided by two men in white with boater hats. Des enjoys the freedom of flying down the hill. All the while they are dipping around and through narrow residential streets, Michael bores on and on in a PI about something, something.

    When seated at dinner, Des says she doesn’t see much vulnerability from him and that is important. Michael is scared to be falling in love again, but that is how he feels and he is going to put it out there. I bet he doesn’t say it in a poem.

    Des agrees with him that their date was fun, but…the seeking light is not in her eyes; too sad for Michael, the legal wordsmith.

    However, they do wander down a street to where a woman with guitar back up sings a lovely Portuguese style song. Of course, Michael drones on and on over the song in a PI.

    Two on One Date

    Oh, I’m corrected, there is a rose on the 2:1, but it is not an immediate one goes home. That may happen, or not, at the Rose Ceremony.

    Drew and Zak meet Des at a Go Cart track and “race” for her love. Gag me.

    Zak “I’m 100 percent in love with this woman, I’ve known her for weeks and I need her to meet my family.” Weeks, Zak? Weeks?

    Des just wants to have fun. She just wants to see Drew get in that Go Cart and let loose. After leading her small pack around the track, she sends them off to race each other for time with her. Zak wins. Rather, he blows Drew off the track.

    The three of them picnic on a field in the middle of the track and Drew tells us that this is the day he tells Des how much he loves her. Oh, and getting the rose going into the Ceremony would take off a lot of stress.

    Zak takes her aside and re-lives their journey with drawings (also recreating their art studio date.) He’s happy. Des likes seeing him happy and kisses him.

    She likes holding onto Drew’s muscular arm as they walk quite a ways from Zak. Drew is still blathering to us about the rose and how meaningful it is. Des is still concerned about him being able to let go, but he assures her that she’ll see that with his family. They giggle a lot. Then Drew tugs on her heart by talking about his challenged sister and how happy she would be to meet Des. Drew says his feelings are so much more than ever imagined.

    Drew “I’ve fallen in love with you. I’ve never had those feelings.” His words are interrupted by a kiss from Des.

    Zak foretells his fate by saying he would be in such shock if he didn’t receive the rose. He is in shock. She is confident she wants to meet Drew’s family and gives him the rose.

    The Rose Ceremony

    Des descends stairs in a beautiful long deep aqua dress with a short mermaid tail as the men each express to the camera or in voice over how important this rose is and, Michael states his confidence level as high.

    Des sits with Chris for a review. She tells him that this is one of the best weeks she has had because the relationships have formed.

    She says it isn’t about the qualities anymore, it is about the relationships. With that, she tells Chris that she is in love with Brooks.

    She is scared because Brooks didn’t say he loved her.

    Uh…let me back this up a bit…DES IS IN LOVE WITH BROOKS.

    However, not so fast…the journey is not yet over as she is keeping an open mind, especially with Chris who has said he loves her, and now she thinks about it, she is falling in love with him. Des “Welcome to the Bachelorette.”

    She meets the men at a plaza in front of a church and says that she is falling in love and it has been exciting.

    The Order of the Roses

    Drew (Date Rose)

    Michael leaves by SUV after a sit down with a nervous Des. Michael tells her he is heartbroken. Des tells him they have a great friendship. He wishes her the best. He tells us he is tired of being heartbroken. All he wanted to do was take her home to meet his family. Are we thinking trophy situation, Michael? Oh, dear, he calls his mom from the car with the news who tries to comfort him. Now we are supposed to feel guilty for finding him a bore as the poor guy just can’t get it right with women. Not so much. Good luck, Michael in your quest to be the Bachelor.

    Next week – HOMETOWNS and all the craziness that can mean. Good times ahead.
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    Re: Episode Micro-Caps for The Bachelorette 9

    7/15 Bachelorette 9: Hometowns and All That Jazz

    We know that Desiree loves Brooks. We know that he isn’t sure about his feelings for her. Chris has told her he loves her; both Drew and Zak love her, but are holding back. Now that we have the emotional states established, let’s cut to the chase and get on with the dates, true micro-cap style.

    Zak (Dallas, TX)

    In a park he treats her to his crazy side with the recounting of a weird dream about snow falling into cups and hundreds of children running toward them. He introduces her to the family business, a snow cone truck, and makes that dream come true. Oh, and at one point, he puts on a penguin mascot outfit.

    Dreamer Zak introduces Des to his loving family and, under their positive influence, treats Des to the song he wrote for her in Atlantic City, only this time he changed it up to meeting his family. After his brother and sister sing the new words accompanied by Zak on guitar, he takes Des into the backyard where he tells her he loves her and presents her with a ring he purchased in Atlantic City and has carried with him ever since. It looks like Zak was a goner for her in Atlantic City. Dreamer Zak has a warm and fuzzy projection into the future where Des will never take the ring off and they’ll live happily ever after.

    Drew (Scottsdale, AZ)

    Where Zak is a dreamer, Drew is a romantic. When he greets her he can’t stop kissing her, which takes her aback. He had, previously, told her about his family, including his mentally challenged sister, and Des had told him she was fine with going with him to pick her up from her group home; so they did. His sister is over excited to see them and loves Des’ hair. They all drive to his mother’s home where extended family wait to greet Des, including his divorced father, the one Drew outed to the world as having cancer.

    Tears well as love pours from this family for both Drew and Des. Drew is overcome with it, tells Des he loves her, and doesn’t want to let her go. He softly tells us that the next time he sees his family it will be as an engaged man. I’m blotting my own tears.

    Chris (McMinnville, OR)

    Grounded Chris, with whom she shares a crazy chemistry, discovers that his love, Des, can handle herself very well on the baseball field. Happily surprised, he is more than ready for her to meet his family, especially when she whips out her sketchbook and shows him “their” moments on this journey. Had you forgotten that Chris proposed to her (fake with the shoe lace tying) right out of the limo? I had.

    Chris’ Mom, “Good Guy, Good Girl, what more do you want?” Of course there were a few hurdles to get to that point such as his Chiropractic Dad giving Des a spine adjustment, and Chris learning that no one in his family liked his last girlfriend, even though they didn’t tell him. Des feels at home with Chris’ family and doesn’t want to leave. Chris is husband potential.

    Brooks (Salt Lake City, UT)

    Nervous Brooks forgets what it is like when they are together because they are apart so much. He needs more time with her to discover if the relationship can reach the level of the mallard and hen they pass on the lake while canoeing. As with Chris, she reminds him of the special things that happened when they were together and that reassures him to an extent; but, Des meeting his family is crucial.

    Once again, open arms greet her when they enter his parent’s home, including a group hug. If these families don’t greet the Bach/ette with open arms, does the director call for a retake? At least this family wore name tags to help her along, and I thought the men of the family might smother her in a group hug. Anyway, Brooks’ family loves him very much and trusts his judgment on who he will marry. At the end of the questions, Brooks feels like this might be possible, that the compatibility he has with Des just might win out. He doesn’t want her to leave – another good sign.

    A Brother’s Redemption, or Not

    Des meets with her brother once she returns to LA for the Rose Ceremony to see what he might do when it comes to the family meeting. At one point he said she sounded just like Sean in not saying one was better than the rest, but eventually he came around to saying it was her decision. When he leaves, Des is still skeptical about his future actions because he wants to meet all of the final four – get in their heads.

    The Rose Ceremony

    Des tells Chris that Zak and Drew boldly told her they love her. With Chris’ earlier declaration, that makes three. Her love, Brooks, is the lone holdout, but she is hopeful about a proposal at the end. However, if he doesn’t come up to scratch, Chris is close in the running.

    With Des’ brother lurking behind a pillar, Chris H. escorts the final four into the ceremony room which is an outdoor sky terrace.


    A numb Zak, who found out that Des was faking her responses as she would never be in the same love zone as he, is going home to that dark place; a place that has no room for the promise ring that Des returned to him. The limo pulls to the curb and he tosses the ring out the window.

    Next week the Bachelors Tell All; back to the drama.
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    Re: Episode Micro-Caps for The Bachelorette 9

    7/22 Bachelorette 9: Men on Bleachers with a Live Audience

    First off, this show was filmed a week earlier than usual. Why? Usually it is filmed after the Fantasy Dates and the F3 joins those sitting on the bleachers. Not this time, though. Why?

    Chris, with his expected build up in a welcome, tells us that despite all that drama, Desiree has found three guys who could be her husband. Really? She has already told us she loves Brooks with a slight opening for Chris. Since we can do the math and figure Drew will not be in the Finale, why isn’t he on the bleachers? Oh, a hint from Chris…”What is the SHOCKING event in the next episode that will change everything?” What, indeed. We are told that the answers will be there on a two-part Finale event which starts next week. Hmm…no Fantasy Dates? What is going on, Chris?


    Before we hear from the broken-hearted suitors, we are treated to filler where past contestants pop up with Chris at viewing parties in the LA area. Des joins Chris for the first freak-out of fans. They crash large parties viewing the Munich episode and Chris tells us that they, the fans, are invested.

    Next it is on to New York City where Ashley and JP take Des to a viewing party. Screams bring the night alive. Ashley and JP said it was fun in that the fans welcomed them with open arms and open bars. Molly and Jason invade the second viewing party in New York – so that makes two Bach couples and Des. I’m surprised a few of the fans didn’t faint. Then Trista arrives…is there any room left for fans?

    Des: It feels good to know these people are rooting for me in the journey in life.

    This is a two hour show, so more filler on the way…Ashley, Emily and Ali talk about bad boys. Wheee. “Here’s to putting guys in their place.” Well, that is what the chatter boiled down to as they reviewed Des’ batch of sleaze balls.

    I’m cranky so I’ll just write that they were there, except Brian with the girlfriend; though creepy Jonathan from first night was there, and all maintained the positions they took on the show. Now, for the good guys who received applause, Juan Pablo and Zak W., I hope we hear more from them. I must say I was surprised to see Bryden.

    Best Apology – Jonathan

    Best Attitude – Juan Pablo (I spy Juan Pablo tee shirts in the audience.)

    Best Sinister Smile accompanied by boos – Ben

    Best misplaced competition and communication skills – Ben

    Side Note – HUGE! Ben’s baby mama tracked Dan down in Vegas and said Ben does not have custody. Of course, that begs the question…where is the child while she is in Vegas whispering in Dan’s ear?

    Best Expression of Defense – James (who feels he was bullied off the show.)

    Best Blatherer – Kasey

    Chris, “No one in the history of this show has made such an impact with so little screen time. It is the fan favorite, Juan Pablo!”

    The cobbled together bits of film from the show (some we didn’t see) showed him on Skype with his daughter. Kasey approves of him because he talks about his daughter all the time. The other guys like him, but Des said goodbye. He hopes a step-mother for his daughter comes along very soon. The fact that he is a very sexy man won’t hurt his quest. I think I heard a couple of volunteers in the audience ready to be that step-mother. He said he doesn’t date much because he has weekend custody. He has no regrets coming on the show, fantastic experience. Chris wishes him the very best.

    The other Fan Favorite, Zak W. is the next to sit with Chris. The film clips take a look at how he fell in love with Des, all the special moments. “This penguin is my boyfriend.” He let himself completely fall, though ended up falling into a dark place when she rejected him. He has trouble dating because he works on an oil rig six months of the year and loses some social continuity he would have if he didn’t work out there. Remember that beautiful old journal he gave Des? Well, he wrote a poem in invisible ink on the last page, but doesn’t know if Des read it. Chris pulls out a pen light and asks permission to read it. It is a lovely piece about love and happiness. Zak admits to still being in love with Des. “It won’t go away.”

    Des faces her rejects. She walks out wearing one of her sparkly dresses.

    Jonathan – she has no words. At first she thought he was a disgrace to all men. Now, she accepts his apology.

    Ben – she couldn’t gauge emotion in his eyes. She didn’t like the way he arrogantly went about the process.

    James – She really liked him after the first date, but you don’t think about your second wife while you’re going after your first. When she watched the episode of them talking on the steps, she tells him she felt manipulated by him. James offers a weak apology and wishes her the best.

    Juan Pablo – She feels she could trust him and that he was there for the right reasons. Ahhhh – BachelorNation endorsement. Is he next?

    Zak – She had to gauge her feelings for him with the other relationships and they were stronger. The positive smile thing got to her. Zak pulls out the guitar and sings the latest he wrote for her. She cries. “It hurts the most to say good-bye.” He gets a hug.


    Jar lights fall from the tree over Bryden’s dinner on his one on one.
    That is followed by a collage of slips, falls and head bumps.
    Mikey gets freaked by a grasshopper.
    Chris and Kasey try out a hot tub model and get splashed with a glass of water.
    Other hijinks lead to a barbeque on fire.
    A sign falls down on the stage at the Mr. Bachelor contest.
    Mispronunciation of German names makes the list.

    The Finale Hype Preview

    The Finale starts next week and is split into two dramatic parts. According to Chris, it is the most emotionally tense Bachelorette finale in the show’s history. He really, really means it this time.

    It shows all three finalists (Brooks, Chris and Drew) in a warm, exotic location for what one would presume is the Fantasy Dates. Then boom…tears. As soon as she said she loved Brooks, the screen went black. Uh, oh, she is heartbroken. Is it Brooks, or someone or something else? Chris is in a final rose suit; Brooks is in a tee shirt pacing around. Oh, my.

    Desiree: (through tears) Honestly, it’s over.

    It’s hard to be chipper and/or blasé to say, tune in for the next two weeks after that downer, but, what the hey! Maybe romance wins after all. Or, her brother lurking around the lobby last week was a harbinger of doom.

    Till then…
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    Re: Episode Micro-Caps for The Bachelorette 9

    7/29 Bachelorette 9: FoRT Posters React to the Finale Part 1

    He loves me, he loves me not. He loves me, he loves me not. The daisy petals drift down to the blue Caribbean water as tears flow and realizations hit hard.
    ****************************** ***************


    So wait, Brooks gets to go talk to his family again before going to Antigua? Glad to see all the guys get that opportunity. *sarcasm*

    Whenever they say somebody is perfect...usually means they're not. So, sorry Chris or rather...congratulations Chris.

    Drew...took it seriously...means he is too serious. He is hot, getting the sexy edit, so not him either. So, sorry Drew it's not you.

    Right off the bat she says her feelings for him are apart from the others. So, sorry Brooks, you win...the boring prize of Des and her picture of you as her husband. I'm sure that will last since he is having doubts and crying to CH!!!


    She is just obsessed with how Drew looks...I'm sure the others are happy listening to this.

    Maybe that guy should be the next Bachelor...He seems to know that lots of kissing is required.

    Fanny Mare:

    How can she picture herself( her life) with Drew. No she can't. Its shame they have to say these lines - it must be difficult knowing you don't really feel them.

    Its raining, its pouring- kissing Drew is boring ♪♪


    So they skipped the dinner and straight to the fantasy suite. She just looks so bored and not into this....and Drew looks like he is 12...and it's as if I should be calling the police. This fantasy suite also looks so cheap and not the one for the F1.

    Fanny Mare:

    He knew 2 weeks ago he wanted her to marry him. This looks cheap- like a no tell motel.



    So . . .

    Brooks has a bug up his butt about Des, huh?

    NOT good.

    Gotta use Mommy and Sis as sounding boards re Des, huh?


    Why doesn't Buddy just back the hell out of this, then, at this point?


    Fanny Mare:

    His mother looks confused, more so than Brooks. I think he's a mummies boy. Nothing wrong with that, but with this guy, meh



    She is all about the hot. Did she just say she can act with Chris like with her girlfriends? Oh that is so not good. I would be so p*ssed if I was any of these other guys listening to her talk.


    So Des can see that she and Chris have something that's lasting, but she LOVES Brooks.

    Fanny Mare:

    Truly, madly deeply. Chris, come on now. She just wants to hang with a boyfriend buddy.


    I guess I can enjoy the gorgeous island views since the cast is deadly dull.

    These two make that beach totally unsexy.


    And of COURSE, there's the obligatory "From Here to Eternity" swapping spit in a prone position on the beach while the ocean roars in the background and the waves rush ashore.


    She just used the "P" word with Chris which means he doesn't have a chance. You know, the infamous, he's perfect on paper.


    NOOOOOOOO!!! Not another poem. Just shoot me.

    On another note...his fantasy suite has more going for it so I think he is at least F2. Not like boring Drew.


    What an amazing, amazing journey. Oh goodie! A poem!!!

    Seriously, I like poems but I know the rest of you don't.

    Experiences, family, forever, exciting, connection, chemistry, friendship, future.

    BROOKS (First the obligatory counseling session with Chris H.)


    He wants her to be the one but she is not. This is Ali's Frank all over again but, there is no Robertoooooooo waiting.


    Brooks, "I'm not crazy in love with this woman."

    Fanny Mare:

    Chris just gave Brooks the stink-eye


    WOW - he said he won't feel it and Des isn't the love of his life! Yikes!!!


    How many times do you have to ask, Chris? Weenie boy ain't feeling it.

    Go home, Brooks.

    This is almost comical with the sad tinkling piano music.

    So she's left with Drew and Chris. Gawd. Shoot me now.


    We should place bets on who is gonna cry more, Des or Brooks?


    Yes Des, here he is...the one that you think you can communicate with and he can't string a sentence together. She knows. Here come the tears. Lordy!!!


    Here we go.




    Good God, I believe Brooks is about to wet himself!!!


    And he just digs himself in deeper....there are so many things I love about you...I don't feel blah, blah, blah. WTH? I think Brooks reads too many Harlequin romance novels.

    And twit still tells him she loves him and he is the only one she feels that way about. I hate that jogging, running, finish line analogy these two annoying people have. I'm sure that Chris and Drew are thrilled they were dragged along to the end for nothing. She better just send both of them home after this because no matter how this show ends, I won't believe the ending...unless she picks no one.

    Fanny Mare:

    What a wimp! now she is giving Brooks the stink eye


    Just spit it out, Brooks. I AM NOT IN LOVE WITH YOU DES!!! DONE!

    Oy, this is painful. I do feel badly for Desiree.


    I love the irony: She wants a man that can really express his feelings. Brooks tells her, he's not 'feeling' it.


    He's telling her HE DOES NOT MISS HER WHEN SHE'S GONE.

    What more is there to say?


    Crazy ass show
    ****************************** **********************
    That pretty much sums up the whole season. The last petal pulled is He loves me NOT.

    Tune in next Monday for a two hour filmed finale Part 2 and a LIVE ATFR where the whole mess will be rehashed.
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    Re: Episode Micro-Caps for The Bachelorette 9

    Thanks for that! Last nights post were belly laugh posts and now my stomach hurts again!
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    Re: Episode Micro-Caps for The Bachelorette 9

    LOVE this recap!
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