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Thread: Brooks - Season 9 **NO SPOILERS**

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    Re: Brooks - Season 9 **NO SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by umngirl View Post
    This scenario is likely how it plays out, but I would find it so much more enjoyable if he begged her to take him back and she told him to take a hike instead.

    I hope he's prepared for some backlash if he leaves because "he's scared" or "worried about the other guys" or "not knowing if I can propose" only to return shortly after because those will just make him look like a wuss/wishy-washy. IMO of course.
    I agree with every word. What's his problem? He knew what this "game" is about, and at least he made it to the top 3, which is something at least a few of the other guys who are gone now would have been happy about. If he was too big of a wuss to stick it out without running away, even if it was for only an hour, then how is he going to be as a boyfriend and husband when life really throws him a curve? I don't know about Des, but I like an emotionally strong man. I appreciate sensitivity, too, but not when it causes a guy to crumble over life's challenges or at minor or imagined setbacks. I would take this as a bad omen for the future.
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    Re: Brooks - Season 9 **NO SPOILERS**

    All right. Enough with the SPECULATION. You know they always dramatize the previews out of all recognition.

    Hold off on any judgements until the show airs.
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    Re: Brooks - Season 9 **NO SPOILERS**

    I am hoping he doesn't come back, and if he does she has moved on.
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