Since the beginning of this version of the Bachelor , we have been corresponding with Courtney Chan, one of Andrew Firestone's original 25. Poor Courtney had a terrible picture posted of her on the ABC website. We were amazed at what a pretty lady she was. ( Fire that photographer will you ABC ? , our members have noted how bad they have been before .)Courtney kindly agreed to answer a few questions for us about her experiences on the show. She was even great enough to answer the silly ones - that she really didnít have to.

Courtney Chan

The silly questions

What kind of tires are on your car?
How much botox , collagen and silicone did you see?
lol hahaha..actually I think this time around we had natural girls.
How high is his hair ?
lol. I think it was higher when I met him, and it progressively got shorter as the show went on.
He looks really short, did they pick short girls to not make him look bad?
He looks short , but when I met him I'd say he was about 6 ft. 1

Ha Ha - thanks for the laughs !

The real questions-

-First of all and the easiest - what makes a successful woman like yourself want to do this show ? The celebrity or adventure or really trying to find a man who is different than what you would usually find?

I had always wanted to be on tv since I was a little girl, so this is part of my reason why I went on the show. I also thought I would find a man different than what I would normally find. To my disappointment, Andrew is a resident of San Francisco, right near where I live. So it was just a little too weird.

-The screening process on this show seems to be a lot more thorough than on other reality shows ,by that I mean there have been no porn stars or convicted felons they have found out about later. What was your experience in the screening process? We had heard there were even blood tests..

Yeah, the screening process is pretty intense. They really have to do their research on the contestants before picking them. I think the screening process was more intensive than a job interview. I don't think I'm suppose to spill all the details, but let's just say that you have to be squeaky clean-- drug free,disease free and crime free to be on the show.

-Had you watched previous versions of the Bachelor /ette?

Yes, I was a big fan of the show before watching it and I loved the Bachelorette as well. Watching the previous episodes gave me some tips on what to do or not to do.

- A glaring thing picked up on by our staff, is that all the bachelors have been dark haired white men.(not counting Tristas group which was for the most part pasty) The majority of the women are blonde Barbie clones.
.As someone who isn't one of these clones , do you think ABC is picking their contestants realistically ? Or are they picking to the script of a white male executive?

Wow! What a question! I guess it's obvious that I am a minority and speaking from someone who is used to being around many different backgrounds living in the San Francisco Bay Area (America's "melting pot") I was a little overwhelmed. I noticed the previous Bachelors had more diversity. They never really told us if they pick the girls according to the Bachelor's tastes, but I really think they do. Andrew made it pretty clear that he was looking for someone petite, blonde and cute. Judging from the girls who made it towards the end, they fit his standards. I mean, I do think it is fair that he gets a group of girls that fit his taste.

-What was your personal impression of Andrew? For example would you have given him a second look on the street?

My first impression was.. "You look familiar" and obviously living in close proximity to him it was possible. He was polite to me, but i think there was no real attraction to him at all.

- Did you feel that you were given enough of a chance to meet with him on the show before he was asked to make his decision?
and a related question - How long did that party taping take?

I think it was really hard for Andrew to decide which girls to keep in the first round. I think he spent maybe less than 10 minutes with each of us. I can't remember how long that taping was, but by the time we got to the rose ceremony, I was about to fall over and go to sleep.

-Have you kept in touch with anyone you met through the show?

I've kept in touch with a few girls. I have emailed Ginny as well as Amy G. I also went to the reunion show recently and got to hang out with all the girls. I think we will be keeping in touch and plan to have a big trip together in the future.

- If you have been watching the show , how different do you think your impressions of what has been going on, than ours would be?

Well I think my impressions would be slightly different than the audience since I at least got a better first impression of the girls on the first night. Although since I was cut early, I did not get to know the girls on the show for more than a few hours. Now that I have been watching the show for the past few weeks, it's interesting to see how the girls' personalities have developed.

-You didn't spend a lot of time with the other women, but did were your first impressions of them accurate?

For some of them yes and some of them no. I immediately felt comfortable with Anne Michelle, Heather and Rachel, who got to stay on the show longer. These girls are great and they were portrayed to be nice girls. On the other hand, it seems like Kirsten has turned out to be different than I though. I only said maybe three words to her the first night so it was hard to make a fair judgment. I also had my ideas of who would make it towards the end and I was accurate with that-- Tina Fabulous and Jen made it far.

- Do you think people are accurately portrayed on this show? There have been others where the participants say with the editing , too many things are taken out of context.

I think some people are portrayed accurately and others not. For one thing, I bonded with Stephanie a lot during the reunion show taping and she is definitely not what they portrayed her to be. I think her potato peeling and washing dishes in her crown was over exaggerated. I also believe that Amber does not drink as much as they portrayed her to. ( I think you just have to realize that this show is purely for entertainment purposes.)

I was also portrayed to be the "silent" Asian girl and my friends know that I am not that quiet. I know that I talked enough on film for them to use something, but they didn't.

- How do you think the show could be improved to regain the viewers ?

I think the audience likes to see a lot of drama and this group of bachelorettes really became close behind the cameras. I think there was more drama in Bachelor 2. This time they had to play up little occurrences that seemed slightly catty but in reality probably weren't.

Finally and most important - Would you like to be the Bachelorette?

YES! I would love to. From what little airtime I got (which is about 15 seconds altogether-- I counted), I think I would want a second chance to get out there and pick from 25 guys. It would be interesting to be the first Asian.. or for that matter, person of color as The Bachelorette. I wonder what kind of guys they would select for me... hmmm.....

LOL Courtney - get thinking of those guys ! We will put our heads together and see if we can help over the next few days . We think you would be great , and it's a win/win for ABC. They already know everything about you. How about it ABC ?