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Thread: The Bachelor 1/11 - My Personal Life Isn't Any Of Your Business, Chris Harrison

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    The Bachelor 1/11 - My Personal Life Isn't Any Of Your Business, Chris Harrison

    Bachelor 01/11/10 - Even Though I’m On a Reality Dating Show, I Don’t Think My Personal Life is Anyone’s Business.

    Welcome back to the Bachelor, or as I’ve been thinking about it this week, the Tournament of Roses. You may think that refers to a football game that just ended, or be reminded of the annual parade with floats made of flowers. What we have instead is a group of 25 ladies competing for just one man, and each week the field gets narrowed. Sounds like a tournament for me. Here are the brackets (nicknamed as an homage to the NCAA basketball tournament levels):

    First we have the Somewhat Diverse 25 – every year we have a modicum of diversity, but this year’s was whiter than ever. I’m very sorry that we lost Channy in the first episode, because I was looking forward to learning how to say more sexual innuendos in Cambodian.

    Next Up, the Moving Into The Mansion 15 – this group survived the first night, but is assured to have at least two wackos kept around for future drama. Who are they? Oh, you know. You’re just waiting for the inevitable fireworks.

    By the end of this episode, we’ll be down to the Desperate Dozen – this is where we see clips of the girls mentally picking out their wedding china with Jake and practicing writing his last name following their first name. High school girls everywhere take note – this is not attractive behavior.

    I’m welcoming suggestions for our upcoming bracket levels, so reply or PM me your ideas and I’ll give you a shout out in an upcoming recap if I use yours. Yes, I’m encouraging reader feedback in this recap just so that I know that we actually have readers. Anyone? Bueller?

    America’s Next Top Models, Posing With One Short Dude.

    Moving on, the ladies have moved into the mansion, and receive the note for the first group date. The lucky ladies are: Christina, Gia, Rozlyn, Felicia, Corrie, Ashleigh H. The clue states: “a picture is worth a thousand words” indicating there will be some photos taken. Click, click, grin, grin, wink, wink, nudge, nudge, you know what I mean?

    One-Woman Wrecking Crew Christina proclaims: “I’m going to go on the best first date with my future husband.” This is the same lady who brought “parting gifts” for the rest of the ladies last week. She’s on a bit of an emotional roller coaster all the time, apparently.

    Not to be outdone in the crazy department by Christina, Michelle sulks and chips in: “I wish my name was on that date card.” Then she glares daggers at all the girls going on the date. She’s a real fun gal, that Michelle.

    The lucky six get ready for their date. Jake shows up and they tear into him like fresh meat. He shakes off several, the production crew tazed a couple, and then he is on his way for his first date of the season.

    Jake and his entourage drink mimosas in an SUV limo. Jake says it’s the first date of this journey – social drink. Yes, I’ve long been an advocate that everyone over the age of 21 who enjoys a good drink should definitely have a sip when anyone on the show says “journey” or “connection.” This is a social drink cue, and if the site weren’t always swamped I’d be chipping in during the live show thread. What are the other clichés that we should add to this list? I definitely think The Bachelor Drinking Game rules should state that contestants need to slam the remainder of your current drink when (not if, but when) our boy Jake pulls a Full Mesnick and cries his eyes out while standing on a hotel balcony. They showed such a scene at the end of last week’s episode, and my hubby instantly lost any respect he’d had for Jake. But that won’t be this week, as no-one can legitimately work himself into a Full Mesnick until he has spent the better part of a month in the company of all these nuts.

    Back to the date . . . surprise, it’s a photo shoot for the ladies, with Hal, the fashion director for In Style magazine. To me, it’s odd to have the fashion director rather than director of photography when they are in fact taking pictures, but what do I know about fashion? Absolutely nothing, which makes me qualified to be half of a team in the next season of Buy My Line (as if that show will have a second season). I digress.

    The ladies dig into a pile of fancy clothes and accessories. Some of the girls are professional models, and Christina thinks it is some sort of elimination competition, with the worst model being first mocked and then eliminated. Silly girl, this isn’t about the modeling. It’s about how do you act in these situations and are you a fun person to be around, or are you a huge PITA. PITA is one of my favorite acronyms – Pain In The Ass. It’s right up there with RADAR and COBRA (short for RAdio Detection And Ranging, and the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1986, respectively).

    Rozlyn brags that she does bridal magazines while Gia models in swimsuits and her undies. Christina is freaking out, realizing that Ashley has pageant experience, and vents to Corrie (or is it Felicia) about her insecurities. Christina is creating quite a scene. Not to be outdone, modeling Rozlyn lifts up her leg around Jake while posing in a short dress with nothing on underneath, apparently, and flashes everyone just for kicks. Keeping in classy – that’s why she’s the bridal dress model, folks.

    Model Behavior?

    Corrie, Felicia, and Gia do their photohoots with little fanfare. Christina continues to strum up the drama, and succeeds to get lots of attention out of Jake. I know that kids feel that any attention is good attention, but I’m not sure tossing a tantrum at the first date is a good idea. You know what is an even worse idea that pitching a fit in a group date? If you’re answer was “get drunk and act stupid” they you are a winner. Unless you know that from personal experience on this episode, in which case, you’re not a winner, Christina. You are definitely a loser.

    They head to an evening event. Jake pulls aside Gia to ask her about past relationships. Ashleigh struts up in a bikini to interrupt them mid-sentence. Gia goes back to the other ladies and proclaims Ashleigh a “bikini buster”. Ashleigh gets Jake into the pool by herself, so all the others jump into their bikinis and crash the party. Gia (professional swimsuit model) proclaims that Ashleigh isn’t the only one who can “rock a bikini” but it looks like Rozlyn is the one wrapping her legs around Jake in the pool.

    Did I mention that Christina’s next brilliant move to woo her future husband was to drink all the pre-paid alcohol she could stomach and start stumbling and rambling. Now it is her turn to have one-on-one time with Jake. I’m already sick of typing “one-on-one” over and over. Can I call it OOO time instead? Thanks, I will.

    A drunken Christina is rambling away about how traumatized she still is over having her picture taken, and she’s pretty much ignoring Jake. I think he’s just not that into her, but the fact that she doesn’t bother to stay coherent doesn’t bode too well for her either. Rozlyn steals Jake away from Christina’s pity party and thrusts her tongue down his throat. Jake proclaims Rozlyn “out of my comfort zone” and then (against his better judgment, apparently) runs off to get the rose from right in front of the other girls.

    Now we get a confessional interview about Rozlyn’s “strategy” to win this game (the “game” being Jake’s attention and heart, and as many roses as she can snag). She’s coming off very cold and manipulative. If she’s “the villain” and Christina is “the boozy drama queen” and they’re both on the same date, what we will have to keep us entertained for the rest of this 2-hour fiasco? Oh that’s right, we still have “Fatal Attraction Michelle” back at the ranch.

    Speaking of back at the ranch, the ladies find out that someone will get an OOO date with Jake the next night, but they don’t find out the name of the lucky lady just yet. There is a fancy jeweled necklace that the lucky girl can wear on the OOO date. Always on the look-out to make things about herself, Michelle lunges forward and grabs the necklace, putting it around her neck. The rest of the girls wish it were a noose instead of a necklace, and proclaim the jewelry “tainted.”

    To finish off our coverage of the first group date, Jake comes back to Rozlyn with a towel wrapped around his waist and a rose back hidden from her view, apparently tucked into his crack. Let’s hope that rose doesn’t have too many thorns. He asks “Rozlyn, will you accept this rose?” Knowing that it was just resting against his butt cheeks, I’m not sure I’d promptly put the stem in my mouth like Rozlyn did. Rozlyn seemed very proud of herself for “winning” tonight. She’s giving off quite the “I’m a player” vibe like Wes had last season. Let’s hope that she also had the number 1 song in Tijuana, Mexico, as that would be awesome.

    On The Wings Of Love – Jeffrey Osbourne is Jake’s Biggest Fan These Days

    As soon as we read that the next date was titled “Come Fly With Me” it was a lock that the attendee would Ali, the lady who is afraid of flying. Of course the production staff is hoping that she’ll freak out, she’ll pass out, or that they’ll make out. Those three “outs” are all golden. Which will it be?

    Back at the mansion, the ladies find out that Ali is scheduled for the OOO date. Jake tells us that his first impression of Ali is that “she’s the complete package.” As if on cue, she comes out in a satin yellow dress that looks like a wrapped present. Perfectly appropriate outfit for riding on the back of a motorcycle and then flying in a small aircraft, which are known for their utility, not luxury. Most small aircraft pilots I know keep a jug for urine in their cockpit, as these planes don’t have “facilities” and you might get stuck circling if the weather turns bad on you. Nothing spells fantasy date like a jug of pee (unless you live next door to the Trailer Park Boys, in which case, duck!).

    Ali proclaims that the thought of going in a small aircraft with Jake makes her “throw up in a stomach” which is a refreshing change of pace from the totally played phrase: “I just threw up a little in my mouth.” What other body parts can folks throw up a little in? Let’s hope this expansion trend catches on. I’m claiming: “I just threw up a little in my spleen” as my own personal declaration of disgust.

    Jake does the flight check of the plane, trying to make sure he doesn’t kill off his date opportunity to star in a reality tv show. As BritLit so astutely noted last week, no-one in the history of television has ever pined to be the star of a reality show as much as Jake, or perhaps some of those unfortunates who tried out to be Paris Hilton’s best friend, or the much younger guys who signed up to compete for the love of Ivana Trump. Yikes. Working for a living can’t be that bad as an alternative, is it?

    Ali admirably got over her fear of flying and had a fun date with Jake. Contrast that to Christina who could not overcome her overwhelming fear of having her picture taken yesterday. I had no idea that modelophobia was such a crippling fear.

    Planes, Roadsters, and the Chicago Transit Authority?

    Now out of the plane, Ali and Jake hop into a gorgeous roadster and head off to Palm Springs. It looks like he’s taking her out in the country to “go parking” as he inexplicably drives into the middle of a field. Oh, it’s a polo field. They stop in the middle of the field and get to dodge horse apples on their way to dinner. When the chips are down, you better watch your step, Ali.

    Ali gets to have a conversation without some bimbo in a bikini interrupting her. She tells Jake that all her past boyfriends’ names started with the letter J, which makes me wonder if she has a big “J” tattooed on her backside, causing her to seek out these guys. Or else J is one of the most common first letters for names. I’m going with the tattoo theory until I see proof otherwise – oh wait, I don’t want to see proof. Please don’t send me pictures of Ali’s behind. That’s not the kind of reader participation I’m seeking.

    Jake gives Ali the rose. Then as if on cue, the band Chicago is playing a private concert for the two of them. They’re rocking out to Saturday In the Park. I wonder what their plan was in case Jake hadn’t wanted to give Ali a rose. You’re The Inspiration plays while the slow dance like I did at my school dances. Yes, that song was popular when I was in high school 20+ years ago (Chicago was one of my favorite bands at the time – some Chicago trivia, the original name of the band was the Chicago Transit Authority, thus the heading for this section of the recap). Given that I’m older than both of these kids, they’ve probably never even heard these songs before, or know who this band is, or silently compare their new singer to Peter Cetera. They’re probably better off not knowing what they’re missing, as Cetera rocked.

    This OOO date went very smoothly. Ali and Jake seemed very into each other, had nice conversations, and a fun time. It will never last. We cannot forget the producer’s number on love affair is with drama, and there is no drama in a healthy, friendly relationship between two somewhat sane people.

    Sorry Folks, Wally World Is Closed

    Back at the Casa de Bachelorettas, the ladies receive the invite for the next group date: Elizabeth, Jessie, Catherine, Ashley E., and Vienna are invited to join Jake to discover how love has its ups and down. My lunch is having its ups and downs. Oh wait, my spleen, I forgot.

    When the list of attendees for the date was announced, Michelle is pissed that she isn’t on the invite, and proclaims that she is just that great girl that everyone just loves to hate. Ring, ring, ring . . . it’s the sun calling you, Michelle. It wants the center of the universe back.

    Jake meets the five girls at a closed amusement park and they get to ride on all the rides they want. I just saw Chevy Chase’s excellent movie Vacation last weekend, and this scene was straight out of Wally World, with the Griswalds going on all the rides with John Candy. Better off there than at the abandoned (by live people) amusement park in Zombieland – which was a great movie if you’re into zombie flicks.

    **************Breaking News*******************
    We interrupt your date coverage for this important announcement. Back at the ranch, Michelle is tossing a tantrum because she hasn’t been on a date yet. She’s packing her bags and sharing the love with anyone in the vicinity. Any other bachelorettes in their right mind would help her pack and shoo her butt her out the door before she changes her mind. I notice no-one is really trying too hard to convince her to stay. Oh, the curse of being so beautiful. Can no-one see that I’m the one who is right for Jake? Goodbye, cruel reality tv world? But wait – she doesn’t leave. She’s all bark, folks. That is until she really bites someone. Not outside the realm, that’s all I’m saying.

    Back to the group date at Wally World, Elizabeth the nanny pulls Jake aside first and gives him a love note that she wrote, which she describes as “naked” and “me”. For some reason, it’s pages and pages of writing rather than a naked picture, which one would think would follow that description. Her poetry includes the word “journey” – social drink!

    Elizabeth’s manifesto says that she doesn’t want Jake to kiss her unless or until she is the final pick. Jake says her respects her choice. I’m looking at her pages and pages of handwritten psychotic scrawl and thinking – time to bolt, Jake. This is one of those signs. You don’t to recognize it or feel it. Just read it – and look at the fact that she’s creating this whole drama around herself. Is that what you want, Fly Boy?

    Vienna is angling for the rose of the date. She tells Jake that she was engaged when she was 17, broke it off with him, and then a month later that guy hooked up with someone else and had a kid. In response, she ran off and eloped with someone, and the marriage only lasted 4 month. With no kids in the picture, I don’t see why she is bringing this up so early in her relationship with Jake. Maybe she got the episode tip sheet from the production staff saying “ramp up the drama, ladies.” She doesn’t disappoint, but also isn’t the craziest fish in the bucket.

    Ashley the teacher jumps in to break up Vienna’s pity party by bringing Jake a drink. Vienna cries to the other girls that she got interrupted, and they point out that she’d already monopolized a lot of his time, and that she should have planned her time more wisely. Vienna would complain to her pocket Chihuahua if she’d been allowed to bring him along, but alas, she will have to console herself in the company of other ladies in waiting.

    Ashley is nervous because she was giving Jake the “kiss me” gestures and he gave her a hug but not a kiss. Yup, I’d say that is a sign. Either that, or anti-kissing zealot Elizabeth is lurking around, waiting to dispense some judgment.

    Jake gives Elizabeth the rose because he found her a huge tease intriguing. Apparently long rambling letters and requests to not kiss someone are Jake’s “thing” tonight. Playing hard to get worked for Morgan with the out-of-his-league Corrina in Sunday’s episode of Chuck, so maybe “no” is the new black.

    Elizabeth gets to stay and spend more time alone with Jake while the rest of the girls ride back in the limo. Elizabeth sets herself up as the ultimate tease, asking Jake if he wants to kiss her, saying she wants to kiss him, and then grilling him to see if she knows why she won’t let him kiss her, then ever so graciously allowing him to kiss her forehead. That sounds like a fun time – if you’re in junior high. Maybe next week she’ll write Jake a 3 page single spaced handwritten note that ends: “Check the yes box if you like me.”

    The. Most. Dramatic. Cocktail Party. Ever.

    Time for the cocktail party. Jake brings single mom Ella a cupcake because it was her birthday. She talks about being away from her son, missing him. Jake says he sounds like a cool kid, and that makes Ella’s “heart smile.” Ella gushes about what a good father figure Jake would be for Ethan. I think Ethan is going to be more ticked that his mom gave away his favorite toy. I know what my daughter would say if I gave away her beloved Julia bunny to some dude I met on a reality dating show, and it wouldn’t be “thanks, Mom, you’re awesome.”

    Back in the house, we see that Rozlyn is wearing a sparkly gold sequined dress that looks like something that could be in a 4 year old girl’s dress up set. Judging by the length of the skirt, maybe it was. I wonder if she has a matching feather boa for her outfit, and those plastic shoes they put in the dress up kits.

    Tenley has some OOO time with Jake. She was worried because she didn’t have a date this week. Tenley also got the “bring the drama this week” memo and contemplates copying Vienna and confessing her past divorce, but chickens out. She even had the right opening to talk about her past dating life, but she miffed it. As for Jake’s opening to her “your dating life must have gone well so far” – well that’s just dumb. How well could someone’s dating life have gone for them to end up on a reality show competing with 24 other people for one guy? That’s the epitome of scraping the bottom of the barrel romance-wise.

    Michelle is yelling like a fool, trying to get Jake’s attention. Vienna rather astutely labeled Michelle “Debbie Downer” for her tantrums about not getting a date. Michelle stares her crazy teary eyes at Jake, confesses that she packed her bags, but decided to stay. Jake should have said “don’t do me any favors, nice to meet ya” but he’s too much of a gentleman. The longer Michelle stays in the house, the smarter it makes Ed and Jillian seem, as they spotted that looney on the first night. Some blonde (whom we won’t name to protect her identity from Michelle’s rage) dares to come and steal Jake away. Oh wait, the blonde was Christina, who didn’t get enough attention and air-time during her drama-riffic photophobic date. She puts her drama parade on full display while she pleads her case to Jake.

    Meanwhile, Chris Harrison comes in and takes Rozlyn outside. This is the big dramatic moment they’ve been hyping in the ads. Something new is happening. Take it away, Chris: “This is something we’ve never had to deal with in the history of the show. This is very awkward, but Rozlyn, you entered into an inappropriate relationship with one of our staffers, who is no longer with us. Because this has happened, we feel that it is no longer possible for you to continue on the show.”

    Rozlyn tries to say that this was like relationships that other girls have had with people before the show. Chris points out that she didn’t know this person before the show, and that the relationship happened while on the show, with a member of their staff. Then Rozlyn gives us this gem: “I don’t think my personal life is anyone’s business.” That’s pretty funny coming from someone on a reality dating show, which by definition, makes your personal life a matter of public domain.

    Chris continues, saying that she has crossed a line. Rozlyn says “that puts me in a bad position.” Now I’m trying hard to not think about what “positions” Rozlyn had been in lately that allowed her to have a covert relationship in a house full of people without any of the girls noticing. It isn’t considered the Mile High Club to “do it” in a small bathroom unless it’s on an airplane, Roz. Chris says he isn’t making a value judgment about her, but that it is impossible for her to continue on the show. I watch this section twice and it didn’t seem like either of them ever referred to that the staffer in question as “he” or a male. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but the wording was very awkward. Things that make you go “hmmmm.”

    Don’t Go Away Mad, Roz, Just Go Away

    Rozlyn wasn’t packed because she had the rose from the first group date. Chris sends her to pack her stuff, and tells her that there is a van waiting for her. Will she get a chance to make a parting shot at Jake or the other girls? We shall see.

    Rozlyn announces to the girls that she’s leaving, then proceeds to boss around a baggage handler guy who is going to be escorting her off the premises. Chris then shoves wacky Christina away and pulls Jake aside to tell him that they’ve given Rozlyn the hook (Gong Show Style) because she’s boinking a key grip or best boy. No offense to the real key grip or best boy, it’s just the only production staff titles I know.

    Jake is shocked, and ticked that someone is cheating on him before they even got together. Rozlyn changes out of her glittery gold dress and into her jeans, taking the “perp walk” with the burley production staff guy. She doesn’t get a final chance to plead her case to Jake, but having a sexual affair with someone while in the house vying for Jake’s love doesn’t lend itself to a “we were on a break!” excuse like Ross used on Friends (and Ed used last year after coming back to Jillian, according to the rumors).

    Jake wants to stand with Chris while he tells the other ladies. Jake asks that if any of the other ladies aren’t feeling on the wings of love, to let him know right now. Michelle interrupts him to somehow make this conversation about her and how she’s the right person for Jake. Tick, tock, tick, tock, that Michelle is a bomb that will be going off very soon.

    Vienna narrates the feelings of the other ladies, but doesn’t have the words to describe it. Thank you for that superlatively articulate summation, Vienna. I know that she’s named after a lovely and historic city in Europe, but I just can’t see her name and not picture Vienna sausages a/k/a cocktail weenies. Parents, not all city names make great first names. Madison has broken into popular cultural very widely, and Paris Hilton is bad enough, but naming your Paris-clone daughter Vienna is ill-advised. What’s next? Girls named Newark and Schenectady?

    Tenley and others chime in and state that lying and deceiving someone is bad. I’m glad that we can all agree on that point. Ali points out that ousting Roz tonight before the rose ceremony has allowed another girl who would have been sent packing tonight to have a chance to catch Jake’s eye.

    Jake is in the Cave of Seclusion, pondering his choices. Jake hopes that giving Rozlyn a rose is the only bad decision he’s made thus far. Viewers will note that not listening to Ed’s advice last week, urging him to ditch Fatal Attraction Michelle, is also a bad decision. It might not be his decision, though, if we are to believe the rumors that the producers get to keep around a couple contestants up through a certain point on the show just for the drama. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

    Downstairs for the Final Rose ceremony, Jake starts dispensing with the flowers, and feels that he knows these 14 women well enough to make informed choices. Does anyone really know someone after only a week? Does anyone really know what time it is? Does anyone really care? Sorry, seeing Chicago on tonight’s episode has me spinning my old albums in my head – and yes, they were vinyl.

    With Rozlyn’s rose back in play, Ali and Elizabeth are the only ones holding roses. Two ladies are going to have to go so we can get to the Desperate Dozen.

    Vienna, Gia, Tenley, Ella, Felicia, Corrie, Jessie, Ashleigh H., Michelle,
    And the final rose goes to . . .

    I’m sure I’ve spelled someone’s name wrong, and probably gotten some folks mixed up in this recap. You may think it is careless writing, but really, it’s a desperate ploy for much sought after reader participation (and lazy writing). Feel free to jump in and let me know that I’m a complete loser for not knowing how to spell Ashleigh or whatever.

    That means that tipsy drama queen Christina and Ashley the teacher who didn’t get a kiss are leaving. Ashley leaves with some of her dignity, but Christina strikes up her drama band for a final reprise and throws another pity party for herself. She’s just lucky that all the other ladies didn’t hand her their “parting gifts” that Christina tried to pass out the first night.

    Who was the girl who gets to stay on the week due to the unexpected opening? Will the fired production staffer’s unemployment claim show up as a job loss in the economic recovery news? None of these questions will be answered next week, but others will be when my recapping partner BritLit resumes her duties next week. I think BL will be miffed if the inevitable Michelle meltdown doesn’t happen in one of her weeks, as I’ve already scored the very exciting Rozlyn’s walk of shame. Until then, I wish you all lots of roses in your lives.
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    Re: The Bachelor 1/11 - My Personal Life Isn't Any Of Your Business, Chris Harrison

    Great recap. LG. Maybe Roz was ticked off because the VAN (not a limo) was waiting for her. Or, she was expected a parting gift.

    I loved Chicago, too. Glad they didn't go with the name Chicago Transit Authority.
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    Re: The Bachelor 1/11 - My Personal Life Isn't Any Of Your Business, Chris Harrison

    Good recap! One correction - I believe they did refer to the staffer's gender - it's a he. When Chris told the girls they let the staffer go, he said "he" had been let go.

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    Re: The Bachelor 1/11 - My Personal Life Isn't Any Of Your Business, Chris Harrison

    ah, that could be. I re-watched the section where Chris Harrison was talking directly to Roz, and thought it was really odd that they didn't use any pronouns in that whole exchange. But I didn't re-watch the part where Chris was telling the ladies what had happened.
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    Re: The Bachelor 1/11 - My Personal Life Isn't Any Of Your Business, Chris Harrison

    Great recap, LG. My favorite line: "What’s next? Girls named Newark and Schenectady?"

    I, too, was wondering why Chris wasn't using gender pronouns. When he talked to Roslyn AND when he talked to Jake, it was just "staffer" and "that person." His whole speech sounded stillted and off, somehow. I thought hmmmm . . . . But then when he told the girls, he said "he."

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    Re: The Bachelor 1/11 - My Personal Life Isn't Any Of Your Business, Chris Harrison

    What a great recap.

    Oh no, I hope it's not a sign of how unexciting the show is going to be this year if I found your recap more interesting.

    Anywho, I too was wondering about Christina's jellybeans. If I had been one of the desperate dozen, I would have been sorely tempted to run out with a bag for the poor me bag-lady.

    As for your mention of the production staff being about to keep a couple of wackos around for a while, I was just wondering that myself. I figured Michelle was one of their picks but who could be the other? Does this mean we might have one more budding acorn?

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    Re: The Bachelor 1/11 - My Personal Life Isn't Any Of Your Business, Chris Harrison

    Bachelor 01/11/10 - Even Though I’m On a Reality Dating Show, I Don’t Think My Personal Life is Anyone’s Business.
    I LOVED your humor LG! And I now have a new acronym: PITA. great stuff, thanks

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    Re: The Bachelor 1/11 - My Personal Life Isn't Any Of Your Business, Chris Harrison

    I love your sense of humor. Great recap!
    Actually, the recap was more entertaining than the show.

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    Re: The Bachelor 1/11 - My Personal Life Isn't Any Of Your Business, Chris Harrison

    OOO time....... THAT SOOOOOO WORKS!

    One on one.......or as it translates to the other contestants when they hear about it....... oooooooooooohhhh! time!

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    Re: The Bachelor 1/11 - My Personal Life Isn't Any Of Your Business, Chris Harrison

    They did mention the gender. From watching it, it seems that the Southern mom, Ella (I think) and Michelle knew. Someone says "Michelle knew" and then she mouths the name "Michael". Ella seems upset that the guy lost his job, and imdb indicates that a producer named Michael worked on the show until 2010. I pay way too much attention to this show :-(

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