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Thread: Bachelor 14 - Media Articles and Interviews

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    Re: Bachelor 14 - Media Articles and Interviews


    Sooner, rather than later.


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    Re: Bachelor 14 - Media Articles and Interviews

    Quote Originally Posted by BlondieGal;3865085;
    Jake Pavelka's dreaming big

    "The Bachelor" Jake Pavelka thinks his "On the Wings of Love" series is going to propel him to worldwide fame. He's hired p.r. firm Rogers & Cowan, which also looks after Sylvester Stallone, John Travolta and Bruce Willis, to rep him. Sources say Pavelka -- recently described by ex Tanya Douglas as "fame-obsessed" -- wants to turn his new celebrity via "The Bachelor" and "Dancing With the Stars" into an acting career.

    No surprises here. It only confirms my feeling that Jake is a narcissistic fame whore. Does he actually believe he will be the next John Travolta or Bruce Willis, pleaseeeeeeeeeeee!

    I have to wonder what Joke wonít do to gain access to stardom. Letís not forget how he threw Wes under the bus, just to put himself back on our televisions. I do not believe that he has the capacity to care for anyone but himself.

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    Re: Bachelor 14 - Media Articles and Interviews

    Quote Originally Posted by ryansmommy;3864709;
    I read that someone over at the motherboard picked up a copy of Life & Style and reported something to the effect of,
    Still no proof. Everything Tanya showed them were pictures from before The Bachelor. The phone she is shown holding in her hand had no name to the text message and only a prop for the photo taken for story.
    Appears that this Tanya woman is just an ex-girlfriend of Jake, probably pissed about being dumped and decided to make a complete idiot of herself.

    Honestly, where do these lunatic women come from? Jillian's season and, now, Jake's? Since when has it become ok for an adult ex to play high school games, fabricating scandalous stories to sell to tabloids for a fast buck? For what, just to pay for expensive hair extensions? Geez ...
    Not sure about Tanya, but totally believe the girls about ED, a well respected
    FORT poster verified their story and that is good for me.

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    Re: Bachelor 14 - Media Articles and Interviews

    Quote Originally Posted by anders332;3865102;
    Jake's a big fat liar - he went on every talk show there was during his season and said he had no interest in acting, that he couldn't act and that he was truly looking for a wife.......ugh....he makes me sick.

    We could say the same about Melissa.

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    Re: Bachelor 14 - Media Articles and Interviews

    (Sorry, can't seem to quote tonight...)

    One example of Tanya's story that rang very, very true for me was when she described Jake as having said that his purpose in going on the show was to convert the women to Christianity. You can't make that kind of quappe up! She is also absolutely convinced that he is interested in nothing other than himself and that this was an audition for Hollywood. There is really pretty much no arguing THAT anymore.
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    Re: Bachelor 14 - Media Articles and Interviews

    Well, as this thread is once again having to be cleaned up for yet another bickerfest over seasons long gone and past, it's time to say any updates on these yahoos is unwelcome here. The thread is being closed, and if someone from the Bachelor Wings of Love has a blurb on EW or gawker or, too bad. Don't bother to PM a staff member.
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