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    Re: Gia

    Quote Originally Posted by Bloomers;3858438;
    Everything you say is true, but it would have been hilarious to see the men line up for the chance at being a bachelor on Gia's show. That doesn't for one minute imply that I think they would have been necessarily serious about a forever relationship, but I do believe that it is the nature of the beast that would have caused them to bust their fannies at the chance to wine and dine someone who looks like Gia.
    I agree, the men on the show would have been foaming at the mouth over Gia, and praying that they are the chosen for the FS dates!!

    We all know what happens to those appearing on this show - their pasts are tossed around in the media big time. Even if their past behavior/relationships have not proven to be scandulous, it is made to appear so. It is rumored that there are some situations in Gia's past that are just better off kept in her past. For this reason, I am glad that she is not taking on the role of The Bachelorette.

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    Re: Gia

    I don't know why but I guess I assumed that most of the men would be like her brother and stepdad and I was thinking that I couldn't stand to watch 25 Jersey shore wannabes named Big Vinnie or Little Mikey chasing after her. I kept picturing that guy they showed in the sweatsuit auditioning for Ali's season on the 20/20 special... haha I don't know why so don't ask.

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