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Thread: Bachelor 14--Jake Pavelka--Media and Interviews--No Comments

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    Re: Bachelor 14--Jake Pavelka--Media and Interviews--No Comments

    Thanks to Sanlee for bringing over the new, improved premiere press release.
    (These episode releases sometimes have some good sleuthing clues.)

    Here is another? different Press Release....Some things are the same but they added some things.



    Jillian Harris and Her Fiance, Ed Swiderski, Return to Offer Advice
    to Jake and to Make a Special Announcement

    This Season's Highlights Include a Private Concert by Rock Superstar Group Chicago,
    a Glamorous InStyle Magazine Photo Shoot and a Spectacular Trip to St. Lucia
    for the Seductive Overnight Dates and the Emotional Finale

    Jake Pavelka is out to prove that nice guys don't always finish last in love. The handsome commercial pilot from Dallas -- and America's most hopeful romantic -- begins his own bid for true love, choosing from among 25 beautiful bachelorettes, when "The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love" premieres MONDAY, JANUARY 4 (8:00-10:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. This will be the 14th edition of ABC's hit romance reality series.

    Ever since Jake, 31, shared a magical one-on-one date with Bachelorette Jillian Harris to see Martina McBride, millions of women have had their "Top Gun" fantasies about him. A fan favorite for his sincerity, charm and his dream of finding true love - not to mention his hunky good looks -- viewers were stunned when Jillian rejected Jake right before the hometown dates on last season's "The Bachelorette." Jake's fairytale-like experience falling for Jillian made him confident that he can find the love of his life on "The Bachelor." Now it's his time. Jake knows himself well enough to know that he's not made to live alone. He just needs to find the right woman -- his best friend and soul mate - and that's whom he'll marry. Searching for a woman who is intelligent, confident, energetic and spontaneous, he admits that he can't wait for fatherhood.

    In this season's premiere, "Episode 1401," Jake returns to the Malibu mansion where he first met Jillian. Tonight his life will start to change forever as 25 gorgeous bachelorettes have traveled across the U.S. to meet him -- and they'll do anything to become his wife and share a life with him.

    Jake is blown away by a stunning model, who is the first woman out of the limo. A bold, fast-talking bachelorette wastes no time, asking the handsome Bachelor whether she can touch his impressive abs, and a sexy blonde also isn't afraid to come on strong, literally falling into Jake's arms. Inside, the party takes off quickly as the women swoon when Jake makes the rounds and greets each bachelorette. One charming woman confesses her fear of flying, and an alluring teacher causes a stir when she dons a revealing flight attendant's uniform and steals Jake away from an unsuspecting single mom. After an athletic hottie grabs Jake to play touch football, it's blondes vs. brunettes in the first sexy, barefoot-in-eveningwear football scrimmage in Bachelor history!

    However, once Chris Harrison interrupts the cocktail party to bring out the "first impression" rose, the competition intensifies. The pressure is too much for one teary-eyed beauty, who breaks down when she doesn't get enough time with Jake. Just as the women think it's time for the Bachelor to hand out the coveted first impression rose, Chris announces a twist: the ladies not only must impress Jake, but also last season's happy couple - Jillian and Ed. The women cheer as the former Bachelorette and her fiancé join Jake to help him with his tough decision, hoping that he will find a love like theirs. And then the happy couple will share a special announcement with Jake. The Bachelor bestows his first impression rose on a surprised and grateful woman. Finally, Jake must eliminate ten of the 25 women the first night, leaving 15 to compete for his affections, and in the end, his heart.

    A list of the bachelorettes will be released shortly.

    Romantic and adventurous dates will reach new heights this season, testing the ladies' perseverance in pursuing their romantic objective, along with fun, exciting and exotic dates that will elicit real and raw passions. Jake invites six bachelorettes on a glamorous photo shoot for InStyle Magazine's February issue, out in mid-January, where they get to pose with him. The Bachelor whisks away one lucky woman, piloting her in a private plane to a glamorous Palm Springs getaway and a private concert by the rock superstar group Chicago. Exciting exploits await Jake and the women at Six Flags Magic Mountain, where they have the amusement park all to themselves. On one heart-pounding date, Jake and one bachelorette bungee jump off the infamous Bridge to Nowhere in the San Gabriel Mountains. Laughs abound when Jake takes eight women to the famous Jon Lovitz Comedy Club, but who will get the last laugh when the ladies find out they are the ones performing? A surprise road trip up California's panoramic coast makes for close quarters for the bachelorettes and some of most romantic dates ever, including an intimate date for Jake and two women at the Castillo di Amorosa in Napa Valley and a dream visit to San Francisco, culminating in a romantic dinner for two at the top of Coit Tower. The three final women are treated to a breathtaking trip to the magical island paradise of St. Lucia for sexy overnight dates, as well as the thrilling finale. But Jake is in for a wild ride as he faces one bombshell after another on this journey of a lifetime. Secrets are revealed, emotions run deep and one bachelorette crosses a line that should never be crossed, with devastating results. Will Jake finally find the special woman who is right for him or will this nice guy's dream of love end in heartbreak?

    As in the past, women will continue to be eliminated each week, but if at any point along the way a woman should decide that she's no longer interested in the Bachelor, she can reject his invitation to continue dating. Some lucky women will meet his family, and he will visit their hometowns for a slice of their life in an effort to determine the woman with whom he is most compatible.

    Hosted by Chris Harrison, "The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love" is a production of Next Entertainment in association with Warner Horizon Television. Mike Fleiss and Martin Hilton are the executive producers.

    This episode of "The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love" will be available on the day after airing on the network for users to watch online.

    For more information on "The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love" please visit
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    Re: Bachelor 14--Jake Pavelka--Media and Interviews--No Comments

    “Bachelor” Dates Revealed

    I’ve been keeping it a secret for a while but I can finally reveal one of the group dates Jake Pavelka and his bachelorette’s will go on this season. Jake will take a group of ladies to the Jon Lovitz comedy club where they will be the ones who are performing. I actually went on this date for an Access Hollywood segment. It was pretty funny. That and other dates were revealed in a press release about the show today where it was revealed the final three ladies will be whisked away to St. Lucia in the Caribbean for the overnight dates. Other dates revealed include a trip to Magic Mountain theme park, a Palm Springs getaway via private jet, a trip to San Francisco’s famous coit tower and bungee jumping off the Bridge To Nowhere in the San Gabriel mountains. When the show premieres January 4th, “The Bachelorette’s” Jillian Harris will return with her fiancé’ Ed Swiderski to offer Jake advice at the first cocktail party. They also have some sort of special announcement to share with Jake. I’m guessing it involves a wedding date which I pray doesn’t’ mean we will be forced to sit through an Ed and Jillian wedding special in the neat future. By the way, I have heard from someone behind the scenes at the show that this is gonna be a bumpy ride for Jake. Hey, if ABC can use lame pilot and airplane jokes so can I!
    Dish Of Salt: Thursday TV Round Up | Access Hollywood - Celebrity News, Photos & Videos

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    Re: Bachelor 14--Jake Pavelka--Media and Interviews--No Comments

    DMN' Exclusive: Dallas pilot Jake Pavelka is on cloud nine as 'The Bachelor' | News for Dallas, Texas | Dallas Morning News | Latest News[/url]
    Darla Atlas is a Fort Worth freelancer. E-mail her at darla
    Jake Pavelka doesn't quite believe his life these days.

    Jake Pavelka's season of The Bachelor premieres Jan. 4.
    View larger Photography Photo store After losing out on Jillian Harris' season of The Bachelorette, the commercial pilot from Dallas won enough viewers' hearts to put him in control of the rose-giving. His season of The Bachelor premieres Jan. 4.

    "I'm having a hard time convincing myself this is actually happening," Pavelka, 31, said in an exclusive phone interview before a round of national press calls today. "I'm just me!"

    The Denton native first got involved in the never-ending franchise in 2008, after a friend at Covenant Church in Carrollton asked if he could nominate Pavelka for the show. When the opportunity arose to do a second season, "I said, 'Gosh, yeah!' "

    That "gosh, yeah" personality was adorable and swoon-worthy to some Bachelorette fans, and off-putting to others. But Pavelka shrugs off his critics.

    "You could be Superman and people will break you apart," he says. If someone approaches him and starts to tell him what he or she read online, "I say, 'Stop right there, I don't need to know.' Because it's hurtful."

    In person, he's feeling nothing but love from fans, many of whom are passengers who greet him as they deplane. (Pavelka is a captain and airline flight instructor for Atlantic Southeast Airlines, a Delta Connection carrier.)

    "Everything's been so flattering," he says. "I'll go to different airports in different parts of the country, and there are really great people going, 'Hey, so glad you came back.' That's really humbling."

    Pavelka is keeping up the proud tradition of having a Dallas-area resident on nearly every season of The Bachelor franchise, not to mention claiming its host, Chris Harrison, as one of our own. He says there's a reason Texas is a hotbed for reality-TV romance.

    "I may be flattering myself just a little bit, but I like to think it's the Southern hospitality," Pavelka says. "That would be my excuse. People are not better or worse anywhere, but here maybe they're a little more heartfelt."

    So he could have opted to stick around town to find love on his own after losing Harris. But Pavelka believes in the show's mission.

    Yes, "it has had a bit of a rocky history in the past," he says of the show's few lasting romances. "There's no reason to dance around that."

    On the other hand, "they were doing everything they could to find the perfect guy for Jillian – to find that 60-year marriage," he says. "When you see what's involved in casting, they don't cast for a show, they cast for a relationship. It's quite contrary to what most people think."

    And he says the relationships are very real. The show's rules for having no contact with the outside world "make these emotions possible in an accelerated setting. Everything is absolutely 100 percent real, raw emotion."

    Then again, Pavelka admits, once you're left roseless, "it hurts like crazy – but a couple of weeks go by, and you fall back out of love at the same rate you did going in."

    Also Online Link: Official Web site for The Bachelor

    More: TV news

    Blog: Other locals on television

    Listings: Find your show
    Many viewers experience the same emotions as they watch the show. "I'll never watch again!" is an oft-repeated refrain if the final couple isn't to their liking.

    But they usually watch again. Though he couldn't disclose details from the already-taped season, Pavelka promises that viewers will be entertained.

    "I can confidently say that everything will spool up really nice and tight in episode one," he says. "It's going to put you on a cliffhanger right at the very beginning."

    He recalls the events of that night and says, "Ooh, it tugs at your heart a lot, going through that. But it's going to be really entertaining."

    So how happy is he with his decision to be The Bachelor? Pavelka is coy with his reply.

    "I went into it with very basic expectations and I was open to anything that was going to happen, any suggestions the crew had along the way," he says. "I went into it on cloud nine, and I never came off cloud nine."

    Darla Atlas is a Fort Worth freelancer.
    'DMN' Exclusive: Dallas pilot Jake Pavelka is on cloud nine as 'The Bachelor' | News for Dallas, Texas | Dallas Morning News | Latest News

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    Re: Bachelor 14--Jake Pavelka--Media and Interviews--No Comments

    'Bachelor' Jake Pavelka is sure he will find a wife on TV -
    Jake Pavelka Believes in The Bachelor Process
    December 16th, 2009 12:21 PM by Free Britney Tags: Jake Pavelka, The Bachelor
    Jake Pavelka was billed as Mr. Perfect last season on The Bachelorette.

    Too perfect, in fact, for Jillian Harris, who found no spark with Jake despite the hunky pilot's good looks, sweet demeanor and readiness to settle down.

    Now, as the newly-minted star of The Bachelor, Jake is buckled up and will be calling the shots on the 14th installment of ABC's reality dating bonanza.

    Below, he gets ready for takeoff in a new Q&A with the N.Y. Post ...

    Q: You said you “had your heart broken” by Jillian on The Bachelorette. Was it weird to watch after you finished taping? How do you feel about her now?

    Jake Pavelka: When I left the show, I was really very disappointed; I thought there was really a connection there. We spoke the same love language.

    I felt like I had been dumped out of a real serious relationship. It was definitely tough watching Jillian on TV. I handed her my heart; it didn’t work out.

    Q: You’ve said you "believe in the process" of meeting someone on The Bachelorette or The Bachelor. But a lot of the couples from the show break up.

    Jake Pavelka: I don’t understand why more haven’t worked out. They make it possible to completely ignore the camera. They don’t put you in weird situations. They've never said “Can you retake this?” or “Can you say this?” Everything was realistic.

    EDITOR'S NOTE: What a liar.

    Q: Did you know right away who your favorites would be?

    Jake Pavelka: I heard that I’d probably know my final four would be as they were getting out of the limos [on the season premiere episode]. But to be honest, I had absolutely no idea for several episodes who the final four would be.

    Q: If you could send Jillian a message now, what would you say?

    Jake Pavelka: "Congratulations, that’s unbelievable about your engagement [to Ed Swiderski]. I'm a huge fan. Maybe in the future we can be friends.”

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    Re: Bachelor 14--Jake Pavelka--Media and Interviews--No Comments

    Will 'The Bachelor''s Jake Pavelka Go From Heartbreak To Happiness?

    Will Jake Pavelka go from the heartbreak of being rejected by Jillian Harris on "The Bachelorette" to finding his soul mate on the new season of "The Bachelor"? ET talks to the 31-year-old commercial pilot who reveals that he made no promises to present a woman with an engagement ring in the series finale. He tells us, "I didn't necessarily do what everybody wanted me to do."

    ET: What has surprised you the most about being on the other side, now that you are the one who has to pass out the roses? Do you feel more empathy for Jillian Harris?

    Jake Pavelka: That is funny. I kept saying that all season. You can stand there as one of the contenders -- one of the 30 bachelors -- and look in her eyes as Jillian would bite the right side of her lip and look down at the ground. It is hard to make eye contact with people because of what the goal is -- to find love. Any type of rejection, whether they show it or not -- guy or girl -- it hurts people's feelings and it wears on you. I have a new respect for what Jillian and Jason Mesnick and past "Bachelors" and "Bachelorettes" have gone through. You can't really tell someone what that feels like to stand there. I don't want to say you are judging anybody, but I have been on both sides now, and it almost feels like that.

    ET: I know you can't comment on any specific girl, but can you rate the girls? Did you find anyone special?

    Jake Pavelka: I don't want to ruin the ending. To answer the second part of your question first: I stayed true to myself from the very beginning. Once everything was announced, I went in and said, "Honestly, if I find love, I will come out engaged. If I don't find love and have that feeling, I won't," so I didn't promise a ring at the end of this. I stayed true to myself. I didn't necessarily do what everybody wanted me to do.

    All 25 women were absolutely amazing -- very high caliber, from all walks of life with incredible journeys. I am sitting here running different girls through my head and they were all amazing. I know that is kind of broad, but it was from the heart.

    ET: Will you have to apologize to your parents for some of the hot scenes?

    Jake Pavelka: I didn't do this to make a television show. I felt when I came out of "The Bachelorette" that I felt I had a lot of friends that cared, who asked me, "Would you like us to get you set up? Coincidentally, we are going to film a show about the whole process." I went in just to fall in love. What I took with me was just being myself. I will throw you a for instance. In a normal relationship, would you get in a hot tub in a swimsuit with a girl? Yes, I have done that in past relationships, why would I not do that now and give the relationship every chance I can? Things like that, getting into a hot tub with a girl, you are still in swim suits, I don't think I have anything to apologize for. I talked to my family in great detail about that. I am confident of how I handled myself on the show.

    ET: Did your experience with Wes last season make you more sensitive to weeding out girls who may have been there for the wrong reason?

    Jake Pavelka: I thought about that a little bit before we started. When we actually began production and I met the women, I didn't think about that again. They cast this season for me so well that when I met everybody -- of course it is first impressions and best foot forward -- but you can only do that for so long. It absolutely was not a concern of mine.

    ET: Are you emotionally, at this moment in time, ready to get married? Not to a specific girl, but in life?

    Jake Pavelka: Yes. I am emotionally at a really good place in my life.

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    Re: Bachelor 14--Jake Pavelka--Media and Interviews--No Comments

    Jake Pavelka Gets A Second Chance At Love On 'The Bachelor'

    American women fell in love with Jake Pavelka on last season's "The Bachelorette," even though he didn't get the final rose from Jillian Harris. Now the handsome, 31-year-old, commercial pilot from Dallas gets another shot at love when he premieres as "The Bachelor."

    "Some people are engineered to be alone, but I am not one of them," Jake declares as the new season is about to premiere.

    Twenty-five gorgeous gals show up -- one even dressed as a co-pilot -- for the first episode of the dating series, and then things get rough! It's blondes vs. brunettes with Jake as the quarterback for a spontaneous game of touch football with the women in gorgeous gowns.

    "A lot of the women have done some very clever things to get my attention," Jake adds. "Some of them really opened my eyes. Wow! The seat belt sign is on."

    "The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love" two-hour premiere airs Monday, January 4 at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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    Re: Bachelor 14--Jake Pavelka--Media and Interviews--No Comments

    I am bringing this over from the Spoiler Thread, compliments of dwhirch - Jake's Press Conference Call:

    Daily Press ReleasesThursday, December 17, 2009
    ABC Television Network
    "The Bachelor" conference call transcript
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    "The Bachelor" premieres MONDAY, JANUARY 4 (8:00-10:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

    Photography is available at or at (818) 460-6611.

    Operator: Welcome to Disney's "The Bachelor" call with Cathy Rehl as the leader. This call is being recorded. By staying on this call, you are confirming that you consent to this recording. If you do not wish to be recorded, please disconnect from the call at this time.

    Thank you. Ms. Rehl, you may now begin your call.

    Cathy Rehl: Hello everybody, and happy holidays. And welcome to our first conference call of the season. Today, Jake Pavelka is on the line from Atlanta and he is working, so I am going to keep this to 45 minutes at most, OK?

    Please remember that you only have two questions each at the beginning so that everybody gets a chance to ask him questions. I've already been asked this morning about the photo, the group photo that's up on the OK! Magazine site and that photo and other photos of the women will be posted later today, as well the release concerning the women. But as you know, Jake can't really answer you about individual women at this point.

    So, I am going to open the call now. So, we'll take - we'll start taking questions.

    Operator: Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. If you would like to ask a question, please press star then the number one on our telephone keypad. Your first question comes from the line of Mike Hughes with TV America.

    Mike Hughes: Hey, Jake, a while ago people would have thought that a pilot was just about the greatest catch for a bachelor for - for a women to find. But this has been a weird year. We've gone everywhere from (Sulley) being a hero to the guys overflying Minneapolis and word that pilots nowadays are overworked and underpaid. How much of that is true? Is it still a good thing to be a pilot or - or are you now overworked and underpaid and maybe a bad catch or something?

    Jake Pavelka: You know what, that's actually a really good question. I am going to a meeting in Atlanta discussing that very subject today as a matter of fact. I guess I can answer that real quickly. You know, I don't know what I would do if I had to work for a living. This is such an incredible job.

    Mike Hughes: Yes.

    Jake Pavelka: My schedule consists of flying three days a week and I have four days to do other things.

    Mike Hughes: OK.

    Jake Pavelka: And it is true that the industry is getting more and more regulated by the government. I do understand. I just saw some information that says that the aviation industry in America is the single most regulated industry out there. And that's - that's a good thing. But what the airline does, just makes adjustments, you know, complies with rest requirements and you know we're pretty - they do a like a lot of production, but its all done very safely and with a lot of thought. There are some really - really bright guys here at the airline that that - that make everything possible for the pilot. And in my opinion, the schedules are absolutely incredible. The pay has come down just a teeny bit, but that's to adjust for the recession. You know, I don't really know what industry out there hasn't taken a hit.

    Mike Hughes: So, what are you saying is and as far as, you know, someone finding a good catch, you would be a good one, because you got four days a week in which you can really spend some time with your lady and things like that. Is that right?

    Jake Pavelka: Absolutely. And I guess to really answer your question, it provides a relationship a little bit of air.

    Mike Hughes: Yes.

    Jake Pavelka: So when I am - when I am at home for four days, I am really home, I am right there, lots of love. But when I am gone, it gives the relationship just a little time to breath. You know, of course, I am available on cell phone, but I am gone two nights a week.

    Mike Hughes: OK.

    Jake Pavelka: Three days, two nights.

    Mike Hughes: OK. Thanks a lot.

    Jake Pavelka: You bet.

    Operator: Your next question comes from Paulette Cohn with ETOnline.

    Paulette Cohn: Good morning, Jake.

    Jake Pavelka: Hi.

    Paulette Cohn: What has surprised you the most about being on the other side? I mean, now you are the one who has to pass out the roses. Do you feel more empathy for Jillian?

    Jake Pavelka: You know, that's funny. I kept saying that all season. You can stand there as one of the contenders or as, you know, one of the 30 bachelors and look in her eyes, you know, as Jillian would, you know, bite the right side of her lip and look down at the ground, and, you know, it's hard to make eye contact with people, because, you know, what the goal is, to find love. And any type of rejection - you know, whether they show it or not, I mean, guy or girl, it hurts peoples' feelings and it (wears) at you.

    And so, to answer your question, yes, I definitely have a new respect for what Jillian and Jason Mesnick and past Bachelor and Bachelorettes have gone through. You can't really tell somebody what that feels like to stand there. I don't want to say you are judging anybody, but I've been on both sides and it almost feels like that. Not as the person handing the rose out, but actually standing there on those risers watching that Bachelor or Bachelorette try to figure out, you know do I get a rose or do I not get a rose.

    Paulette Cohn: OK. And my second question. OK, I know you can't comment on any specific girl, but can you sort of rate the girls this year and did you find someone special?

    Jake Pavelka: I don't want to ruin the ending. The one thing - to answer the second half of your question first; I stayed true to myself from the - you know the very beginning just pre-filming interviews once everything was announced. I went in and said, you know, very honestly, if I find love, you know, I'll come out engaged. If I don't find love and, you know, I have that feeling, then I won't. So I didn't promise a ring at the end of this, and I stayed true to myself. Didn't necessarily do what everybody wanted me to do. Tell me the first part of your question again.

    Paulette Cohn: What were the girls like?

    Jake Pavelka: All 25 women, you know, are - were absolutely amazing. Very high caliber, I mean, from all walks of life. Just incredible journeys you know. You know I am - I'm sitting here just running, you know different, different girls to my head, you know and I - they were all amazing, really amazing.

    Paulette Cohn: OK, great. Thank you.

    Jake Pavelka: I know that's kind of broad, but I mean that's - it's from the heart.

    Paulette Cohn: OK. Thanks.

    Operator: Your next question comes from Chris Rocchio from Reality TV World.

    Chris Rocchio: Hey, Jake. Thanks for doing this.

    Jake Pavelka: You bet, Chris. How are you?

    Chris Rocchio: Good. Good. So my first question is you know the track record of the show is less than stellar. So, were you confident going in that you would find somebody?

    Jake Pavelka: Well, just because - if I wasn't confident that I - you know, in the beginning that I was going to find somebody, why go through the journey and, you know, all the pain and heartache and stuff like that in the first place? But just because somebody on paper, kind of like getting - you know, getting set up by one of your good friends, you know, the producers and the casting department, they know me. I mean, just from the top of my head to the soles of my feet, you know my temperament, the love language I speak, I mean they really do know me. And I guess psychologically, you know, they know what type of girl, you know, I - I'm just - I - just going to be attracted to. And that's the way they cast.

    Chris Rocchio: OK.

    Jake Pavelka: But, you know, with all of - you know, with all of the i's dotted and the t's crossed, if there is not just that magical spark, you know, that you can't create, it's never going to work.

    Chris Rocchio: OK. So from my second question, you know what was your reaction when you were approached to be The Bachelor?

    Jake Pavelka: I did a back flip on my front lawn.

    Chris Rocchio: OK.

    Jake Pavelka: It was amazing. I think I was so excite - I was actually - I was just really flattered and humbled you know to be considered and then - and it actually happened. I actually still can't believe that that all of this happened.

    Chris Rocchio: OK. Well, thanks.

    Jake Pavelka: You bet.

    Operator: Your next question comes from Angela DeGregorio from Life and Style Weekly.

    Angela DeGregorio: Hi, Jake, how are you?

    Jake Pavelka: Hi.

    Angela DeGregorio: So, do you think you are the hottest bachelor yet?

    Jake Pavelka: No, I don't.

    Angela DeGregorio: What's your reaction to, I mean everyone has been saying that. What's your reaction to that?

    Jake Pavelka: My reaction is that's really - that's really sweet of everybody. I haven't heard that. You know, I guess - I guess that you are the first one I have heard that from, I'm kind of - I have got a big smile on my face right now. Who wouldn't love to hear that, but I - you know, I don't know that that's true that, you know, the show tends to - I guess in the past, you know, casting some, you know, good looking - good looking people. But I don't know that I would - I don't think I am, you know, by any means up at scale.

    Angela DeGregorio: How has your attitude changed this time around?

    Jake Pavelka: My attitude, in what capacity?

    Angela DeGregorio: I mean just the way you went about going through the show.

    Jake Pavelka: As I went through it, you know from the time that I started to the time it ended has my - has kind of my attitude and opinion changed.

    Angela DeGregorio: Yes.

    Jake Pavelka: The - I formulated my opinions about the entire show, when I went through with Jillian. I saw the way the producers were with her. I saw the way they casted for her temperament and her love language and what they knew about her, and it worked. Jillian and Ed are such an incredibly prefect match. I mean it was - it's - they are so perfect for each other, it's almost like a shot in the dark.

    And the two heads that I may call as this possible Mike Fleiss and the other EP, Martin Hilton, I guess have such a passion. We're putting all of this together and creating a couple. That was my opinion right there is just how much passion they have for I guess this journey. And, I went into it, you know, on Cloud 9 and you know, basically came out the same way. It was, I guess, my opinion, you know, if it hasn't changed at all, I feel like, you know, through the process they incredibly - you know, it means I was never asked to say anything. I was able to be myself the whole way through. And that that was really my opinion.

    Angela DeGregorio: Great. Thank you so much.

    Operator: Your next question comes from (Sammi Turano) from TVGrapevine.

    (Sammi Turano): Good morning, Jake, how are you?

    Jake Pavelka: Hey, I am - I am unbelievable.

    (Sammi Turano): Good. It's good to hear. My first question is, did you expect to be such a fan favorite when you went on The Bachelorette?

    Jake Pavelka: No, not at all. I knew a little bit about Jillian when I went on just from Jason's season.

    (Sammi Turano): Right, right.

    Jake Pavelka: And I - you know, (was) just again kind of did that same back flip when I found out she was going to be The Bachelorette and, you know, I absolute - I had no idea. I just - I went on there to see if we were a good match. I had no idea that - actually I had no idea how I'd be perceived.

    (Sammi Turano): Right. I understand you both, we all like you. I mean in my office and my friends, we all loved you on the show, so.

    Jake Pavelka: Oh, thank you.

    (Sammi Turano): You know the other question is what made you decide to actually do The Bachelorette this season? Was there anyone deciding factor or anything?

    Jake Pavelka: The one citing factor was how well Jill and Ed were matched up. You know casting and producers knew Ed really well. They knew and loved Jillian with the mad passion. And I kind of - I saw that you know when she would interact with producers and you know different things like that, different capacities.

    And you know, I mean it's just - it's - the way - the way it feels, when you are going through this journey is like your best friend, you know, that knows you, setting you up with, you know, the perfect girl. In this case, it happens to be 25, but, you know, how a lot of times in life that that those types of relationships, you know, your best friend knows you and but also knows this girl over here, and he makes the match or she makes the match and it winds up working.

    (Sammi Turano): Exactly.

    Jake Pavelka: That's - that's the way it felt to me and that's exactly what I saw in Jill's season.

    (Sammi Turano): Wow.

    Jake Pavelka: Yes. So that was - that was the determining factor.

    (Sammi Turano): That is incredible. All right. We wish you - I wish you all the luck and thank you.

    Jake Pavelka: Yes. Yes, absolutely.

    Operator: Your next question comes from Al Mellis from TVGrapevine.

    Al Mellis: Merry Christmas, Jake.

    Jake Pavelka: Merry Christmas to you. How are you?

    Al Mellis: I'm doing just fine.

    Jake Pavelka: Good.

    Al Mellis: I got to - I got to ask you, where are you spending Christmas?

    Jake Pavelka: I am going to be in Dallas for Christmas. I'll be with my family. We celebrate the 24th at my grandmother's, she lives just south of Dallas and then we're at my parents at Dallas Christmas Day. And I think all of the brothers and sister-in-laws and everybody are going to be there.

    Al Mellis: Awesome. I guess next question is natural. Of course, we won't see The Bachelorette until after the New Year, but I also remember Jillian happened to sort of apologize to her parents for some of the hot scenes in the Bachelorette.

    Jake Pavelka: I tell you what I guess.

    Al Mellis: Are you going to be in the same position?

    Jake Pavelka: Well, I don't feel like, you know, going back and thinking you know exactly what's in the can. I didn't go on the - I didn't do this to make a television show. I felt like when I came out of the Bachelorette, you know, that I had a lot of friends that really cared. And you know, ask me, you know, would you like us to see if we can get you set up.

    You know, coincidently we're going to film a show about the whole process. I went in just to fall in love and what I took - what I took with me was - just being myself. For instance, I'll throw you a couple of for instances. In a normal dating relationship, would you get into a hot tub in a swimsuit with the girl? I mean the answer is yes. I've done that in past relationships. Why would I, you know, not do that now and - and give the relationship every - you know every chance I can?

    And - so I - you know, things like that, getting into a hot tub with the girl, coincidentally they are usually rose petal you know, with some bubbles. You are still in the swim suits, you know, so I don't feel like I have anything to apologies. My - you know, I talked to my family in great detail about that. And so, you know, I am very confident about everything that I did, you know, the way I handled myself on the show.

    Al Mellis: Oh, thank you very much, Jake, that was a straight forward answer. Thanks.

    Jake Pavelka: Thank you.

    Operator: Your next question comes from Sarah Bibel from Fancast.

    Jake Pavelka: Hey, Sara.

    Sarah Bibel: Good morning, Jake.

    Jake Pavelka: How are you?

    Sarah Bibel: I am great. My first - my first question is, when you began the season or the journey, what qualities were you looking for in a woman?

    Jake Pavelka: The qualities - qualities that are important to me, you know, I was looking for someone that is adventurous and intelligent, you know, athletic, compassionate, romantic, some that I see in - in this lacking of relationship these days. It's you know - it's hard to find a girl that is protective. Different qualities like that that's in for me when you - when you bundle all that together that's - that's kind of what makes a (heart of gold).

    Sarah Bibel: OK. And my second question is, how do you view religious faith in form of your approach to being the Bachelor?

    Jake Pavelka: I - there - you know there was a lot - lot to consider. I just - just - I kind of feel like I just got asked that question. I guess you asked a little more directly, you know what - you know, the show has a - you know, a particular form that it likes to follow. You know they - in a normal relationship, you're going to have I guess what they call you know spicy scenes, I'm remember Jillian got into a hot tub and - with Jason on the last Bachelor.

    You know, I know that got a lot of ooh and oohing and all going on and I had heard that, she had to explain to her dad, you know, but would that happen in a normal relationship? Yes, probably. Why? Because you are in love, you love each other. You know, my religious beliefs, you know, the way I (stood) going on - on the show was, I'm going to be anybody but myself.

    And the way everything came out - you know, when I get down on my knees and pray, I don't - I'm not asking for forgiveness because I did this on the show or I did this on the show. Some people may disagree with some of the decisions that I make. But in the end, you know I felt like I was myself and that's, that's all I want to do. And my spirituality is - is really and truly who I am. So basically, you just have to stay true to yourself. I don't know if I...

    Sarah Bibel: OK. Thank you very much.

    Jake Pavelka: ...answered the question or not. Did I?

    Sarah Bibel: Yes. I mean I wasn't even necessarily referring to spiky - to like spicy scenes just in sort of.

    Jake Pavelka: I just - I assumed.

    Sarah Bibel: Yes.

    Jake Pavelka: I assumed.

    Sarah Bibel: That was just, you know, your thought process in terms of - you know, how you would approach the dates and everything and being ethical and all of that. So...

    Jake Pavelka: You mean like chivalry?

    Sarah Bibel: Yes, you know, that's a great word, yes.

    Jake Pavelka: I would think that - I don't know this is my opinion. You know and this - this may get me in trouble with - with everybody that are watching the show. But I think chivalry should go outside of spirituality. I mean isn't that - isn't that just the way the women should be treated?

    You know, respectfully protected. You know, I don't necessarily know that - you know, my spirituality or religion, you know, dictate opening car doors and, you know protecting - you know, 25 women that I am dating.

    Sarah Bibel: Great. Thank you very much.

    Operator: Your next question comes from Andrea Reiher from

    Andrea Reiher: Hi, Jake.

    Jake Pavelka: How are you?

    Andrea Reiher: I am good. How are you?

    Jake Pavelka: Good. I am really good.

    Andrea Reiher: Good. Now, it's been released by ABC that Jillian and Ed making appearance in the - in the season premiere. So, I was just kind of wondering what was it like, was that the first time you had seen them since Bachelorette. How did that go?

    Jake Pavelka: It is. It's the first time I had seen them, you know, getting to see Jill and Ed together. They complement each other. It's unbelievable. You know, it was really - it was really a testimony to me to see, you know such - such a successful relationship because they had some pretty hard little - you know, mountains that they - that they had to climb, getting everything started and everything. But answer to your question, it was - it was really good - to have them, you know, around it's to be a part of, you know, this season.

    Andrea Reiher: All right. And then my follow up is, you obviously were part of kind of a big thing last season with Wes in the (cool) confrontation. Have you seen or spoken to him since the season wrap?

    Jake Pavelka: I have not - I have not seen or spoken with him. You know what, we're - my Facebook is deactivated. But if this kind of a - when you start the show it just starts getting out of control and so it's easier just to, you know, shut the account down.

    Andrea Reiher: Right.

    Jake Pavelka: You know, on Facebook, you know he is one of my friends that I think I had 3,000 friends on there. So you know, I wish the guy well. I don't know that we'll ever be - you know best of friends. But I think he's talented artist and I hope he does well. I know he has (inaudible). But you know, other than maybe just coincidently bumping into him somewhere, I don't know probably - probably not are going to do a lot of hanging out.

    Andrea Reiher: This is it. All right. Thank you.

    Jake Pavelka: You bet.

    Operator: Your next question comes from Mike Hughes from TV America.

    Mike Hughes: All right. When you are talking about Christmas with the family and brothers, how many brothers do you have and - and how - where do you fit in there as far as oldest and youngest?

    Jake Pavelka: Middle, I am the middle child.

    Mike Hughes: Three boys.

    Jake Pavelka: Yes.

    Mike Hughes: OK. And what do your folks do for living?

    Jake Pavelka: My mom is a retired school nurse. She is...

    Mike Hughes: OK.

    Jake Pavelka: Pardon me, she is an R.N.

    Mike Hughes: OK.

    Jake Pavelka: And then my father is a dentist.

    Mike Hughes: OK. Cool. One of the things I wanted ask, you had this little career acting where you couple of times played the younger version of Chuck Norris and two different characters. How did that come about?

    Jake Pavelka: When I get into acting - you know, I was taking theater in high school. And the girl that I was dating was involved in Miss America Pageants, and so this was 15 years ago?

    Mike Hughes: Yes.

    Jake Pavelka: And she had an agent. And I went with her one day to drop off some paperwork, and he saw me and he said, "Hey, I've got - there is a Channel 5 promotion that I just got a fax on, and you would be - would you consider doing this over the next couple of days? And so I did it. And it was a lot of fun, you know it was kind of - add to your pocket but just a little bit, you know that 17 years old. And so, got an agent that way. One day I was sitting in high school right before - right before I graduated. He paged me that down there on the Walker's set, just they had let go of the young Walker and you know, they've got something, they need shot tomorrow in order to make - you know, like that show out on time. You go down there and audition. I went down there, and evidently I am the same height as Chuck Norris, there was a piece of (paper) on the wall.

    Mike Hughes: That's good. Yes.

    Jake Pavelka: Yes. And it just fit perfectly, and so that's - that's how I got into it. You know, it's a really special time of my life, getting to do something crazy like that.

    Mike Hughes: But it was - is that what's - never what you want you do most? Mostly, you've always wanted to fly planes. Is that right or--?

    Jake Pavelka: I studied acting. I thought that that's what I wanted to do, and then realized that acting is a little boring. You know, you've got - you'd shoot five minutes, and then they put you on your trailer for two hours and you just study your script. And then you come back, shoot for five minutes and then its two more hours, and those two hour breaks, you know, where they are moving lights and adjusting sets, its just too slow-paced for me.

    Mike Hughes: Yes.

    Jake Pavelka: And now I fly airplanes, it's you know my mad passion. You know I have a 180 degree panoramic view. You know the view outside my office window is never the same, different cities, getting me travel. I am engineered to fly airplanes.

    Mike Hughes: OK. Good deal. Thanks a lot.

    Jake Pavelka: You bet.

    Operator: Your next question comes from Ann Oldenburg from USA TODAY.

    Ann Oldenburg: Hi, there.

    Jake Pavelka: Hey, Ann.

    Ann Oldenburg: Just give me two to three adjectives to describe yourself, just to give us a sense of who you are and what you are like?

    Jake Pavelka: OK. Adventurous. I can be a little unpredictable and tenacious.

    Ann Oldenburg: Tenacious? Great. So, you said earlier that you didn't come out of this - you didn't promise a ring at the end of this. Did you find romance? Did you find someone that you're still seeing? What can you say of this without giving away anything?

    Jake Pavelka: Sure. No, no. Could you repeat your question? There's - I guess there's people doing the star one to ask questions and is that...

    Ann Oldenburg: Right. You said you didn't promise a ring at the end of this, but are you seeing someone? Did you find romance or fall for someone, or more than one person?

    Jake Pavelka: One thing I was hoping and I actually challenged before we started to produce this, I said that - I figured just in my mind that the first night - I watch these girls come out and after the first rose ceremony, I would know who my final four women would be.

    Ann Oldenburg: Oh, that's funny.

    Jake Pavelka: Halfway through - I mean halfway through the entire journey, I still had absolutely no idea whatsoever, because it was cast for my temperament so well.

    Ann Oldenburg: Oh, My God.

    Jake Pavelka: The women were incredible. And so, I had a lot of romance. And you know my heart went out to multiple women and it was - the rose ceremonies were very, very difficult.

    Ann Oldenburg: OK. And I guess you can't really tell us where you are now with someone, right?

    Jake Pavelka: Well, I don't want to ruin the - I don't want to ruin the surprise.

    Ann Oldenburg: OK. OK. All right, thanks.

    Jake Pavelka: You bet.

    Operator: Your next question comes from Al Mellis from TVGrapevine.

    Al Mellis: Hi again, Jake.

    Jake Pavelka: How are you?

    Al Mellis: Pretty good. I got to ask more about the show.

    Jake Pavelka: You bet.

    Al Mellis: Two questions. No Bachelor season or Bachelorette season is complete without a lot of drama.

    Jake Pavelka: That's the question?

    Al Mellis: Is there (inaudible) offers up so.

    Jake Pavelka: Well, I can tell you from the get-go, it is a very rocky and a very dramatic season. So, yes.

    Al Mellis: OK. So the follow-up question to that is, I don't know when exactly, but at some time in the past, you were quoted as telling us that you were a people pleaser. Is that getting your way during your season?

    Jake Pavelka: Amazingly enough, you know, that was something I was concerned about. But amazingly enough, it really didn't. You know, the way I avoided that was just staying really focused on trying to find that one special girl you know amongst the 25 women. And, you know, I can honestly tell you, there were many women on there that were so close to being, you know everything that I have ever wanted and I felt like vice versa on their part.

    Al Mellis: OK. I got you.

    Jake Pavelka: But for some reason there wasn't a feeling or they would have to change this one little thing about them, or you know - and I didn't want to go on there and fix anybody. You know, I did not spend my whole thing in dating is, I don't want to fix you, I don't want you to fix me. You know let's just fall in love as we are.

    Al Mellis: Oh, awesome. Congratulations.

    Jake Pavelka: That made it - that made it easier. That's how I got through and you know with - you know it's hard to let people down. But you just have to keep in mind, it's a short process and you got to take it real serious.

    Al Mellis: Well, I am sure those viewers will be anticipating the season.

    Jake Pavelka: I think it's going to be really entertaining. There is some - there are some stuff that happened well.

    Al Mellis: Good. Well, we all need a little drama to keep our interest up, so I am glad that you are indicating there is some.

    Jake Pavelka: Yes, sir.

    Al Mellis: There you go. Like I said, you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Jake Pavelka: You too; same to your family.

    Al Mellis: Ciao.

    Operator: Your next question comes from Sarah Bibel from Fancast

    Sarah Bibel: Hi, again.

    Jake Pavelka: Hey, Sara.

    Sarah Bibel: Since you are a pilot, are we going - first part of the question. Are we going to get to see you do fly a plane on any of the dates? You know maybe you're going to fly a woman or whisk a woman away. And how much input did you have of the producers in terms of (inaudible) dates that were activities you enjoyed?

    Jake Pavelka: OK, let's see, the first part of your question, there is - I can't, you know, I don't want to ruin you know too much of the show there - you know, as there - there is aviation as there has been in almost every season since they started. I can tell you, I pushed - when I put my (two cents) in, I pushed as hard as I could for as much aviation because that is the - it's my passion. What I really love to do.

    As far as planning the dates with the producers, absolutely, that's one thing that I did ask for. If I come on here and I do happen to find somebody, what we've done all of these just you know shoot for the star type date that are all of the sudden going to come to an end you know and now it's ordinary life, you know I don't want my newfound relationship not to be able to handle you know going to the chilies. And so, you know, that's what we agreed on, you know, right at the very beginning.

    And so, in that they would - well, this is kind of what we're thinking. You know I mean this just sound like something you would do in real life and absolute, I would definitely go there. This is exactly what I would look for. So, I felt like I had a lot of input you know on planning dates and telling producers this is something I would really do and it does, at this date screams Jake.

    Sarah Bibel: Great. And one quick follow-up, in the - during the season of the Bachelorette, your image was of being Mr. Perfect. Were you worried that the women would expect you to be perfect when they meet you?

    Jake Pavelka: Don't even know what that means. You know, it's - when somebody says - you know when somebody says you know you are perfect, that's amazing. And what was really funny is I re-watched Jillian's season. And she described Kiptyn, you know, she just said, you are perfect. And then she described Kiptyn, you know, a couple of episodes after I was off as being perfect also. And I don't if she - I don't - I honest to God I am stuttering here because I don't how to answer that question.

    It didn't come to mind, I mean, I am not perfect or very much so not too perfect. I think - I think my - what's confused is being perfect is just common respect for women. And that's been my platform in life. You know, chivalry, respect, protection, you know for women you care about. I just - the way I was raised and that's what I believe, you know, women deserve, you know, as independent and I guess independent as women are today. You know, that's - it's amazing that you can actually that I know people that have a companion, you know, and she is equally a smart, makes as much money, but yet really appreciates you know her great husband, who adores and you know kissing her and making her feel treasured.

    Sarah Bibel: Great. And, thank you very much.

    Jake Pavelka: Sorry, I just rambled off on that.

    Sarah Bibel: No, that was great thing. This is something to close.

    Jake Pavelka: This is something I am real passionate about.

    Operator: And your next question comes from Paulette Cohn with ETOnline.

    Paulette Cohn: I'm back.

    Jake Pavelka: Hey, Paulette.

    Paulette Cohn: At the last "Men Tell All", the guys were kind of hard on you. So, I was curious, have you stayed friends? I mean you said you didn't haven't seen Wes and you shutdown your Facebook, but have you been stayed in touch with any of the other guys and did you make friends?

    Jake Pavelka: My - I haven't had any contact with any of the men's from the Bachelorette and a pretty good little while, you know, my close friends on there, you know, I don't have any problems on who they are? I got quite close with Kiptyn and I got really close with Mike Stagliano.

    I've not talked to either one of them in a pretty good little while, but you know everybody is entitled to their opinion. I think those guys were you know in some ways too worried about how they were going to look on TV or their image you know or this man code thing and it got in the way of them actually being able to put themselves out there and fall in love or allow the fall to take place.

    Cathy Rehl: Just go ahead, Paulette.

    Paulette Cohn: I'm sorry, were you finish with that answer?

    Jake Pavelka: Yes. Yes.

    Paulette Cohn: OK. So then, you know there was a lot of controversy of that season and that's what made and someone asked if there was drama, but is there going to be any of that - anything like controversial about you because you know everybody thinks you are so (straight there).

    Jake Pavelka: You know what, I don't - I don't feel like I have anything to hide. You know, I don't have a girlfriend. Coincidently, I'm not married and don't have eight mistresses. Pardon me, Tiger Woods. You know, I mean that is like cheating and real shady activity, you know, I don't - I mean I think everybody has got skeletons in their closet. I mean it's just impossible to live life you know in the 21st century and not have some sort of skeleton in your closet, but you know I don't have any - if I could think of anything that I thought would shock everybody. You know I would get it out there right now and (patch) up and be honest, but I can't think of anything to, anything to say.

    Paulette Cohn: But that doesn't preclude there being drama on the show?

    Jake Pavelka: Absolutely not.

    Paulette Cohn: Or had being involved in drama on the show.

    Jake Pavelka: Oh, oh, is that OK. I'm sorry.

    Cathy Rehl: No, no, I'm just saying, I don't want her to think - you've said before that there was lot of drama and it's a rocky road and trust me, it is.

    Jake Pavelka: Yes. Yes. And I will confirm that that it - some of the things that happened on the show drama-wise, floored me.

    Operator: And I'm showing there are no further questions in queue at this time.

    Cathy Rehl: OK. I know there are somebody who is trying to get through and who has had a problem. I know Delaina Dixon is trying to get through with the question, is there no way to get her online or get her through. She is having some - there is some sort of technical glitch.

    Operator: One moment please. And your next question will come from the Delaina Dixon from (Delaina Dixon).

    Jake Pavelka: Hey, Delaina.

    Delaina Dixon: Well, so you heard me, but you couldn't answer me, so I apologize for my sense of (crazing) that but Jake how are you?

    Jake Pavelka: Good. Good, absolutely.

    Delaina Dixon: Like why am I not going through, my question is not that hard. OK, so I wanted to think back to dealing with Wes and his whole musical career thing. Did it make you more sensitive to weeding out girls who may have been there for the wrong reason?

    Jake Pavelka: I thought about that a little bit before we started. When we actually began production and I got to meet the women, I didn't actually think about that again. I think that you know I don't want to go - I'm not going to go - I'm not going to - I was going to - anyway I'm going to cut myself off for - they cast this season for me so well when I met everybody, of course, you know its just first impression. You know people are going to put their best with forward. You can only do that for so long. And it absolutely was not a concern of mine.

    Delaina Dixon: Good to know. And are you emotionally at this moment in time ready to get married?

    Jake Pavelka: Emotionally at this moment in time, well...

    Delaina Dixon: No, I don't mean to a specific girl, whether it be on the show or not. I just mean you...

    Jake Pavelka: In life, if am I emotionally at a place in my life right now - well, I, yes. I am at emotionally at really good place in my life.

    Delaina Dixon: That's enough. That's all I wanted to know. Thanks.

    Jake Pavelka: Thanks.

    Delaina Dixon: Bye.

    Operator: Once again if anyone would like to ask a question, please press star than the number one on your telephone keypads. I am showing no further questions from the phone lines.

    Cathy Rehl: OK. Thank you everybody. There will be a transcript up tomorrow afternoon sometime of this call. But, thank you and I see that the release of the women has gone out. So that's been posted and I'm sure if the photos aren't up there, they will be very shortly.

    One other thing, somebody asked about whether Jake had piloted or you see him pilot someone in. I just looked back at our premiere release and we have said that.

    Jake Pavelka: OK. I am sorry about that.

    Cathy Rehl: No, no, that's OK, Jake. You wouldn't have known what was give out and I know - he is, you know, being particularly careful. But I can't tell you, you know, when it happens, but you will see him piloting a plane.

    So I think that's it. Thank you everybody. If you have any problems or questions give me a call at 212-456-6749 or e-mail at or Yani Chang on West Coast in a way can also help you out. Thanks so much. And we'll talk you after the New Year.

    Operator: Ladies and gentlemen, this concludes today's conference. You may now disconnect.
    The happiest people don't necessarily have the best of everything. They just make the best of everything they have.

    ~ Author unknown

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    Re: Bachelor 14--Jake Pavelka--Media and Interviews--No Comments

    'The Bachelor''s Jake Pavelka: My Goal is to Fall in Love

    Nice guys always finish last in love … or do they? Tune in for the season premiere of "The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love" to find out if Jake Pavelka, who didn't make Jillian Harris' final cut on last season's "The Bachelorette," will find love with one of the 25 gorgeous gals who have been cast for the new season.

    "I'm looking for a heart of gold, someone who has some character, a good caring person," Jake says. "You could probably sum that up in four words: compassionate, yet romantic, passionate and maybe protective. I don't have a type. I have dated a little bit of everybody: the blonde blue-eyed, the brunette green-eyed, and redheads. There is not any type I gravitate towards. It is all about character to me."

    According to executive producer Martin Hilton, this season has some of the best casting yet. Why? Because when several of the ladies learned that "The Bachelor" was Jake, they decided to audition for the series because they were attracted to him from what they had seen last season.

    Let's hope it is reciprocal, because Jake claims his biggest problem is that he is picky, which weeds out a lot of women right off the bat.

    That said, he is hopeful about the new season, saying, "My goal is to fall in love, wind up with a fiancée and in a little bit of time, a wife. In six months, with everything I am, I believe I will be engaged."

    The new season of "The Bachelor" premieres Monday, January 4 at 8 p.m. on ABC.
    'The Bachelor''s Jake Pavelka: My Goal Is To Fall In Love

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    Re: Bachelor 14--Jake Pavelka--Media and Interviews--No Comments

    OK Magazine - Chris Harrison's 6 Picks

    The cast of the new Bachelor Chris Harris, the host of of The Bachelor, is making no excuses when it comes to this season’s cast of ladies set on winning the heart of bachelor Jake Pavelka. “They are one of the most beautiful groups from top to bottom that we have ever had,” he says. But these six ladies in particular are the ones he’s picked as his faves! (CLICK HERE FOR THE COMPLETE LIST!)

    1. Ali Fedotowsky, 25, an advertising account manager from Williamstown, Mass. — “She’s the consummate girl next door,” says Chris. “Everybody loves her — including Jake. She’s very easy to be around.”

    2. Elizabeth Kitt, 29, a nanny from Imperial, Neb. — “Elizabeth is definitely striking and very flirty, but an old-fashioned girl,” Chris explains. “She is really hard for Jake to figure out. He’s not sure if it’s a game with her, or if she is serious.”

    3. Ella Nolan, 30, a single mother (8-year-old son, Ethan) and hair stylist from Lafollette, Tenn. — “Ella is a single mom and a Southern belle. She’s definitely not here to party, but here to find a husband and dad for her son. She is very serious about it.”

    4. Gia Allemand, 26, a swimsuit model from New York, N.Y. — “If you had to label her, you would say ‘vixen,’ ” predicts Chris. “She is very well-equipped to handle the situation. But don’t judge a book by its cover.”

    5. Michelle Kujawa, 26, an office manager from Anaheim, Calif.“Michelle is there to fall in love — period. She didn’t come to make friends, but she isn’t prepared for all of the pressure.”

    6. Rozlyn Papa, 28, a single mother (son, Ayden, age 7) and model/makeup artist from Richmond, Va. — “Rozlyn stirs things up pretty early in more of a psychological way. She definitely makes a statement to Jake and to the other girls,” says Chris.

    Catch the premier of The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love, on Jan. 4 at 8 p.m. on ABC

    The happiest people don't necessarily have the best of everything. They just make the best of everything they have.

    ~ Author unknown

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    Re: Bachelor 14--Jake Pavelka--Media and Interviews--No Comments

    Thanks to Dreamer (Think it was originally on ABC site?)

    'The Bachelor''s Jake Pavelka is a Hopeful Romantic'

    Jake Pavelka begins his search for the special woman who could become his wife when "The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love" premieres in January.

    Jake first won the hearts of women across America when he and "The Bachelorette"'s Jillian Harris went on a solo date to hear Martina McBride perform. But just before the hometown dates, Jillian failed to give Jake a red rose, ending his hopes of winning her heart.

    "I thought there was real potential, but it just wasn't meant to be," he says. "I was crushed. I was the guy who came in truly looking for love. Nice guys finish last. It is the story of my life."

    As "The Bachelor," there is no chance that Jake can finish last. He will have his choice of 25 women, many of whom only auditioned after learning that Jake was the new "Bachelor."

    "I am still America's hopeful romantic," he says about the new season. "I am going to pour my heart and soul into this. I think that is why I will walk away with a wife."
    The happiest people don't necessarily have the best of everything. They just make the best of everything they have.

    ~ Author unknown

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