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Thread: A new thread for the Post-Spoiler World: Parting Words

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    Re: A new thread for the Post-Spoiler World: Parting Words

    I'm just gonna say it...and I fully expect to be struck down on the spot by lightening, but I agree with Trista. If you do any reading of what she says about this whole debacle, she's spot-on with every thought. [hiding under my desk waiting for the bolt.]

    And my last two cents on Jason? The dude isn't worth one more second of our precious air or board time. Melissa's e-mails say it all, and prove yet once again that the girl is nothing but class and so far out of Jason's league it's not even funny.

    And lastly? A short letter to our next Bachelorette:

    Dear Jillian,
    Rock out wit cher little Canuck heart out, girl. We're rooting for (and praying we still end up liking) ya.

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    Re: A new thread for the Post-Spoiler World: Parting Words

    Fantastic posts, jlccaz and Kasha! What a crazy, crazy debacle this season turned out to be.

    Here are my parting thoughts-- not that anyone wants to hear them, but maybe it'll be therapeutic for me to write them down so I can move on to Canadian Mounties more easily.

    Typically, I don't buy into conspiracy theories, but some things have been bothering me about this season's finale. While I don't necessarily think RS is right that the finale was planned at the beginning of the season... I think they were planned before the finale.

    My reasons--


    Originally, I completely discounted the conspiracy because I figured TPTB had brought Deanna in to create the "drama" for the finale. Only, she didn't necessarily ask for him back like I thought she would. She gave him all the perfect reasons to choose Melissa. "Lead your heart," she said. I have NEVER heard that advice given; it's always "follow your heart." Anyways... so Deanna didn't come back to ask for another chance. She came to dispense some advice, all courtesy of TPTB.

    The question begs to be asked-- WHY?? Because I think they were setting it up for the switcheroo.

    She stayed on script and gave us all the reasons that Jason would break up with Melissa at the finale. It was almost like a checklist-- I'm going to tell Jason to lead his heart and choose the "safe one" instead of the fun one(check!). I'm going to show Jason where choosing the fun one got me (check!) After Jason chooses the safe one, he's going to realize the fun one got away and he's going to ask her for another shot..

    It was like watching a poorly written book-- they gave away clues for the ending before the climax they'd been building towards had happened! It was foreshadowing to the umpteenth degree so as to make it obvious to those who didn't have a clue why he ultimately with Molly in the end. Personally, I intensely dislike shows/books like that-- give me Lost where I have to think about things...


    It kind of cracks me up that they haven't been able to keep their stories straight on this, but after reading somewhere in the Media thread that Jason was allowed to call Molly to see how she was doing after the finale-- come on! I can understand wanting to do that, but for him to do it?? He should've had someone else make that call.

    The reason he was allowed to make the call was to stoke the flames and keep the embers burning. I'm sure he didn't give anything away to Molly, but he kept the dream alive for her, so I'm sure he knew where he was heading with his decision. Then we hear that they spoke over the Holidays and suddenly things are rocky between Melissa & Jason. Hmm...I wonder why...

    Remember-- this is Jason we're talking about here-- the guy who didn't want to be alone in the end... there is NO WAY he was going to ask Molly to give him another shot w/o knowing that she would say yes. Perhaps he never came out and said it to Molly so they could get their money shot of her surprise, but if Melissa had an incling that something bad was happening, I think Molly had an incling that something good might happen.


    So sdl brought this up and Blondie confirmed it. The only thing different about it this season is that they planned for things well in advance so they could have the ultimate breakup on their "most shocking finale EVAH!" How many other times have the bachelors and their F1s broken up? Yet this is the only one we've seen on camera? CH can say whatever he wants, but just because Jaosn decided to go with F2 doesn't mean we need to witness the carnage. They planned for it because they knew all along it'd happen.


    Jason stopped doing interviews after the ATFR1 was taped. Suddenly, then, he's out there on The View stating how he's just living his life and while he knows there are rumors out there, he's not sure exactly what they are, but he wanted to state for the record that it wasn't a set up and was exactly how he lived it. Jason, Methinks thou doth protest too much! [Because, naturally, his sidekicks CH & MF were out there saying the same thing.] Too much damage control, too late. If they had wanted there to be damage control, they would've edited Molly better instead of the competitor who was out to win at all cost. Which leads me to another point


    From the very first episode, Molly was shown as the ultimate competitor: the girl who didn't mind cutting into other people's dances, who didn't mind showing Jason her "best talent". She was out to win at all costs and didn't care how many people she stepped on to get there. This was her edit from the VERY FIRST episode when she cut in with Raquel & Jason...because they already knew what the ending (the final ending) would be.

    (6) MF IS AN IDIOT

    Or maybe he's a genius. I guess it depends on how you look at it all. He's an idiot because he has no idea what the public really wants to see. He's an idiot because he lets his people play up a love story, only to pull the rug out from under us at the end. On the other hand, I begrudgingly have to call him a genius because he's gotten the highest ratings he's had in a long time. Which makes me very, very worried about the shenanigans he's lining up for Jillian's season. But, hell, if you throw a couple of shots of Canadian Mounties in each episode, Mike, I might forgive your being a cold-hearted snake.

    I apologize for the ramblings and the crazy directions my post took. Was just trying to put it all out there after having little sleep. Carry on!
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    Re: A new thread for the Post-Spoiler World: Parting Words

    I do think that "if" there is a chance for a real relationship here, it is with Jason and Molly.

    Well said! I must be a jaded bachelor watcher but I cannot figure out what all the outrage is about. Sure I was disappointed in Jason and I decry the commercialism of "the break up". Melissa is a sweet girl, no wonder she is the dumpee in all her relationships. She reminds me of some fine women I know who turn themselves into pretzels to keep their man and end up being kicked to the curb.

    Now Molly-smart lady-held back just the right amount of herself to keep Jason interested. I think she read the Feminine Mystique,more importantly,she is no door mat.

    She is exactly what Jason needs even if it is a swift kick in the pants from time to time. They actually have a good chance of making it!

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    Re: A new thread for the Post-Spoiler World: Parting Words

    First timer here. I DO NOT have a problem w/ anyone, much less Jason, to follow their heart. The issue I have w/ this is, Brad Womack did it, why couldn't Jason?( to not choose). Maybe it was b-cause he has fallen for the F2. But when he let Molly go, and he acted the way he did w/ all that crying and all, he should have told Fleiss then, I can't propose. Can't do it. He even stated, that he fell for Molly early on. I was telling my husband, u know, yep, you can love 2 people @ one time. But you know what, there is always going to be something there, that you are going to love more than the other. It has been one fab season, up until RS changed it all. But that is ok. Cause I went into watching Monday, already knowing what happened. I am looking forward to watching Jillian. I didn't care for her the 1st 3 weeks. But by the 4th or 5th week, she had grown on me and I had become to like and enjoy her sense of humor. And her out look on things. very lovely girl...And I can not wait to her quest for love. Ya'll have a wonderful day and until next season..or for the next few months...TTYL...WAR EAGLE...
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    Re: A new thread for the Post-Spoiler World: Parting Words

    I have enjoyed reading each and everyone of these posts. Truly, I am tired of the whole deal. Who cares who he chose in the end? My only beef was the way it was ended with Melissa. As RS said, it's not the WHO, but the HOW. Those words ring true, don't they?

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    Re: A new thread for the Post-Spoiler World: Parting Words

    Quote Originally Posted by becauseIcan;3370686;
    My only beef was the way it was ended with Melissa.
    Fleiss' response? "It's a TV show. He would have done it on the radio if this were a radio show." LOL! Classy guy, for sure!

    Honestly, though, looking at how they parade Trista and Ryan around every chance they get, and even showcased the romance blossoming between former contestants from other seasons, I think that TPTB really do want a lasting romance to come from the show. The drama is great for the ratings in the short term, but then those people are pretty much used up as far as the show goes. If, on the other hand, they get a lasting couple, or a huge TV wedding, they get to milk that for a long time.

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    Re: A new thread for the Post-Spoiler World: Parting Words

    Cantstopwatchin - excellent post! I think you have really nailed it. This whole thing has smelled fishy! What about Molly saying that she thought he made a big mistake. She said it twice and didn't even seem to react to her being dumped other than that. That was odd.

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    Re: A new thread for the Post-Spoiler World: Parting Words

    To me the facts more point to an evil plot hatched between January 5 and January 18 to blind-side Melissa at the ATFR1 taping, as opposed to any pre-conceived PLAN going back to last Fall to have a Chayevsky style implosive ending to a fading series.
    I think the facts and timeline as you've brilliantly organized them do point to this likelihood. What's nibbling at the corners of my swiss-cheese brain is this: Fleiss is adamant that he was after Molly to be the next bachelorette from the time filming wrapped in New Zealand. There are reports that is what provided the "excuse" for her December conversation(s) with Jason.

    It makes no sense to me that Molly would have been the number one choice for next bachelorette. She never had the fan base of Melissa, Jillian or even Stephanie. A quick look at any of the online polls way before the scandal broke would have told him that. She certainly wasn't getting the edit for "next star." That went to Jillian. Contemporaneous with when this supposed wooing of Molly going on, CH and everyone else connected with the show were making much ado about the "nationwide search" for the new bachelorette and how they really wanted a fresh face.

    So, the question I ask is: Was Fleiss really interested in Molly as the next bachelorette or was he using that as an impetus to push her and Jason together? If the latter, I think that might swing the pendulum back toward the conspiracy side of the debate.

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    Re: A new thread for the Post-Spoiler World: Parting Words

    Jason and Molly are together as it should have been.

    Melissa was set free by Jason to pursue that 2 yr. relationship with the hunky guy that is probably much better suited for her.

    They have all moved on - with lessons learned hopefully

    Now let's take a look at ourselves and how perfect we have all been when it comes to emotions of the heart...

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    Re: A new thread for the Post-Spoiler World: Parting Words

    Quote Originally Posted by maude~flanders;3371288;
    Cantstopwatchin - excellent post! I think you have really nailed it. This whole thing has smelled fishy! What about Molly saying that she thought he made a big mistake. She said it twice and didn't even seem to react to her being dumped other than that. That was odd.

    I agree here! Great post Cantstopwatchin. You have hit my pressure points on this show also.

    I still believe (without any evidence) that Jason was test run in Deanna's season to see how he would play to fans as a "single dad," and contracted for the F2 position to lead him there. TPTB found him malable and gullible, perhaps deliberately blind.

    If the plot was not hatched by MF and MH before the show, it was percolating in the background, and they found fertile ground for its implementation. The skill, from years of experience, of directing the characters in the "right" direction to satisfy the plot line has been honed to a T. I am convinced tht Molly was led to believe from both Jason and the producers that she was the F1 from at least the camping date on. I think Melissa was also. Those little whispers from your producer "friends." They were set on a fast track for collision. The first screencaps were screeming "Beware, set up!"

    Jason's inability to make any decision was the perfect opportunity for influence. He could choose either one, being assured tht they would facilitate whatever he wanted if it didn't work out. He gets a do-over, a mulligan. Great opportunity to nurse Molly's feelings, prop up Melissa, all heading to the quickie AFTR1 ... It is so interesting to watch the flip-flop, when a character (after the show) says completely opposite what he/she said right after taping happened.

    So while TPTB say that it is "real" and "not scripted," meaning there are no written words to recite,(except when they badger you until you ay the right thing ) the action is certainly not left up to the wims of the players. And the behind the sceenes manipulation assures that feelings are properly nourished to produce the correct results.

    We laugh about them not being about to keep their stories straight, but by the end of their PR blitz, everyone is playing pretty - even Melissa. The set up fades to the background. No one got hurt. No one will hear anything negative until well into the next show. And Fleiss rides away into the sunset to rape and pillage another day
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