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Thread: 3/03 ATFR2 Discussion **spoilers**

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    Re: 3/03 ATFR2 Discussion **spoilers**

    Jason's driveling on and on last night about how he thought Melissa was the most amazing person he's ever met was so lame. Jason, if you thought she was THAT amazing, why the hell aren't you with her? And if you think she's the most amazing person you've ever met, doesn't that make Molly pretty second tier in comparison? I would think the person with whom you intend on spendning the rest of your life at some point should carry the title being the most amazing woman you've ever met. I also find it silly that last night he commented on how he and Molly are best friends...well, isn't that the main reason he claimed he sent Jillian home? Because he wanted something more than her being his best friend? I say Jason is living in a dillusional world where his desires and wants change with the weather.

    While I'm at it, I was also surprised at some of the Bachelorettes taking Jason's defense. The only one who really spoke up was Erica. Hats off to her for speaking her mind and not trying to save face.
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    Re: 3/03 ATFR2 Discussion **spoilers**

    Clearly Jason and Molly have issues and don't have a clue what they're talking about. In one of the last clips at Jason's house, Molly exclaims "Great tacos!" (or something like that)

    They were burritos, not tacos

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    Re: 3/03 ATFR2 Discussion **spoilers**

    Molly is 24 yrs old...what does she know about love and relationships. She is acting immature and so is Jason. Jason needs therapy and Molly needs to grow up and show some respect for others.

    That groping on the coach just wanted to make me throw up. They both disgust me. Where are their morals?

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    Re: 3/03 ATFR2 Discussion **spoilers**

    Ok. I have watched the bachelor nearly every season. I have only commented once. I have to mention that I enjoyed this season. How can you blame Jason? In real life a person usually doesn't date with intensity two or even three people. When it came down to it he made a choice he honestly felt good about. I do think he tried. I am not sure he could exactly pin point and exact reason he didn't want to stay with Melissa. He fell harder for Molly but didn't realize that until after he couldn't see her anymore. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. It happens. As far as Molly taking him back... why not? She loved him. So what if they kissed a little at the afthr he wasn't committed anymore. They didn't make out! Molly was classy when he rejected her. No bad words just concern for him and his happiness. I am happy for them. I hope it works out. All in all it would have been better if he had chosen Molly in the first place but that is all hindsight. I am not sure why people are so upset, stuff like this happens. I think Jason could have been a big jerk. I think he handled himself well. As far as the taco, burrito... they are the same thing just folded differently!

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    Re: 3/03 ATFR2 Discussion **spoilers**

    What was wrong about them kissing on the coach was that it showed a total lack of respect towards the hurt party. If there was not a third person who has been hurt by the relationship, it would be fine. The fact that they couldn't control themselves for the taping of both of the AFTR shows no class and complete disrespect towards Melissa. Would it not be humiliating if your fiance dumped you and 10 minutes later was sucking face with the person he dumped you for? They added insult to injury with their behavior.

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    Re: 3/03 ATFR2 Discussion **spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Katydyd;3365664;
    Nope. Not buying that. I commented on that several times. JMO, but they "broke up" before they ever made it to TV.

    I agree Katydyd. I also think that mel had some idea of what was coming in a sense. I think it is good that it comes now rather than later and the whole point was to find the person he wanted to be with and I knew it when he let Molly go it wasn't the right choice!

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    Re: 3/03 ATFR2 Discussion **spoilers**

    I can't be all that upset about the despicable thing Jason did, as I believe he was a pawn in many respects. If his head had prevailed over his heart, it was obvious to me he wouldn't have proposed to Melissa in the first place, as his emotions directly after letting Molly go were completely off the charts. Anybody will tell you it's very dangerous to make critical decisions when emotions are high, but when they are it's toughest to refrain from making one.

    At least he didn't propose to Molly already - that might indicate he's using more discretion this time. He might want to make sure she doesn't see the hot tub scene with Jillian too many times, LOL!

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    Re: 3/03 ATFR2 Discussion **spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by EinsteinX4;3367240;
    I found it odd that he cried throughout the season, but didn't shed a tear when he treated Melissa like that. He seemed to enjoy it actually. Something definitely happened between the two and he actually seemed to dislike her to me and was holding back with his true motive. I think it was more than just Molly. I don't like him anymore. I can't believe he would humiliate another person like that. I have no doubt he and Molly were in touch. She did not look surprised to me at all. I noticed how being best friends with Molly was acceptable but not with Jillian, I guess he forgot his big sermon about wanting more than that. I bet he's one super PERV. Something very cheesy about him now.

    I have finally been able to come on here and post my thoughts about last night's show. I also noticed this odd disconnect on Jason's part when he was speaking with Melissa on the ATFR 1. He couldn't even summon up any real tears.

    I think it's really very simple. What happened between them is that Jason picked the wrong girl. If you believe the information from RS and others, it was because that was the way it was scripted, so that they could have their jaw-dropping ending. He dumps Melissa and then picks the woman he should have chosen in the first place. If you don't want to be with someone, then the relationship is doomed before it ever really begins. I think that Melissa did sense that he had feelings for Molly and it poisoned her relationship with Jason. Women aren't stupid. They have intuition and I think Melissa's woman's intuition told her that Jason really wanted Molly. That was why things were so uncomfortable for them.

    I laughed out loud when I heard Jason say that Molly was now his best friend. This guy catches on fast or else he just stays on script. Funny how he didn't get that whole "best friends" thing with Jillian. Anyway, it's all nonsense. He and Molly had the passion first and I still think it's all lust between them.

    I was so disgusted with this whole one hour pr damage control show by ABC. That's all it was. They are telling us that everything was on the up and up and all is well, except for Melissa who was smart enough not to be there.

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    Re: 3/03 ATFR2 Discussion **spoilers**

    I think the one guy in the audience they asked said it all.
    He said of Jason crying over the railing that if you are that upset about letting someone go, that proposing to the next one makes no sense.

    To me that proposing to Melissa was his biggest mistake.

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    Re: 3/03 ATFR2 Discussion **spoilers**

    FINALLY got a chance to see this whole mess (well, better LATE to the party than not at all, I guess!) . . .

    JMHO . . .

    Far as I can tell, "Tool" doesn't even BEGIN to describe Jason. Matter of fact, the word's WAY too good for him, I think.

    Hard as it was and as much as it HAD to have hurt, I believe Melissa got the best end of the deal, because however it happened, she's no longer with Jason, so GOOD FOR HER!!!!!

    And Molly? The woman has NO self-respect at all.

    Those two DESERVE each other.

    If this farce lasts longer than, say, six months, more power to the both of 'em, but I'll sure as hell be surprised.

    And, BOY, do I feel sorry for Ty.
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