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Thread: Show Discussion 3/2 ** West Coast Spoilers***

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    Re: Show Discussion 3/2 ** West Coast Spoilers***

    After loving Deanna on Brad's season, and Jason on Deanna's season, I think Fleiss need to stop picking final 2 (or even 3) to be the NEXT bachelor/bachelorette.

    It's too soon, (I mean don't get me wrong I'm pretty disgusted with Jason, Fleiss, ABC and TPTB, (Deanna).)
    But to become the next bachelor/bachelorette 3 months after being dumped is insincere.

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    Re: Show Discussion 3/2 ** West Coast Spoilers***

    Quote Originally Posted by bee stung lips;3362819;
    ...yes, that leads me to another observation...his incessant bawling got on my last nerve. I'm all for a guy showing his emotions, but if he's crying more than me when I'm pms'ing, I'd say that's a little too much.

    ITA. Between the man boobs and the bawling, this guy has an excess of estrogen and needs to learn to hold it together more.

    When I just rewatched last night's episode, I realized how much it looked like a poorly acted soap opera.

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    Re: Show Discussion 3/2 ** West Coast Spoilers***

    The spoilers are good stuff, but I found this site with a great photo gallery of past Bachelor stars and where the show has gotten them since then! I wonder if The Bachelor is cursed since only one couple has stayed together. Check out the photos and you'll see what I mean. Maybe Jason will not find love after being on the show:
    denver.metromix.com/tv/photogallery/the-bachelor-stars-where/824517/content]'The Bachelor' stars: Where are they now? | Awkward post-show marriages! Even more awkward post-show arrests! | Photo 1/12 | Metromix Denver

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