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Thread: What Camp Are You In?

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    What Camp Are You In?

    Since we are all here this weekend just waiting patiently for the outcome on Monday and Tuesday I thought it might be fun to put in your vote/opinion on who you think Jason is going to end up with.

    Since this in not in the Spoiler area, be careful if you explain your reason, we have to keep all comments out so not to ruin it for anyone who may not visit that area of the board. This will give those who choose correctly "bragging rights" after all this is over. Not that we will hold it against anyone, I am just curious as to how many believe and stay true to what they are shown on TV and those who are swayed by rumors online. Please don't take offense by the 'rumor' comment it's that I feel they are just that until we are proven otherwise on Tuesday.

    For the record, my vote is for Melissa.
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    Re: What Camp Are You In?

    I actually like both girls - so I don't care who he chooses. I think the show has shown a growing romance with Jason and Melissa and less of that with Jason and Molly.....but I remember Bachelor Bob's season where he picked the girl that was practically faceless through the whole show (I later read in an article that the chemistry was so great between them that the show cut those parts out or else everyone would know who he picked). To me, Melissa is the fun loving type, where Molly is the more stay-at-home type. Guess it just depends on what he's looking for.

    I prefer Molly, but my guess is Melissa as well. As for the rumors.......I watch this show for entertainment purposes and not because I think true love is going to be found...and I tend to believe most of this is scripted anyway. So yes - I'll be watching!!!

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    Re: What Camp Are You In?

    This thread is yielding too many posts that hint at spoilers, so we're closing it.
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