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Thread: Shannon - Bachelor 13

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    Re: Shannon - Bachelor 13

    Shannon appears to have some serious issues... "French kiss my dog" .. omg .. barffff. Is this because no one else will?

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    Re: Shannon - Bachelor 13

    I guess Shannon, Holly, and Jesse are hanging out in Breck. That was her comment on Holly's Myspace.

    Jan 24 2009 1:10 PM

    Try and make it out to Colorado the 7th-11th!!!

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    Re: Shannon - Bachelor 13

    Someone called her 'bunny boiler' and I seriously snorted out loud.

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    Re: Shannon - Bachelor 13

    There's an interesting interview with Shannon, anybody interested should just google for it "shannon bachelor interview." She basically admits to saying things she didn't mean basically because of producer or self imposed pressure, she doesn't really specify. I knew there was only so much producers could edit her out to be obsessed with Jason without her giving them material to work with. She's pretty responsible for the edit she received.
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    Re: Shannon - Bachelor 13

    Ok, I admit I was one of "those" who thought this lady was pretty crazy, but I just read a great article about her in her local paper and it helps to clear things up. Even better, as has often been the case w/ rejected bachelorettes, she's returned to her old boyfriend and it sounds like she's getting her "happy ending" (at least for now );

    Local ‘Bachelor’ maiden has storybook ending of sorts
    The Kansas City Star

    Shannon from “The Bachelor”
    TV Barn
    What’s up in KC this weekend
    More News
    Sweeping changes for February TVWhat to watch | Feb. 8-12KC stations to delay DTV switch after allLocal ‘Bachelor’ maiden has storybook ending of sortsKC likely to turn on digital TV earlierJoCo setting of “United States of Tara” has real-life connectionJake Johannsen is taping a comedy special in KCSimon Baker looking good, and so is “The Mentalist”What to watch Feb. 1-7Four reasons to watch PBS (and one reason not to)The right TV shows and gadgets for an enjoyable workoutThe real reason Obama picked Al Arabiya for first TV interviewPastor Ted, in trouble again, on HBO againHow 'The Big Bang Theory' went from failed pilot to prime-time success‘Lost’ masterminds relieved to have their show’s days numberedWhat to watch | Jan. 25-31Meet KC’s ex-bachelorette, Kari Fajen‘Loving Leah’ an unorthodox love storyWho will strike it lucky at SAG Awards?About that shocking ‘CSI’ sendoff to GrissomWhat to watch | Jan. 18-24'Tara,' 'Dexter,' other hot series making Showtime the new HBOWill the actors strike?Comic duo from Adult Swim brings all new material to the Uptown.Get ‘Lost’ all over again“The Beast” is real bad, but “24” still knows how to thrillWhat to watch Jan. 11-17KCPT getting a version of restaurant review showThe rags-to-riches story behind ‘Slumdog’‘Idol’ remembers it’s a talent showOnce upon a time, there was a fair maiden from the Kansas City area. And she was looking for a handsome prince.

    Her name was Shannon, and for years she had been dating a fine young man named Ross. One day Shannon and Ross stopped dating. So she did what many eligible women do these days: She went to a local tryout for ABC’s “The Bachelor.”

    After all, everyone knew “The Bachelor” had a handsome prince waiting with a storybook ending. The prince — whoever he was — would take her away from Kansas City and the memory of the boyfriend and everything else.

    So she applied, and ABC called her back with a ticket to Los Angeles.

    And so began Shannon’s fairy tale of a journey to national television, her eventual humiliation and elimination — and yet, dear reader, she did get her storybook ending.

    Shannon walked into the castle full of maidens with high hopes. The first one she met was Melissa, and she was a most beautiful and charismatic maiden.

    “And after the first sentence she said to me I thought, ‘There’s my competition,’ ” Shannon recalled this week. “She was the funniest, cutest one there. Anyone who talks to Melissa would just fall in love with her.”

    Daunted but determined, Shannon waited for her moment with the handsome prince, who turned out to be a single father from Seattle named Jason. While she waited, she entertained her fellow maidens in the castle and earned their friendship.

    One day Shannon and Jason and the other maidens paid a visit to the royal infirmary. (OK, it was the set of “General Hospital.”) There she kissed the handsome prince on the lips. But it wasn’t, she would later admit, love at first sight — the kind of love she’d had with Ross.

    “We would see Jason sometimes for just minutes,” Shannon said. “I would have to initiate the conversation, and I really didn’t know what to say to him. Part of it was Jason’s personality. He just sits there and lets you talk. It was kind of awkward, and I felt it was all on me.”

    Shannon was starting to have her doubts about the handsome prince.

    Then one very fateful night, after the overlords of “The Bachelor” had kept her and the other maidens awake all day long and deep into the night, Jason showed up. Once more she was sent to talk to him.

    “I was really, really tired and stressed out,” Shannon admitted. “And my feelings came out. It was the way I felt, but I hated to see myself look so weak.”

    Not to mention “crazy,” “needy” and “insecure” — some of the choicer descriptions that the horrible trolls on the Internet had for Shannon.

    “I will be honest, I was upset seeing that last episode,” she said. “I know that what America saw was not the real me. You put anyone in that situation and you know they’re going to come out that way.”

    The cameras captured the handsome prince helping her blow her nose (“I did not like that at all”) and babbling about French-kissing her dog. (“I do love my dog and my dog does give me kisses — but they are definitely not French kisses! I don’t know where that came from.”)

    Around midnight, Jason declined to give a rose to Shannon, and she left the castle for good. As the carriage spirited her away, Shannon placed her first phone call back to Kansas City.

    “I really missed Ross,” she said. “I called him at 2 in the morning. I wasted no time. We shed a lot of tears, and they were happy tears. We are back together.”

    And for now they are living happily ever after.


    Four hopeful maidens remain in “The Bachelor,” which airs at 7 p.m. Mondays on ABC.

    The next chapter of this fairy tale has Jason going on a hometown date with each of the remaining maidens and meeting their families.

    "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me!"

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    Re: Shannon - Bachelor 13

    Shannon french kissing dogs, Tanner P. sucking toes, oh they make a great couple..

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