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Thread: 1/5 Show Discussion Thread *Spoilers*

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    Re: 1/5 Show Discussion Thread *Spoilers*

    I actually thought Jason did ok with his first round of cuts. Truth be told, there seemed to be only a handful who would be a good match for him IMO. Of the ones he eliminated-

    The Moms (Treasure & Stacia)- Both very sweet, but they are from Utah and probably Mormons, so I don't see them having much in common with a nice Jewish boy like Jason. (Also complicated by children involved)

    The Nice But Dull/Shy (Julie & Ann)- Neither one was a knockout either, so probably not going to be lighting up any rooms, as Jason said he wants.

    The Blondes (Emily & Shelby)- Seemed OK but at 23, they are the youngest, so I question their readiness for instant step-motherhood (I don't think 24 or 25 is that much better but..).

    The Crazies (Renee & Jackie)- Nuff said

    The Sweet But Slightly Crazy (Dominique)- The voice alone would make me want to stick knitting needles in my ears.

    The One That Maybe He Should Have Picked (Nicole)- I really liked her (certainly better than Erica), but I sensed she might be a little snarky (which is probably why I liked her) for Jason.

    Overall, he seems to be using his head, but we shall see.

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    Re: 1/5 Show Discussion Thread *Spoilers*

    Has anybody noticed in the proposal pictures that the one with the ring has French tips, and the hands in the air have pink polish?

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