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When I get hurt, I get mad so that I don't cry, so I believe it is possible for her to be both mad and heart broken. It's those times when things that you might not normally say will slip out because the emotions are running thick, but you are working so hard to not run a flood of tears and feel like a fool. I thought that scene looked like one of 2 normal scenes the entire show. The other was when she was jokingly giving him the rose back.
Maybe I just can't relate to this, because when I'm mad or hurt, I cry. Strong emotions generally exit my body through my tear ducts. It's embarrassing, but impossible to control. I guess I shouldn't project my reactions to others.

Yesterday my grandson (7) and I were watching a ThunderCats cartoon, when something happened that made me choke up and he heard it in my voice so asked me why I was crying. Fortunately I have spent too many years explaining my TV breakdowns to my son to be thrown by such a question. I figure that by the time he's a teenager he'll be so used to it that he'll bearly notice.