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Thread: Matt Grant - Bachelor London

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    Re: Matt Grant - Bachelor London

    Quote Originally Posted by casualfan;3222150;
    I love the bit he saying about how he enjoys talking a smarter conversation...that somehow he had to "dumb it down" for Shayne...teheheheh...that is too funny!!!

    It has to related to Shayne as it does NOT fit Amanda, Chelsea, and Noelle.

    Hey..with the age difference it is sort of like Samantha...and her hunk on Sex and the City. She was about 10 years older than her hunky stud Smith Jared and she was his publicist.....go figure.

    Go Brits go! I am happy for him. I hope she has helped point out his mistakes.
    Still hopeless to see a GREAT romance!! <3

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    Re: Matt Grant - Bachelor London

    That is awesome news. I hope that he really found true love with her. Dating can be such a pain sometimes.
    Well, the good news is that he is a Bachelor no more, the show did work its purpose, just not that way they expected it to.

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    Re: Matt Grant - Bachelor London

    I think they look like a good couple. Much better then he and Monkey looked together.
    "Some cause happiness wherever they go; others, whenever they go." ~ Oscar Wilde

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