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Thread: Chelsea - Bachelor London

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    Re: Chelsea - Bachelor London

    Quote Originally Posted by natashapierre;3010692;
    I frequently hear people say this, and I don't understand why people who presumably know you and your morals and trust you (and whom you trust) would automatically assume that you'd be having sex just because you wished to have off-camera time with someone you were dating.

    Besides which, they give people ample opportunity to explain to the Bach on camera that they may be going to the suite but it's only to talk and that you have no intention of engaging in sexual intimacy, as Sadie did, for example.

    If I knew somebody who refused the fantasy-suite time, that's the person I would worry about because they'd be preparing to make a major decision about someone without ever having spent any actual time alone with that person -- zip, zilch, zero total alone time, and yet they may be going to say "yea" or "nay" to some kind of proposal within a couple of days!

    When you have so little time with the person anyway, refusing an extra six hours or eight hours of opportunity for non-videotaped private conversation just to make sure nobody can possibly imagine that you engaged in sexual relations with somebody seems kind of self-destructive, to me! I mean, I'd want to have had some private conversation with the Bach before I decided for or against him -- see what he says when the cameras aren't rolling!
    I haven't watched every season of the Bachelor. Maybe about 3 or 4. The way it is edited I always assumed that's what that meant. That's all I was saying. I understand your point so now that I know then I would probably make sure I say and hopefully not edited out that I'm spending the extra time to talk and get to know the person better and NOT for anything else. Also, it's not necessarily that I don't think my family and close friends wouldn't trust me and realize that I would do something they approve of but it's the people that know them and not me. I just wouldn't want to embarrass them. I'm a churchgoing girl from a churchgoing family and not all of the people in our respective churches would understand or "trust" me to use your term. Some people would say they don't care what others think, and I really don't but my parents and grandparents and sister do and I wouldn't want to embarrass them.
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    Re: Chelsea - Bachelor London

    It looks like the real Chelsea has her finale dress listed on ebay!

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