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Thread: Questions for Poster BabyfaceC

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    Questions for Poster BabyfaceC

    You say you are the co-owners of the bar's with Brad, Chad, and Wes so if you don't mind could you please answer the questions below for me.

    As we all know Jason's girlfriend is Cassie, where did she spend Thanksgiving this year?

    Were the three brothers together with their families for Thanksgiving, and did you drop by to see them?

    What is Brad's middle name?

    Did the Womack family all fly out together for the taping of ATFR?

    Which member of the family was somewhat put out by the way it all ended?

    As you know Wes and his wife are going away for the holidays, where are the going to be?

    Where were you at 1:00 pm today (Friday)?

    And last, how do you feel about people that are totally fake and misleading to others? Please exclude the bachelor show for this response.

    I look forward to hearing from you.
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    Re: Questions for Poster BabyfaceC

    We're not diving into personal lives of those who have no affiliation with the show.

    Where Cassie spent Thanksgiving or Wes and his wife were or even where BabyfaceC was at 1pm is totally irrelevant to the Bachelor show.
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