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Thread: Final Thoughts on Bachelor 11

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    Re: Final Thoughts on Bachelor 11

    Quote Originally Posted by Buffalo;2697407;
    Here I go again, I didn't think I would come out on this site. Hillary did not know how she was going to be edited until it was a done deal. She would get a phone call from the producers warning her about what was going to be shown. She saw it for the first time, just like us. It was very hard for her. I had a pm from someone from the Fort about Hillary's comment about Bettina and I didn't want to comment publicly about it but I am.

    I want to address it because this has been bothering Hillary and her family. The comment that Hillary made about Bettina was taken totally out of context- it had NOTHING to do with divorce. Hillary has a grandfather and a grandmother that are divorced and love them dearly and accepting of it. She realizes that sometimes divorce is inevitable, but sad. The comment was a retaliation to something that was said in the house which Hillary shouldn't have done, but it happened. She apologized on the WTA to Bettina which was edited out.

    This has been very hard for us as a family, but we support and love Hillary very much because we know the real person and wish you could too.

    Hillary's mom

    Thank you for sharing the Hillary you know.

    I posted in another thread that that comment spoke more of Hillary, and wonderd if it was producer driven. Many of us know that edit strings phrases together that were not said about certain things.

    It was still a harsh comment if it was directed at one of the women.

    I can't imagine the enviroment that all the women lived in.

    Quote Originally Posted by K9Mom;2697405;
    Hillary was a joy to watch and so very funny! She should do stand up! Thanks for sharing a bit of your daughter with us this season!
    I agree about the stand up comic, she is very spontanous and funny.

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    Re: Final Thoughts on Bachelor 11

    The comment was supposed to be a joke but ended up the way it did. Hillary does have a dry sense of humor and could offend someone if they didn't realize that she wasn't serious. We worried about her dry sense of humor and how people would take it and the rest is history.

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    Re: Final Thoughts on Bachelor 11

    Buffalo - thank you for coming out and speaking out. We know to be aware of Fleiss and dice edit techniques, but every season we get a gentle reminder of how harmful it can be to the show's contestants. We step back, shake our heads, and think - hmm...fleissed again.

    "Silly" Hillary did have her moments on the show, and believe me, if not for her, it would have been boring, boring. She was shown as the fun girl from the first commercials when they featured her bit as a cheerleader at the Improv school. "You make my pom poms sweat" will go down as a line in the Bachelor archives.

    I hope that she, along with the other women, can now find some distance from the show. There is something of a Bachelor sorority of past contestants and I hope she does make some friends out of this experience.
    The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity. Dorothy Parker, (attributed)

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    Re: Final Thoughts on Bachelor 11

    Quote Originally Posted by ScoutMom;2697423;
    I'm sure that Hillary, as well as all of the other women, are much different than they were portrayed during the show.
    I agree with this. Fleiss portrays whatever "side" of these girls he wants us to see.

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    Re: Final Thoughts on Bachelor 11

    Buffalo, Hillary may be your daughter, but she’ll always be “my girl Hillary.” I absolutely adore everything about her. She has a fantastic personality and the greatest sense of humor. Hillary looked amazingly beautiful on the WTA show. I can’t say enough good things about her, but she has stolen my heart for sure. I love everything about her.

    Hugs and kisses Hillary!

    That girl = Beautiful!

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    Re: Final Thoughts on Bachelor 11

    Quote Originally Posted by Buffalo;2697435;
    The comment was supposed to be a joke but ended up the way it did. Hillary does have a dry sense of humor and could offend someone if they didn't realize that she wasn't serious. We worried about her dry sense of humor and how people would take it and the rest is history.
    Personally I think "you make my pompoms sweat" is hilarious--didn't intend the pun. How boring would the young person be if, after being filmed 24-7 under those conditions there was NOTHING that could be used against her? She is a beautiful young lady who is lucky to have a loving family.

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    Re: Final Thoughts on Bachelor 11

    Quote Originally Posted by KareyR2;2696724;
    .at the frc he was the cold, callous, brutal, disrespectful to women ....
    I have no problem with Brad's decision not to choose either girl. And I can understand when he said his heart was breaking too. I was a little surprised when he admitted he had told someone he was "done" after meeting DeAnna the first time. He could have at least given her a rose; he didn't have to propose. But I do agree he was cold at the rose ceremony. After the way he seemed to be, that was a shock for me.

    Buffalo, I thought your daughter was great on the show! I still think it was her I saw peeking through the curtains when the showed the other girls skinny dipping at the end when she was eliminated. She looks like the type that would join right in - and maybe she did! I'm sure she was upset, but I'm also sure they egged her on. I was hoping she wouldn't be. I'm sorry she fell for Brad. They seemed to have similar personalities - fun loving, people-loving. I do wish they would make her the next Bachelorette. I'd watch that for sure!

    I just saw in the paper that the ratings last week were high. How is Fleiss going to top that. People want to see a love story. Would he resort to hiring an engaged couple and let the act out the season just so he could get the ending he wants? ; )

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    Re: Final Thoughts on Bachelor 11

    Quote Originally Posted by BlondieGal;2697350;
    Aw Buffalo, you and Hilary mean the world to me. Thank you, my friend, for your very kind words. I truly cannot imagine the show without Hillary's beautiful smile and incredible sense of humor. She is an "amazing" woman of which you should be quite proud.
    Buffalo, that is so sweet of you and I couldn't agree more about all the alcolades that you bestowed on BlondieGal. She is tops in my book also ,and although, there are many good sleuthers on this board, "seasoned veterans" and the many new ranks who joined us in sleuthing this season , but as far as integrity and definitely taking the high road because that is the way she looks a life in general, I am honored to call BlondieGal my friend. I'd just like to add to all our newbies out there that are most welcome in our Bachelor Fort "fold", that if you want an example of how to sleuth, watch BlondieGal!
    As for how this relates to this season, I don't think anyone can top Blondie for getting the most accurate information out to us and being relentless in her search . We did get to meet Brad and Jason which was a huge hi-light but in no way were we bamboozled or smoozed by them as SOME posters have implied.
    To make accurate judgements on this season, to me, it seemed to work out best to remain neutral toward the girls and Brad and to remember the entire Fleiss machine's normal operating procedures (deceive) and it's manipulations and take a general overview of the past edits instead of trying to directly fit any new season's edit into a single pattern from the past! Make sense? It's just wise to remember that each season has separate personalities involved that don't always fit the "mold" or story line, so adjustments are made by the producers, so it's best not to get too attached to any one person on the show (for sleuthing purposes, mind you ) or any past show and expect the same with the current one. We've seen so many examples this season of 'defying the mold' in editing, so it's best to try to not examine every little detail to the nth degree, but to fit it into the puzzle that makes up this show.
    I hope that made some sense As for letting this season go, I most definitely have. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was sad that it didn't work out for any of the principle players, but I believe they each gained something from it. I hope the fans that felt robbed or let down or whatever for this season accept that all these participants take a chance when they come on the Bachelor to find love in the most contrived and controlled and unrealistic setting. For whatever their reasons for being there are, I try to give them the benefit of the doubt (do I like them all equally? heck no!!) I know that the real people behind the characters that are portrayed are all human and flawed like the rest of us and very very few have or would ever deserve the saintly, or dastardly personas that the fans believe them to be or that Fleiss's minions paint them to be.
    It's been fun, and I can't wait for Bachleor 12 and Bachelorette 4!!
    "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me!"

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    Re: Final Thoughts on Bachelor 11

    I thought Hillary was great fun. I have two daughters in this age group and they loved her too. I was not shocked or dismayed by anything she said and didn't see that she did anything inappropriate. She's just a fun girl with a dry sense of humor. The fact that you could see obvious affection between Hillary and the other girls in house leads me to believe that the other bachelorettes have the same sentiment.

    Tell your daughter, that as a long time fan of this show, she is up there with my favorite bachelorettes of all time. I know that someday, some guy will give her the friend card and his heart. That's the best way! I am not sure Brad really understands the value of a life partner also being one's very best friend.

    Good luck to Hillary. I think she would make a great bachelorette and if the love her of life wasn't in the mix, I believe she would handle it with grace.

    Glad you stopped by!

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    Re: Final Thoughts on Bachelor 11

    Personally I think Brad is making a mistake by dragging this thing out by doing Ellen. He really ought to cut his losses while he's ahead. The more talking he does the deeper the hole he's digging himself into and the harder it will be to climb out of it.

    Let's face it - he's not brilliant and he isn't the most articulate. His down home charm only goes so far. When it comes to a battle of wits, I'm betting that Ellen, if she so choses, could make mincemeat out of him. Not sure if ABC will muzzle her.

    Can't wait to see it.

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