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Thread: Looking for Copies of Past Seasons

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    Re: Looking for Copies of Past Seasons

    Just so everyone's clear on where we stand on this, please read the following from our site rules:
    Broadcast shows, believe it or not, are copyrighted material. We here at Fans of Reality TV adhere to that reality, and therefore we do not condone or allow the downloading of episodes off the internet, an FTP location, another site, or using one of the popular file-sharing utilities out there.

    If you want to send someone a tape, you may do so at cost for shipping and materials. You may not direct someone to a location on-line where they may download the episode, and you may not sell those tapes for profit on our site, even privately.

    If we receive reports that a member is soliciting profit for tapes, we will take appropriate action, up to and including removal from our site. It's illegal, and we won't allow it on our site.

    Torrents of episodes are ILLEGAL, and you will get an infraction for asking for them or giving our members information on where to find them.

    Additionally, we don't allow linking to sites that host video clips or entire episodes. This includes YouTube, Google Video, etc. Please note that official network video, such as InnerTube, is allowable.

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    Re: Looking for Copies of Past Seasons

    okay...I have a random question but being new I can't do a new thread and I can't seem to find any websites with this information. I remember a few years ago Helene and fellow bachlorettes from her season and previous seasons did a cruise together. Does this happen often? I would love to be able to cruise with my favorite reality "stars"...

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