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Thread: 10/08 Show Discussion Thread -- Show Starts at 9:36pm -- **SPOILERS**

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    Re: 10/08 Show Discussion Thread -- Show Starts at 9:36pm -- **SPOILERS**

    With respect to the Byron season, ...I remember reading somewhere that he told the producers early on in the process that noone peaked his interest and Byron requested that Mary be brought in because he had seen her on the previous season and really liked what she was about....so, he actualyy asked for her

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    Re: 10/08 Show Discussion Thread -- Show Starts at 9:36pm -- **SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by onewally;2610700;
    I dont know why they brought on previous girls-it had never happened before, but the second Byron clapped eyes on her, that was IT. You could see his interest in Mary INSTANTLY.
    After Mary came on the scene, pictures of Byron's very young Latina ex-wife who was a Las Vegas dancer began to appear on the internet. There was a resemblance between her and Mary who was a Tampa Bay Buckaneer cheerleader and dancer. The board that I was on at the time was willing up until that point to consider that Mary's appearance was co-incidental; after his ex-wife's pictures began to circulate with the undisputed news that she was the one who had wanted the divorce, the consensus became largely that Byron was not happy with any of the available women. While I got the vibe that Byron loved all women, I think it had to be noted that he had a strong attraction to Latina women. We know that the producers investigate their bachelors, so they knew about Byron's ex-wife. They were aware of Mary and that she had been relatively popular, so I think they decided to go for the drama and kill two birds with one stone so to speak by bringing her back. I also think they were probably fairly confident in a very favorable reaction from him.

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