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I have been reading the posts about Kristy and have decided to speak up. I am a friend of a friend of a friend who's daughter's friend knows Kristy ...that is as specific as I will be so as not to get anyone in trouble. Most of the FORT posters are very kind and have fun doing the speculation, etc. I would like to respond to a few things that have been posted on your forum . Kristy is a very kind, sweet, caring, and yes fun person who did go on the show for all the right reason's. In response to the posts stating she seemed to of cared less about Brad, that is not true. Kristy thought Brad was a great guy and liked him. Most of the FORT posters know that a great deal of editing is done of the girl's ...that is all I can say. Kristy was an active participant on all dates, interacted with Brad and had fun. Please realize that every girl there is under a great amount of stress. What I can tell you is that Kristy could not sleep on the show and was only getting 1-2 hours of sleep a night....the whole time she was there. (Yes, she did have sleep medication but it was not helping). By the improv date the lack of sleep was taking a huge toll on her. Finally, in response to the posts regarding her "mustache". What posters are probably seeing is a reaction to being in the California sun which is very strong compared to Chicago. Many women with dark hair and fair skin have the same problem (yes she had the highest sunblock protection on). Finally, Kristy is happy, enjoyed being on the show, thinks Brad is a great guy and wishes him and all the final 4 girl's the best. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Thanks for the message. I think almost everyone ended up liking Kristi. She was a class act. She will find a great guy that is perfect for her someday.