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Thread: Hillary - Season 11

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    Re: Hillary - Season 11

    They've posted an interview (by reality tv) with Hillary on the abc blog site. She sounded quite funny and level headed. She did mention she's not sure why she was so emotional during the date (maybe PMS?) and that she totally did not understand what Brad was telling her just before the RC. Also, she did say her dress was 2 sizes too small and she had a corset on, so she couldn't breath in it the whole night. Finally, she says she hopes Brad chooses either Jenni or Sheena. She seems to like them both.
    I will surely miss Hillary. She seems to be one of the more normal ladies in the house. She did appear to have a snarky sense of humor and knows how to have fun (aside from her serious side which I'm sure she has as she works as a nurse).

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    Re: Hillary - Season 11

    I miss my girl Hillary and I sure hope she makes it to the WTA. I'm looking forward to seeing her. Hugs and kisses Hillary!

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    Re: Hillary - Season 11

    I think that Hilary is a nasty little girl... she really meant for her *infamous nickname* to be McNasty. She is pretty -- before she opens her mouth.

    I think that she is awful because...

    1. Her attitude.
    2. The way she made mean nicknames up for everyone *cept* Jade (ugh)
    3. She talked behind everyones back
    4. Rubbing her staying 1 extra week in McCarten's face
    5. Her dirty mouth while describing what she wants Brad to do to her
    6. She is a F R E A K
    7. She was SO emotional
    8. She really thought pple -wanted- her there... It's a challenge hunni.
    9. No regrets for anything said or done.
    10. No class @ ALL!

    She was just so rude and nasty. I don't find that pretty... Maybe her looks are pretty but not what is on the inside.

    I know this is mean but I just have no respect for people like this girl.

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