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Thread: Fun with Bachelor 11

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    Re: Fun with Bachelor 11

    Excellent artwork OnTheBus and love the poem Lellis!

    I just love this thread.

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    Re: Fun with Bachelor 11

    Just a reminder that this thread is for all of the fun pictures/poems/etc we cook up about this season of the Bachelor.

    This is not the place to poll other members about where they are from or who they are rooting for.

    All posts of this kind will be deleted.

    Wake up and be awesome

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    Time for the Weekly Editorial..

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    Re: Fun with Bachelor 11

    Can someone photoshop this picture and insert DeAnna and Jenni? This picture is screaming for it. It's also one of my favorites.

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    Re: Fun with Bachelor 11

    This will be my last "recap poem" for this season... Sorry Jenni fans, but in two weeks, it will either be a love poem for Brad and DeAnna or a little tribute to a heartbroken DeAnna... I would definitely prefer to write the first one!!!

    Can we believe fleissed fantasy?

    This Monday night on ABC
    the Bachelor's in for fantasy.
    Cabo San Lucas, Mexico,
    is where Brad and his ladies go.
    Jenni's the first girl to meet
    with him, and we can see the heat
    between those two quite obviously.
    Is it more than physical chemistry?
    First Brad and Jenni get to swim
    with dolphins. Then she can't tell him
    if it is love or just a flirt,
    because she's scared of getting hurt.
    At dinner at the end of the day
    Jenni asks Brad right away
    to give her the fantasy suite card
    cause "showing" her feelings won't be as hard.
    Later they settle down on the bed
    and bubbly Jenni starts kissing Brad,
    but he seems a little less into her,
    although he wanted to be there.
    From the first night on did he wait
    to take Jen on a fantasy date.
    She gets a rose, but there's some doubt
    if love is what this is about.
    Does blonde Bettina know that this
    is her last chance to show who she is?
    In Mexico she wants to have fun
    with Brad while sailing in the sun.
    Her family was hard on Brad
    so now she tries to tell him that
    they just don't want her to get hurt.
    But after all he is alert
    of people judging him too hard.
    Yet he gives her the fantasy card.
    In the hot tub they share a first kiss,
    but we cannot see love in this.
    Brad still thinks she's a mystery
    so at the rose ceremony
    Bettina is the one to go.
    With a classy exit, she leaves the show.
    Did Brad save the best for the last?
    He and DeAnna have a blast
    on a wild dune buggy ride
    though they're not driving side by side.
    "She made me look like an idiot out there,
    and I love it!" is what Brad says about her.
    DeAnna is very open, too.
    She tells him "I'm falling in love with you!"
    Brad is so happy about this
    that he pulls her in for a tender kiss.
    Privately, they both say out loud
    they want what a relationship is about,
    like falling asleep in each others arms
    or protecting each other from possible harms.
    He can't take his eyes off of her
    and tells her she's beautiful in the pool where
    they share another passionate kiss
    that Dune Buggy Riders do not miss.
    "She's everything I've been waiting for!"
    says our beaming Bachelor.
    After this great fantasy date
    DeAnna seems like his perfect mate.
    But it's two more weeks til we will see
    if these two are really meant to be,
    because we all are victims of Fleiss,
    who really must have a heart made of ice.
    He's throwing us off with possible clues.
    Only in the end will he show us the truth.
    On the 19th we'll see if Brad's still a Bach,
    til then keep rooting for your favorite match!
    Live well, laugh often, love with all your heart and as though you've never been hurt before

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    Re: Fun with Bachelor 11

    Wow Estella, It's just so wonderful. Thanks .

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    Re: Time for the Weekly Editorial..

    Quote Originally Posted by RandalR;2652830;
    Love it Randal, thanks!

    Estella, excellent!

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    Re: Fun with Bachelor 11

    Well now, before I write this, I want to introduce myself to you. I am a bonified member of theGossip Club, yup, shor am. Somebody added anonymous to the end, never did quite understand that. You cannot make us not there, by adding a word to the end. Nope, shor can't..most folks know this without me a-telling.

    Now, we do get ourselves in a heap of trouble some times. But, we don't never mind, because, Intheblind, is always there to help talk us out of what trouble we did manage to get into, so, we just keep on doing whatever.

    We decided we were going to take a trip, on this here yacht. yup, sho did. What an adventure this was going to be.

    Welll, we all climbed aboard and the first port we pulled into, all we could hear about was this hunk of man..out looking for a wife. Now, him being from Austin in that great state of Texas we thought we'd just have to change course and head stright to Texas. Ah...but this man was going to Californee to find that wife. yup, he shor was. Now, we hear they grow them gals mighty fine out in Austin, so we start a wondering..why Californee?

    Bugsme, will you go see if that Angelic has fallen asleep again, we gotta keep that journal going, yup, we do.

    Ah..he has 25 beautiful gals waiting for him there. But, he's not to smart, I tell you. Not to smart at all. He looks them over, yup, just like that and right away sends 10 of them gals home. Now, what he amind to do that far?

    Well, our gent, he's not as near-sighted as you might think. He sees this one special lass, that stands out from all the rest. She is a little shy, she's kind, and gentle. yup, she sho is. But, our lass is quite a beauty too, yup, she is.

    Well now, he parties, goes sailing, goes out on one of them gondola things. yup, he shor did. Now, we all think this gent from Austin, he's really got it made. Then, he up and starts sending more of them gals home, yup, just like that. Sent em home. Finally, he only had three left. My, oh my, what is he thinking?

    PrettyGreenEyes, will you bring us one of them Bettina drinks, yup, on the rocks. Don't know what we're going to do with that PrettyGreenEyes, she just want let that sailor do his work. my, my..

    Now, this here yacht was just fine when we started out. But as we stop at each port some of them folks out there want to come aboard, so we just let em..and fix em all a Bettia. yup, we do. We picked up some mighty fine folks along the way. yup. Pminn, will you get us a cruiser, we got some folks climbing over the sides trying to get aboard to support our lass.yup, sho do.

    Well now, this here gent, he gives a red rose to each of them gals he wants to stay. Now, our lass has got one of them roses every time. yup, every time.

    Our gent decides he wants to get away. So, the gent and the gals head out to Mexico, yup, I said Mexico. Now, we ran into some pretty rough waters here, yup, we did.

    Our beautiful lass did not get one of them red roses he keeps giving out.

    Our ship was quite, our hearts were broken for our beautiful lass, but, don't you never mind. We learned something special about our lass...she is a beautiful lady, that has a lot of class. She held her tears and smiled and then, she simply ask why? Now this gent, he was a little uncomfortable, he was, yup, as he should have been. He turned away, as he said, I don't feel I know you.

    Our lass's heart was broken, but, our lass lowered her eyes and said, "if you feel for those two women what I feel for you and how I thought you felt for me, then it must be wonderful." We learned a lot about our lass that day. yup, we did.

    Then, she was driven away. yup....she was.

    OutsideLookingIn, the ship is fixing to dock, will you let our guest know they can all go ashore now and thank them for supporting our lass. What? Nobody wants to leave..they want to stay and support our lass till the end. Well now, them are soom pretty smart folks..I tell you, yup, pretty smart.

    Seeker, would you and Bjaminsmom help PrettyGreenEyes fix them drinks for these kind folks, yup, Bettina on the rocks, just like before and keep her away from them sailors...ya hear?

    Now, this here gent, he's not quite as touched in the head, as we thought he was...sending all them pretty gals home. Naw, he gave them pretty red roses to two of them gals, yup, he did.

    Now, rumour has it, he can only have one of them for his wife. yup, that's what they said, only one.

    Well now, let's see...one can work in his bar and help him watch all his money..rumour has it he has a million...now, I tell you, that's a lot of watching. yup, a lot of watching.

    Now this here other gal has a beautiful smile and he can just sit in that ole rocking chair and watch her dance until that beard of his turns gray. yup, he can.

    Well, since nobody wants to go ashore, let's pull up the anchor and pull on out. Ya'll keep watching for us, ya hear.

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    Re: Fun with Bachelor 11

    rileymeboy - this is a wonderful tribute to the Bettina yacht crew. You kept the boat afloat with bettinis and kept that recipe a secret. I'm very glad to see a journal of Bettina's time on the show, and I wish her nothing but the best in the future.
    The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity. Dorothy Parker, (attributed)

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    Re: Fun with Bachelor 11

    Quote Originally Posted by Arielflies;2654004;
    rileymeboy - this is a wonderful tribute to the Bettina yacht crew. You kept the boat afloat with bettinis and kept that recipe a secret. I'm very glad to see a journal of Bettina's time on the show, and I wish her nothing but the best in the future.
    Thank you, Arielflies.

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