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Thread: 5/14 Show Discussion Thread ***SPOILERS***

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    Re: 5/14 Show Discussion Thread ***SPOILERS***

    Quote Originally Posted by Whirlingal;2394659;
    CKBMom--hi. I don't remember his touching Tessa that way--but then I often miss things on first viewing and I don't have a means of recording the show right now.

    But that does go along with the energy that seemed to be flowing. It seemed very clear at the time.

    And while we're talking about energy--Bevin's often feels "blocky"--it seems to come out in small sharp-edged blocks instead of flowing smoothly. Also her energy often feels blocked to me--as though she has to force it to come out at all.

    Does it seem that way to anyone else?
    Sorry for the delay in responding, just now catching -up.
    I agree about the energy. With Tessa there is a flow, a sense of peacefulness and harmony when they are together. With Bevin the energy is more stop and go, sharp.

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    Re: 5/14 Show Discussion Thread ***SPOILERS***

    Peony--hi--and thanks for the feedback!

    I absolutely agree with you--especially about the stop and go and the "sharpness" of the energy from Bevin. BTW--I think "sharp" is a very good word to describe that erratic and sometimes overly aggressive energy.

    Did you also notice--though in a sense it's moot now--that Danielle's energy seemed to be a very thin "weak" stream or flow?

    I always felt very sad when she was onscreen. My feeling is that she still has a way to go before she has fully integrated the wounds and sorrow of losing her loved one.

    I am not blaming her or criticizing her for this. Each of us grieves in our own way and in our own time.

    I always felt the urge to send peace to her whenever I saw her onscreen.

    I think that Andy in his bumbling way probably picked up on that too. And even though he feels the loss of his uncle--as he compared grieving for him to Danielle's grieving for her boyfriend--IMO Andy does not have a deep understanding of the kind of loss Danielle suffered and is still suffering.

    Again--not blaming him either--just trying to point out that there are a lot of unspoken aspects going into any relationship that is first being formed. Aspects that a lot of people may not be aware of.

    I'd be interested in what you--and others--picked up in terms of energy from Danielle.

    And--does anyone here read auras?

    That might be an interesting discussion too.

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    Re: 5/14 Show Discussion Thread ***SPOILERS***

    Quote Originally Posted by William13;2393082;
    I think that Andy's choice has now been made easy. If Andy chooses Bevin the navy should take a good look at the oxygen mixture it is using for its divers, because Andy's brain has been clouded. I know that he seems to get along really well with Bevin (I am avoiding any form of the word connected), but his life will be hell with all her whining and insecurities. Also, although I don't think that Bevin's being divorced is a big deal, Andy seems to think it means a lot. He will always be questioning her ability to commit.
    Finally, I just think that Tessa would be more fun to be around in the long term.
    I'm disappointed that Andy hasn't brought Sarge back. I would have preferred Andy having a heart to heart with Sarge than the friend he brought in.
    I am behind on my reading, so forgive me, but that was hilarious.

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