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Thread: 4/30 Show Discussion Thread **Show Spoilers Only**

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    Re: 4/30 Show Discussion Thread **Show Spoilers Only**

    Quote Originally Posted by SkateMom;2363088;
    I guess I don't understand what is so wrong with being competitive. Being competitive is not something to be ashamed of. I for one am very competitive, from the time I was young I wanted to get 100's on tests..low 90's didn't cut it. I find as I'm older, I'm competitive in sports...and that's not a bad thing. It makes me feel good to try my best and achieve.

    If Bevin is competitive or an athlete by nature, then yes, I'd expect her to peddle hard on a tricycle.
    There is nothing wrong with being competitive. I might have wanted to win the tricycle race too..

    But there can be a problem when your competitive over a guy...For example, Bevin said in Episode 1, the competition is on?

    I don't take that as a good side.....The whole idea is this leads to a real relationship/possible marriage...So in reality it shouldn't be about being "better" than the other girls.. It's just a matter of how they fit..

    I actually think Tessa's attitude is a lot more refreshing, the other girls may feel something stronger for you...

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    Re: 4/30 Show Discussion Thread **Show Spoilers Only**

    Quote Originally Posted by talldede;2362925;
    At the FRC, what do you make of Andy gushing about Bevin, stating, "she's so into me...."

    Yes, Bevin is so into Andy, that would be intoxicating and extremely flattering for any guy and I do see where Andy is very into Bevin as well, that is clear.

    I just don't understand this edit, that's what it comes down to for me. Every competitive, snarky moment Bevin ever had on this show is being aired, even in the credits, Bevin's desire to win the tricycle race.......?!?

    I'm confused. Why paint his possible fiance in this light????

    Because she's not going to be in fiance....

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