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The fact that Dandy seems to be so easily sucked into her vacuum of crap tells me he hasn’t had much experience with manipulative women,

By now it’s clear Dandy needs a placard emblazoned with ‘Dr. Dandy’ on it, and a chaise for his patients dates to spill their emotional guts to him.

He says she’s a very strong woman (at this point I think Dakota Fanning would appear to be a strong woman compared to these nutcases),

Dandy’s looking forward to today’s date and says it’s going to be quite different than yesterday’s. What, you mean different, as in fun?

He likes her and wants her to know she’s a contender. Good job keeping that ego in check, Dandy.

Also, she’s 90% sure she’ll be getting a rose. What a coincidence. I’m 90% sure her boobs aren‘t real. *rimshot*

Steph T. is smiling broadly and I think I saw her boobs wink at me.
Excellent recap, roses.
You had me laughing all the way through