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Thread: Tina - Bachelor 10

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    tinabachelorlette. I also want to welcome you and thank you for posting.. Your beauty and vulnerability were so touching and genuine. I don't don't your were coerced by the producers to sing or get kicked out (sounds just like them) but I say hoorah for you, in going for it. That took courage and showed Andy just how geniune and sincere you were! Congrat, for being on the show!!
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    Let's not forget that she right off the bat admitted that she wasn't as pretty as some of the girls there but that she was honest and dependable (or something like that). At any rate, I am pulling for her because just seems down to earth to me, but, then again, it's time for a nap and my brain is already there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mel1962;2314847;
    Let's not forget that she right off the bat admitted that she wasn't as pretty as some of the girls there but that she was honest and dependable (or something like that).

    That right there makes her prettier than most of the girls to me. I really don't see why she didn't think she was one of the prettier ones. I thought she was.

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    I know! I think she's really pretty. It's interesting how some people have such huge egos on the show and others don't. I liked the singing. It was sweet and a nice change of pace from the girls who were basically acting like fools.

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    She looks a lot like my daughter-in-law (my avatar is my granddaughter who looks a lot like her mommy) and she is a lovely lady inside and out. Good luck, Tina. Whether you win his heart or not, you'll probably had a lot of fun and was an experience you'll never forget.

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    After her little singing performance, I would hope that she'd get back on her meds and back to the asylum quick.

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    tinabachelorett. You had such a wonderful understated presence about you with Dandy, and I hope you stay on the show (if not 'win'). You add class to an otherwise rowdy group - not that there's anything wrong with being rowdy - it makes for good tv.

    They made you sing in order to stay? I know Fleiss and crew ply everyone with booze, but I had no idea they'd be that heavy-handed.
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    Last season there were reports the opera singer was pushed to perform, so goading and egging (with tequila, not eggs - LOL) seem to be production operandi for this show.

    However it came about, you sang beautifully, tinabachellorette. And lady in red, you looked beautiful, too.
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    Asian women are demure and shy by nature.
    OK, you need to meet my friends. That is such a stereotype and so NOT true! While Tina comes across as shy and rather demure, a blanket statement like that is just wrong... like saying all blondes are ditzy (also NOT true) or that all Western women have loose morals (again, not true--except for maybe these contestants... JUST JOKING!)...

    And I'm always suspicious about things like this but tell me again... why do we think that Tinabachelorett is actually Tina, one of the bachelorettes? I just don't see Tina, the shy contestant, posting about herself on a message board.

    Regardless, welcome Tinabachelorett...whoever you are!

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    Welcome to the FORT, tinabachelorett.

    We'd love to hear more from you and what it's like 'behind the scenes'.

    Oh, and I think you looked lovely on the premiere.

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