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Thread: 11/13 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    Jenn is a pretty woman, but just seems so young for her age. I was surprised that she teaches 8th graders. I would expect kids that age to eat her alive. Maybe the boys are infatuated and keep the girls in line. Her dad is a big obnoxious black mark against her.

    Lisa may have made the best suicide attempt in Bachelor history over the last 2 eps. In the limo I even had hopes for an exit speech to beat Sarah W when she started with the "princess" nonsense- but it wasn't meant to be. Lore went overboard in his let down by describing her as fabulous looking - she's barely attractive.

    Sadie comes across as well suited for Lore. Her agony over the Fantasy Suite was weird, but I think she was just concerned with appearances rather than his lecherous intent. I agree about her eyebrows and clothes, but I like her personality. Physical appearance can be altered, but the rest isn't so easy.

    When this season started, it seemed obvious that Lore was just in it for the fun and to promote his business (like Andrew). Surprisingly I think he got caught up in the spirit of the thing and may make an honest attempt at continuing a relationship with his choice.

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    thank god the witch is gone haha

    i have to say, during her departing speech i felt bad for her for about .05 seconds

    i must admit, i did want to see 96% if the fans pissed off, now only 50% will be


    oh and was that a panic attack she had? please, way to try to hype up the ratings

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    Quote Originally Posted by critter;2141463;
    It makes no difference to me who he chooses, but I do think sex is a big deal in the whole scheme of things. Sex is a huge part of a relationship. If he chooses Sadie, then he would be willing to wait maybe a year or longer to get to the point of marriage and then he can finally get some. I just think that's alot for a 34 year old who has a a couple of serious relationships in the past. It's important to Sadie, but I don't think Lo has the same views and he is not even close to being in love at this point. I would be shocked if he decided to go the celibate way. I'm not trying to put Sadie down, but her issues are over the top for me. The drama over the fantasy suite was not necessary. She had to make a big deal over it when it didn't have to be. It shows immaturity, IMO.
    I agree with most of your post; however, I do believe that Sadie's date was spliced to make it look like all she did was talk about the virgin/fantasy card.

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    Which fantasy date was more cringeworthy: Meredith's with Chad, or Lorenzo's with Lisa. Discuss.
    Definitely the Meredith/Chad date. That was painful to watch. I enjoyed watching the Lorenzo/Lisa date. {insert evil laugh}

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    Quote Originally Posted by creampuff;2140939;
    Whatever attraction I had to the Paper Prince has evaporated much like Jen's intelligence.

    I have lost interest in Lorenzo and his interchangeable blondes. If I hear one more time about Sadie saving herself for marriage (message to Sadie: we got it. Thanks. Let's move on.) or hear Jen's dumber than dirt giggle, I swear I will go Elvis and fire a gun into my television.

    Idiots. All of them are idiots. And, yes, perhaps I am the biggest one of all because I know they're idiots and yet I keep watching. Because that's what I do.
    This may be the best post ever on the Bachelor. "Go Elvis and fire a gun into my television?"

    Remember...no matter who he picks, he will dump them shortly after the FRC airs. And I say Jen looks like the easiest one to dump-she'll just giggle dumbly. Sadie will be harder to deal with, in my opinion.

    Then again, I could be wrong. I am always wrong about the final Bachelor pick, except Byron and Mary and you'd have to have been dead as long as Elvis to miss that one.
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    According to Lorenzo's interview he did not have sex
    with any of the women b/c of their worry about the other women. I figure that like most men if he had
    sex with any of the women he would be coy about it.
    No man would readily admitt to NOT having sex with
    the women it was not true..it's much easier to let the
    world think that he is sex machine.

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    I'm new to this and i just want to find out how to see what's going to happen on the season finale so if anyone know please contact me and let me know!! Thanks

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    to the FORT, xoTinaBeenaxo. Check out our 'Spoilers & Speculation' forum which is where all of our "sleuthers' post.

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