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Thread: Sadie - Bachelor Rome

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    Look how lovely

    They are cute together!
    Roberto: "Ali wakes me up in the middle of the night to tell me she's dreaming about puppies... The smile on her face was priceless."

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    She has a spark there. So does Jennifer. If it gets to those two at the end it could be the best final 2 ever...

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    I agree. Sadie and Jennifer are the two I'm hoping make it to the final 2.
    "Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn." ~ Harriet Beecher Stowe

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    My original favorite was Rosella..... (although she did sort of look like a little vampire )..... but, after Rosella was eliminated after last week's show, my new favorite is definitely Sadie.
    She seems very sweet, genuine (so far), she's pretty, and she's not too ditsy or hung all over the prince, like some of the others.
    I respect her for the virgin thing, and I hope the prince does, too. Hopefully, this won't be another Flava Flav repeat where Sadie gets kicked off (like Bootz on Flavor of Love) for not sleeping with him.

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    I like her.

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    nice pic and there is definitely something there...
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    Isn't interesting that Andrea and Laura mention Sadie as the one they'd pick for PLO!

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    Prince Lorenzo Charming, Sadierella & her evil stepsisters

    Gina, Erica & Desiree
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    I was impressed with Sadie's humor the first night - but overall she seems a little more formal and less fun loving since then. I keep thinking that maybe she comes from a well to do family (she had been to Paris before) and maybe the home visit is going to be the beginning of her downfall - that he is less formal, more down to earth even tho he has this royalty background. I didn't see any chemistry - not a twinkle or anything between them when they were having their chat at the table - across from each other. And from the beginning I have been taken aback by the admission that she wants to save herself for marriage. Why is that even coming up now - I know the girls asked each other - but apparently she tells L in the next episode. If he asks her - then obviously he is getting hints on what to talk about as he did with Lisa when he was talking about people living on a time line. But I wouldn't think this issue of hers would come up til there was some indication that he was interested in having sex with her. He hasn't even kissed her yet ! Even so - whether producer directed or not - I would find it hard to believe that a 34 yr old having had long term relationships in the past - would be able to carry on with Sadie. I would find it a little easier to believe if I saw some sparks - but none yet for me ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Himm2 View Post
    Gina, Erica & Desiree
    Ha! Love it! Great job Himm!

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