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Thread: Erica - Bachelor Rome

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    Quote Originally Posted by RandalR View Post
    She's being told (in general terms) what to say by the producers. All of these shows are heavily scripted, and Erica is just playing a role. She's in her own little world, but she isn't making all of these silly lines up off the top of her head.

    Randal..normally I would agree with you....but Fleiss
    isn't THAT GOOD to come up with the stuff she has come
    up with...lol

    She will rank right up there with Kristen....Lee Ann....Trish in
    the future when we discuss bachelorette's...lol

    she will always be remembered

    and IF she really is that way..then SHAME ON HER PARENTS

    they are the ones to blame not her...and as funny as the situation is
    and as funny as she is...I feel sorry for her and it is SAD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Broadway View Post
    Agreed. But even still, I found it incredibly difficult to believe one word that was coming out of her mouth last night. I'm waiting for week 4 when they reveal to us all that this is all a cruel, horrible joke and that Erica is a plant. Right from her hissy fit with Chris "that room is not even half of the size of mine at home.. can I hire one of the other girls to be my maid", to "that is me... I judge", to her hysterical crying jag to the camera last night.... nuh uh.. I refuse to believe that anyone is quite this pathetic. Even delusional seems far too tame of a word for Erica.

    Giving reality the benefit of the doubt, you also have to wonder who her circle of friends are that she believes this is acceptable behavior.

    Nah, she is not for real. A "real" socialite would have enough training
    in social settings she wouldn't make a complete fool out of herself like
    that. Very very badly overdone, IMO

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    i'm just waiting for the moment when she starts saying "that's hot" and "loves it".

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    Quote Originally Posted by jensbiggestfan View Post
    i'm just waiting for the moment when she starts saying "that's hot" and "loves it".
    I KNOW! She rips off Paris right down to the horrible stringy extensions.

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    Not to be petty, but I wouldn't mind Erica's personality and "socialite" status if she actually carried herself in such a way as to deserve it. I mean, ugh, the way she slumps and shuffles when she walks? The girl has terrible posture in addition to her terrible manners.

    Not to mention, she has horrible taste in clothes which makes me think, for a "socialite," WTF? Like, what the heck WAS that multi-colored mini-kimono-wrap thing she had going on Monday night? It, like all her gowns have been, was fugly. IMO, she ranks up there with Sarah Stone for one of the worst-dressed bachelorettes of all time. For different reasons, obviously.

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    For those of you who want to know where she went to college - apparently it was Emory.

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    According to her bio information if I remember correctly or it was said
    earlier in the season...She went to Emory...

    which means that there HAS to be more to her than dingeness...lol

    unless Daddy pulled a Thornten Melon and paid her way through

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    i've always thought she wasn't a good match for Lorenzo.. at all.

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    She plays with her hair too much!
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    Quote Originally Posted by pajamasam View Post
    For those of you who want to know where she went to college - apparently it was Emory.
    Are you kidding me? She doesn't look like she went to Emory for sure. She's way to into her looks and too babied and pampered to act like a classy woman.
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