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Thread: Erica - Bachelor Rome

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    Is "socialite" a profession?
    I want Erica to stay on the show as long as possible - we need the drama.! But to maximize the drama and the tension, she should get the last rose every night. I want to see her sharing the room with Desiree and two other women (your picks?). Fleiss should even have Mommy dear visit her at the Mansion. Boy, am I evil? But this experience will also be good for Erica. After this is done, she'll know how to make a bed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RandalR View Post
    Almost, it should have read: "When I grow up I want to be a socialite and have buy myself big boobs."

    HAHAHA!!!!! Now that's funny lol!

    Well, I personally thought Erica's reaction to "having to sleep in a room 10 times smaller than her own" was childish and uncalled for! I hope she's not SERIOUSLY that snobby......
    Also, she acted like Lorenzo's telling her not to judge people was like he was telling her to, uh, not go buy herself big boobs or something!!! (lol RandalR)
    Sheeesssshhhhhh..... go home already!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cafegirl View Post
    What do you mean BUY... Daddy, dear is a plastic surgeon.. I said I think it was her "Sweet 16" gift!!
    Hehehe that reminds me of a joke I know......
    "Most filthy rich girls get their looks from their fathers.........
    Most of which are plastic surgeons."

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    Anybody on here a psychologist?

    Yardgnome said:
    Erica wants the prince because he is not a commoner and he needs her. She is almost starting to sound a little stalkerish.
    And I agree. As I was watching last night I thought that Lorenzo and the futuremaybeMrs. Lorenzo might consider getting restraining orders. Does the show require that the rejected women sign something saying that they won't contact the bachelor?

    Anyway, if any of y'all are trained to spot this kind of behavior, please let us know what you think!


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    Erica comes across as the epitome of nouveau riche! Paris Hilton wannabe....college degrees are relatively easy to get nowadays...depends on what you DO with the degree that counts.

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    This girl is so far out there, she is in her own dimension. He can't be seriously considering her, but he (or the producers) will keep her around for laughs.

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    Is she for real? I mean, really?? I am sure they are making Lorenzo keep her just to torture me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jelle View Post
    I love this girl !
    She is all up front - literally
    She is just who she is and looks like she is having a grand time being herself. We have seen nothing mean spirited about her and no pretense of her being anything but a socialite. I am sure life is great fun and this is just another jaunt.
    Give women a bad name? Not this one. She is being what everywoman should be - herself - in all it's glory! Isn't that what it's all about? Women being able to be and do anything they want to the best of their abilities and being accepted/compensated for it.
    If this is the best of Erica ... Go for it girl!

    It would be fine if "who she is" wasn't just a copy of Paris Hilton. If you had all the money and time and freedom to do whatever you want, why do nothing but watch a lot of episodes of "The Simple Life" and take on someone else's persona?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MajiH View Post
    Is she for real? I mean, really??
    She's being told (in general terms) what to say by the producers. All of these shows are heavily scripted, and Erica is just playing a role. She's in her own little world, but she isn't making all of these silly lines up off the top of her head.

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    I noticed they didn't show Chris' face when Erica was inquiring about maid service and complaining about having to share a small room with two other ladies. I am willing to bet he was cracking up. I wonder what Fleiss and his minions promised the Princess.

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