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Thread: Jeanette - Bachelor Rome

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennie;2114248;
    I wonder if, by winning the chariot race, Jeanette could have wished for a hometown date with Lorenzo? If so she should have! I would have enjoyed seeing more of her on the show.
    I am wondering if they told her ahead of time, certain wish "parameters." Like you can't wish for a rose (because heck, she could have just said, I wish for this to end now and you to propose marriage to me!). They probably gave her a multiple choice wish list:

    1) a coupon for 50% off a value meal at Burger King
    2) a plastic version of Erica's tiara
    3) a year's supply of doggie shampoo

    so she looked at the list and said NOPE! and that is why she deviated from their plan.

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    I really started to like Jeannette but I don't think it was "happening" for Lorenzo. I think his decision to cut her was because he knew she wasn't being seriously considered and thought it would be better for Her.

    I'm sure she was really restrained in her wish. They would not allow a rose, a family visit, yada yada. Stupid reward for the race though. She should have received some diamonds or something nice to keep.

    A wish. Big deal. A wish with Restrictions!! Dumb prize if you ask me.

    I'm sorry to see her go but I really didn't see the connection.
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    Yeah - I saw absolutely NO chemistry between Jeannette and Lorenzo. He just wasn't into her. And . . I really didn't see much going the other way either. I expected her to be gone and am actually surprised she got that far.

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