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Thread: Names of the Girls! **Possible Spoilers**

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    I've done a little calculation on propinquity; those residing closest to PL's main hangout - NYC.

    There is one each from NJ, NY, CT, MD and PA. All, though most are professional, seem to have moveable work; but all are older except for Miss NJ who is 25.

    Miss CT reminds me (in looks) of Elizabeth from last season. Miss NY is a doctor (too professional). Miss PA is a nurse.

    Then there is Laura, the Sea World San Diego, CA employee who swims with dolphins. Actually she has a degree in animal husbandry from Cal Poly and why she would want to give up any research at Sea World and move to the big apple even for love is beyond me. The nearest large sea animal study center that I'm aware of is the Whale center in CT. She is a scientist and he is a businessman with a liberal arts background - I don't think the two will meet - except in Rome. Then again, maybe propinquity isn't all it is made out to be...then again, why would a woman with brains audition for the Bachelor? Let the cogitation begin!
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    Thanks Greeneyespy! I've added the names and short bio to the Pictures Are Up! **Possible Spoilers and Speculation** thread you posted so we'll have everything in one place.

    Again, thanks.
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