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Thread: Looking for news on Sarah B and Charlie

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    Re: Looking for news on Sarah B and Charlie

    It looked like motherliness ran in the family! Sarah's sister was very similar, very protective until she understood where Charlie was coming from.
    From what we saw of Sarah, it seems like she was fun loving AND responsible....both good to have.
    I agree with y'all, if Charlie is more on the irresponsible side, maybe Sarah is helping him with that since he said they are not taking each other for granted anymore...awwww.

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    Re: Looking for news on Sarah B and Charlie

    Sarah Brice did an interview with Olivia Wilder back on December 5th on the blogtalkradio site. She talked about how she got on Bachelor, how she reconnected with Charlie when they were both stopped at a red light, about her dog Lucy, about how she got into tattoo removal etc.

    I can't post the link but if you go to the blogtalkradio site and do a search for sarah brice (no quotes) you should be able to find it and listen to the interview. It's a long and rambling interview of about 80 minutes at the start of the 2 hour show. Enjoy!

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    Re: Looking for news on Sarah B and Charlie

    Just read that Charlie is an uncle. The twins were born on Dec. 28th and one of the girls carries his name as a first name. go to ET online for the notice.
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